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Easy Sudoku for 31/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Jul/15 12:04 AM
Spell checker got me again. Um ... That was supposed to be Maen.
31/Jul/15 12:05 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon
31/Jul/15 12:26 AM

That damn spell checker sure can be a pain!!!
31/Jul/15 12:26 AM

and good morning to you too Keith!!! (not a lot wrong with my manners
31/Jul/15 12:29 AM
Good morning people of the world.
31/Jul/15 12:59 AM
A million and one things to do today and Man just called and told me I need to pick up the girls. So between now and dark-thirtyish, I need to figure out how to squeeze in a jaunt out into the country. Don't care to be out at MIL's after dark. (She lives in a snake pit, remember).
31/Jul/15 1:02 AM
I don't know who that is, but he seems to be happy to be in Florida.
31/Jul/15 1:04 AM
One of the million and one things to do today is to inform Shelby Lou she needs a bath. It will be her second one of the week, but she is going to spend the weekend with Grandma, which she hates. I miss my across the street teenager. But as much flack as I get on how I am raising my girls, I also get it on my fury companions. (Strange how I do it so wrong and she keeps trying to give us animals).
31/Jul/15 1:07 AM
OK. Did Kathy or me get Shosho's number.
31/Jul/15 1:09 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: ABRACADABRA

Nothing says ''magic'' more that a frog on the head, so, the appropriate crown
goes to winners Serena, lonewoof and Wombat!
31/Jul/15 1:10 AM
Here is a chuckle. At least for me.
At the last family gathering, my nephew and to be niece were the proud owners of a new horse. MIL actually said the girls need a horse, too. I was stumped and just walked on.
31/Jul/15 1:12 AM
I don't know. The only one I'm sure of is Keith's, simply because I have been gallumped over so many times at 21 or 23.
31/Jul/15 1:12 AM
Well, I hope mum-in-law has the space and $$ to care for one, Karen. It's not exactly like forcing 2 cats on you!
31/Jul/15 1:15 AM
Good morning everyone.
Last night I slept for about 10 hours without stirring. Tonight I am up at 1 AM doing puzzles???
At least it is not cold.
31/Jul/15 1:15 AM
So you do not feel alone, I do not know if it is 8 or 9. I believe 9 and it is because of a religious belief on topics of life.

Other numbers, Viv=5, Anne=13 and HalT= 666

I know there are other numbers and people too, but at the moment the only thing on my mind, is why is my cup empty.
31/Jul/15 1:17 AM
31/Jul/15 1:29 AM
Just 648 to go.
31/Jul/15 1:30 AM
Oh, the topic has come up since the last family gathering. Again, I said no more animals, especially a horse. But, I am sure you already know, no one listens to me around here.
31/Jul/15 1:33 AM
Got here in time.
31/Jul/15 1:33 AM
Maybee ...
31/Jul/15 1:33 AM
31/Jul/15 1:33 AM
Now do not get me wrong, I love animals. Growing up I had pet calf, that ran around the yard and house, just like our dogs did. I loved saddling up our horse and stroll around the country side and when we got to the big open field, take off at full gallop. I got traumatized with hamsters, who knew More...
31/Jul/15 1:39 AM
We just got back home from our annual beach house family gathering. I forgot to use this Avatar while we were there (same house we've rented for the last 10 years), but better late than never, I guess.
31/Jul/15 1:39 AM
6 minutes!

I did stop during my typing to give a kitty a good ear rub.
31/Jul/15 1:40 AM
Must get my last offering ready for my favorite men of the week. I will miss them Monday.
31/Jul/15 1:43 AM
June I took a 4 hour nap yesterday. I took an allergy pill. Really thought I would not sleep last night. Nope, actually got in bed 15 minutes early and slept an hour longer. Only got up because of nature.
31/Jul/15 1:45 AM
How does that expression go ... crooked teeth, but straight smile?
31/Jul/15 1:49 AM
Keith that is where we are off to. Man is a newby so no time has accumulated. So it is just a 4 day get away to Galveston. In-laws will join us for two, minus MIL. Unless she changes her mind.
31/Jul/15 1:49 AM
I really need to get my tush moving, yet it has no umph to move. Didn't I mention I had a million and one things to do?

I will move. I will get my tush out of this chair. I will...I am moving I just saw my favorite men pass, which means, they have 5 roads before me. Gotta go.
31/Jul/15 1:52 AM
no need to be sorry for not like reptiles Karen they arent every ones cup of tea for pets. It took hubby 5 years before he would go into the room where they are kept and 10 years further on he will only go in there if I go to save him being gobbled up!! not likely if they are in my collection let me tell you.
31/Jul/15 2:04 AM
31/Jul/15 2:27 AM
Thank you, Karen. Kathy did but here's flying to both of you!!!
31/Jul/15 2:27 AM
As Karen said, I, also, have soooo many things to do today! But we're so close . . .
31/Jul/15 2:28 AM
Besides I have a full bowl of oatmeal and strawberries and I have to eat that before I can start my day!
31/Jul/15 2:29 AM
And of course my to drink. Must get caffeinated before the body moves!
31/Jul/15 2:30 AM
I know, I know, just lollygagging around . . .
31/Jul/15 2:31 AM
But the thrill of turning the page . . .
31/Jul/15 2:31 AM
Am getting there . . .
31/Jul/15 2:32 AM
31/Jul/15 2:32 AM
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