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Easy Sudoku for 31/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
31/Mar/19 12:00 AM
31/Mar/19 12:13 AM
Wolf and Hal(and all to follow)!
31/Mar/19 12:46 AM
I am heading for what they call the ''Family Fun-Fest'' at the stadium in a while. They have all sorts of things set up for entertainment, but, the main draw for us is a free lunch in the restaurant for season ticket holders.
I'll have to work on Wombat's poozle later.
Have a good day/night, everyone!
31/Mar/19 12:52 AM
31/Mar/19 1:40 AM
1:36. Good Morning, all.
31/Mar/19 1:49 AM
Hope you see some of that sunny weather today!
31/Mar/19 2:04 AM
Here's your number for you, Shosho!
31/Mar/19 2:04 AM
31/Mar/19 2:40 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!
31/Mar/19 2:40 AM
Was feeling a bit tired and decided to go for a walk instead. Went by, then stop and went back and into the marsh preserve. Am I glad I did! I photographed and video taped a dozen birds!
31/Mar/19 2:52 AM
31/Mar/19 3:11 AM
Good to see Arachnid posting, again!!!

I had been contemplating calling out the local constable for a ''welfare check''...
31/Mar/19 3:35 AM
31/Mar/19 3:41 AM
to Junebug_Jenny
31/Mar/19 3:54 AM
Pretty photo! Must be Autumn according to the colours.
31/Mar/19 5:06 AM
Hello to all who have stopped by today - nice contingent; not sunny here either, Shiela, but unusually balmy - what is that?? haven't felt this lack of cold in sooo long I'm fearful!
31/Mar/19 7:15 AM
Not to make light of things, but Wombat's poozle is a easy-peasy one this week! You'd better try it....
31/Mar/19 7:16 AM
Morning all,lovey photo today.
We had a very light shower through the night ,just enough to dampen the dust.
We should be home by next weekend so I can do Wombat's poozle.
31/Mar/19 9:52 AM
Good mAEn
In for my nightly game
31/Mar/19 9:53 AM
After having the window open last night, I do believe it is trying to snow, but it is just a tester - my winter coat is put away !
31/Mar/19 9:55 AM
31/Mar/19 11:08 AM
Good maEn, good people. Just jumping in quickly to snag 22, thinking of Keith, and to let you all know that I have had a delightful afternoon and dinner with Linda from Minnesota! We went wine tasting at a Wisconsin vineyard across the Mississippi River from her home and she me made me a More...
31/Mar/19 11:13 AM
Keith, you got 22. You're welcome.
31/Mar/19 11:14 AM
all. That photo reminds me of some areas of the Canadian Rockies. I'm about to send Wombat my poozle answers. I had an easier time this week. We'll be home in the Great White North in another two weeks. We always look forward to getting south, and at this time of the year to getting More...
31/Mar/19 11:24 AM
1:42, with a mouse error that cost me... Good morning everyone.
31/Mar/19 11:31 AM
Our convention in Minneapolis went well and Burl and I are exhausted and happy to decompress a bit before heading back home.
31/Mar/19 11:43 AM
mymare, I applaud your optimism - always have my winter wear handy until late May!
31/Mar/19 11:57 AM
Safe travels, Snowbird - enjoy watching spring arrive in every stage of its unfolding as your trek north faster than Mother Nature!
31/Mar/19 12:09 PM
If you haven't done the Sudoku, it's a fun 9 through 1; then celebrate your speediest completion with whatever you choose to toast yourself here at #30!
31/Mar/19 12:11 PM
22 sat there for an hour and 13 minutes before I claimed it and went off to do other things. I'm back home from visiting my daughter ... actually we stopped at both their houses during the trip. So, I just now saw that Plum must have been typing when I snuck in and snagged it. So, thanks for taking your time.
31/Mar/19 2:13 PM
Nice to have you return, Keith - there have been some delays around #22 lately - giving you a fighting chance, but not always successful! How are you feeling - quite proud of yourself, I'd suggest - for soldiering through those treatments as you did!
Welcome back!

31/Mar/19 2:20 PM
Thanks DoA - good to be back. Just done Wombat's puzzle which got the old grey cells working again. Not so good on the Sudoku; it would appear I'm out of practice (or just plain thick)
31/Mar/19 5:12 PM
Whilst on holiday in Tasmania had the pleasure of meeting up with Peter and Rose for lunch down at the docks. Got some good info or where to visit which we utilised except for the world's best vanilla slice. Sorry Peter, Linda watches my diet nowadays and she is in charge
31/Mar/19 5:14 PM
The house is slowly returning to normal as boxes are unpacked and the empties store under the al fresco. Good job I've got an organised and dedicated wife as I keep stopping to watch the football or other distractions. C'mon the mighty Eagles
31/Mar/19 5:18 PM
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