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Easy Sudoku for 31/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
31/May/19 12:00 AM
Wolf, and all to follow!
31/May/19 12:03 AM
I am off to a baseball game in a few minutes. Here's hoping the rain holds off and they can get the whole game in. I don't do rain delays. Fortunately, I live about 10 minutes from the stadium, so if it gets soggy, I just leave.
31/May/19 12:07 AM
31/May/19 12:31 AM
31/May/19 12:40 AM
What a gorgeous potted peony tree in full bloom -imagine the scent ... lovely! Maybe even over-powering!
31/May/19 12:47 AM
We have a row of 4 “ever-blooming” Josee lilac bushes; they are blossoming now & almost so powerful that sometimes it’s better to make a wide circle around them to not be over-powered from their scent!
31/May/19 12:53 AM
31/May/19 1:45 AM
31/May/19 4:11 AM
Good mAen
Home from class and getting ready to go to the food store before the rains come - again!
31/May/19 4:52 AM

Such beautiful potted plant big flowers
Lovely photo
31/May/19 5:56 AM
Morning all, gorgeous peony, would love to have this pot near the front door so the breeze could send the scent through the house.
31/May/19 6:04 AM
Guess what kind of weather we're having.
Hope your day makes up its mind better than mine!
31/May/19 6:09 AM
Feeling a bit overwhelmed... Yesterday we bought 11 flats of flowers and 10 pots of plants. Think we can get them all planted, clean the house, buy groceries & plan menus and empty out space in closets & dressers for international sister-city guests staying with us for 10 days, think of how to More...
31/May/19 6:21 AM
Good mAen, good people.
31/May/19 6:27 AM
It was still springlike this morning but suddenly it's summer this afternoon! Sunny, in the low 80s, cumulus clouds. Irises and peonies and Dames Rocket in bloom.
31/May/19 6:29 AM
My current project is packing up my in-laws' former home office and hobby room so they can have a ground floor bedroom. My goodness. Their basement is flooded so there's nowhere safe to PUT things!
31/May/19 6:33 AM
Hold on there, Shiela! I'll be right there to help!
31/May/19 6:47 AM
On the radio, the weather was just described as sweaty! and that's after a brief but intense rainstorm, just more moisture to add to the humidity.
31/May/19 6:49 AM
So home office upstairs and hobbies to the sun porch.

And lotsa boxes of odds and ends to sort through before tossing.
31/May/19 6:52 AM
Shiela, consider yourself doing a service to others: there are lots a folks who are looking for honest work and need the cash - hire several folks to do all that preparation - be a grand supervisor!
31/May/19 7:08 AM
I am sorry - this is # 22 and I'm moving along with all my chatter - maybe Keith will hop in while I'm rambling away...

mymare - Plum requested a tale of your Spain itinerary, so now I'm adding to the plea. You were so excited, what did you do, see & where did you go in Spain?
Share your stories, please!
31/May/19 7:12 AM
2:06 Good afternoon all.
31/May/19 3:07 PM
A farmer named Clyde had a tractor accident. In court, the trucking company's fancy hot shot lawyer was questioning Clyde. 'Didn't you say, at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine,'?' asked the lawyer.

Clyde responded, 'Well, I'll tell you what happened. I had just loaded my favorite cow, More...
31/May/19 7:33 PM
1:42. Good evening everyone.
31/May/19 9:15 PM
Good one Peter

Goodnight everybody!
31/May/19 11:23 PM
Oh - that will keep me laughing all day, Peter! As I search for folks who also Need a laugh so I can spread the joy & tell your story!
02/Jun/19 1:30 AM
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