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Easy Sudoku for 31/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Dec/14 12:04 AM
, y'all!
31/Dec/14 12:04 AM
Well, South Carolina is alive and kicking . Watched some bowl games yesterday. Though I'm a University of South Carolina fan, I was happy to pull for Clemson. Wanted Arkansas (SEC) to win, too. Easy for both teams since the opponents never showed up mentally.
31/Dec/14 12:07 AM
Silverteen's got an appointment with a dental specialist today... consultation on her wisdom teeth which are coming in. She doesn't have room, and at least one is coming in at an angle, so she'll have to have them removed probably in the summer, poor kid.
31/Dec/14 12:09 AM
How about A&M S'gal???
31/Dec/14 12:10 AM
2:17, not as quick today. Time to get ready for work, and I'll probably not be at the computer. I'll check in after Silverteen's appoint. ...Y'all TRY to behave!!
31/Dec/14 12:12 AM
Hal, I missed watching that game (work and errands afterwards), but again happy for the SEC win. We're FINALLY getting into bowls with ranked teams - two SEC teams playing.
31/Dec/14 12:16 AM
Beautiful sunshine today!
Chilly at 16 F (-8.8 C)
(Guess that's the trade-off. If it's sunny, it's cold.)
31/Dec/14 1:02 AM
(And I saved Shosho's luck for her!)
31/Dec/14 1:16 AM
Off in a few minutes to see my Doc. I'm not enjoying the headaches, earaches and pain.
31/Dec/14 1:54 AM
31/Dec/14 2:23 AM
Heidi, with your Doctor's appointment. Hopefully you get relief soon.
31/Dec/14 2:24 AM

'Bodo weighs 150 pounds' is the correct answer. His sister weighs 30 pounds. Thus, Bodo weighs 120 pounds more than his sister and their combined weight is 180 as per the problem requirements.

Alternative Solution through More...
31/Dec/14 2:27 AM
Good morning people of the world.
31/Dec/14 3:07 AM
Had a lovely 12 hours. I was able to watch one of my favorite movies, twice. Cannot say without interruption, because Man called to see what I was doing, several times. Then snuggled in between my big comfy pillows and had bad dreams, got up and walked around the house, then went back to bed to have a dreamless night, until Man came home and scared the poop out of me.
31/Dec/14 3:12 AM
Having so many hours to myself, is not really a good thing. Great for mentality, not so great for my hair. At one point, scissors and my hair were in my hands. Thankfully, the commercial was short, so just a little trim.
31/Dec/14 3:14 AM
Heidi, I can sympathize with what you are going through, before children, my sinus/allergy pain effected my mouth. Since the births, they rewired me, and I have had draining ears ever since, many times I have woken with soaked pillows. Last year the pain got so bad, I actually went to the doctor, More...
31/Dec/14 3:22 AM
I won't ramble on today. My timer is going off and I don't remember why I set it. I not preparing any food.
31/Dec/14 3:23 AM
Hummm ...
31/Dec/14 3:42 AM
Has Karen really wandered away?
31/Dec/14 3:42 AM
And left it all for me?
31/Dec/14 3:43 AM
31/Dec/14 3:43 AM
Good morning to all! For all those celebrating 2015, Bonne année et bonne santé!
31/Dec/14 3:43 AM
What a lovely lady.
31/Dec/14 3:43 AM
... um, not you, Greg.
31/Dec/14 3:44 AM
Almost snuck in on you Keith!
31/Dec/14 3:44 AM
I mean, you're lovely enough and all that, but you're no lady.
31/Dec/14 3:44 AM
Well, Keith I went to see why I set the timer, nothing jumped out at me, so I went and took a shower. Cannot say it was an uninterrupted shower, because each animal came and checked on me. Yes, I was in there for longer than two seconds, so they were worried. Another treat for me, gosh I may get spoiled with all these treats, I was able to shave both legs in one shower. The small thrills of life.
31/Dec/14 4:08 AM
I didn't know there was a ferry between Denmark/Germany. There is a substantial land border between the two countries.
31/Dec/14 4:54 AM

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years. I'll be fixing a pork roast with sauerkraut and carrots, served with mashed potatoes and homemade applesauce. Very traditional for our family.

Always eat pork at the start of the new year so you'll be More...
31/Dec/14 5:08 AM
31/Dec/14 5:08 AM
I have a bit of a cold today. So sitting here snuffling around with runny nose but no sore throat like yesterday. Still a bit of a bummer!
31/Dec/14 5:10 AM
But enjoying a Christmas gift of 'Twist and Crack' almonds. Shelled almonds that you can crack with your hands and eat!
31/Dec/14 5:11 AM
Already finished the week's worth of and the has been cleaned, dishes washed, counters cleaned and floor scrubbed. Even the cats knew to leave me alone!
31/Dec/14 5:13 AM
Yesterday, had my niece's help in shopping and prepping the Japanese veggies for the shogatsu celebration foods! So now I'm ahead of the game! Guess I could start cooking the veggies today. So much to do and here I am sitting in front of my computer!
31/Dec/14 5:15 AM
Got my CP but should I run for the bottom of the page as well???
31/Dec/14 5:16 AM
Why not? . . .
31/Dec/14 5:16 AM
Anyone going to challenge me???
31/Dec/14 5:19 AM
Ah, no?
31/Dec/14 5:19 AM
31/Dec/14 5:19 AM
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