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Easy Sudoku for 4/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
gallant — an audacious insect
And here's today's factoid:
Male ants often have only one role—mating with the queen. After they have performed this function, they may die.
04/Jan/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.
04/Jan/14 12:01 AM
04/Jan/14 12:03 AM
No theme for this week’s disemboweler. Just some words I found in the dictionary (and on line when necessary).

1. Mock or jeer, drawn tight, to make lace
2. To preen, procurer, fruit seed
3. A grain, which kind or designation, Buddhist sacred temple
4. Rugby play, often found on More...
04/Jan/14 12:06 AM
He doesn't look any happier than that cat did yesterday.
04/Jan/14 12:21 AM

Ryan and Craig were born in the fall on the day that the clocks are set back one hour. Ryan was born just before the change and Craig was born just after the change. Since the clocks were set back at 2am, Craig's official time of birth was More...
04/Jan/14 12:25 AM
Kayo reminded me of the 'Pink Panther' tune.

dead ant, dead ant .... dead ant,
dead ant, dead ant, dead ant,
dead ant, dead aaaaaaaaant
dead ant, dead ant.
04/Jan/14 12:25 AM
I had a couple of people say they were identical twin but not each others twin. That still doesn't address the main issue which is Ryan was born before Craig, but according to their birth certificates, Craig was older than Ryan.
04/Jan/14 12:27 AM
Hi shosho.
04/Jan/14 12:27 AM
Serena, Human error would explain the anomaly with the birth certificate.
04/Jan/14 12:29 AM
We are suppose to get a heat wave tomorrow (20F) but right now it's -11F/-23C. I need more .
04/Jan/14 12:30 AM
We will be getting light rain and very mild temperatures for the next few days thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Christine. Yay, that's better than blistering heat.
04/Jan/14 12:36 AM
The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that last year was Australia's hottest nationwide in more than a century of standardised records, with mean temperatures 1.2 degrees above the 1961-90 average.

It's a pity that our fearless leader denies that Global Warming exists.
04/Jan/14 12:41 AM

If someone can work out how to ship it us Aussies generally have far more heat than we need and would be more than willing to share with our topside friends freezing away. (Parts of inland Australia were 45C+ two days ago)
04/Jan/14 12:49 AM
Hey Lizzy, there's an idea. Those Northern folk would love some of our heat at the moment. Let's can some and export it.
04/Jan/14 12:52 AM
you get the cans Doug and Ill get the export licence....think we are onto something here!
04/Jan/14 1:09 AM
(Didn't get to extend my wishes to everyone earlier since I just returned late last night from California & the Rose Bowl!)
04/Jan/14 1:21 AM
but c-c-cold!
It's -3F this morning!
When we left Santa Monica, it was 73F!
A bit hard to leave, don't you think?
04/Jan/14 1:24 AM
Those that deny climate change (Global Warming), do so to support the oil indurtry's claim that they cause the earth no damage.
04/Jan/14 1:27 AM
Off we go.
04/Jan/14 1:28 AM
One more.
04/Jan/14 1:28 AM
Doug - Human error is why I spell my name the way I do!
(It's the way the people at the birth records put it on my birth certificate!)
04/Jan/14 1:28 AM
04/Jan/14 1:28 AM
Where'd you come from, Keith! Soooo sorry!
04/Jan/14 1:29 AM
& fresh back from California, Shiela grabs it.
04/Jan/14 1:29 AM
That's the fun of the game, Shiela. You're on a winning streak.
04/Jan/14 1:30 AM
Right out of no where!!!!
04/Jan/14 1:30 AM
And a very nice streak, I have to say!
04/Jan/14 1:31 AM
Love our Michigan State Spartans!
We were part of 15 charter flights out of Lansing, MI. Two were 747's. (I'm not sure what the rest were.) I think Pasadena was a bit surprised! But not as much as Stanford!
04/Jan/14 1:38 AM
Good morning to all! I don't think this fellow is dressed properly for a royal tea!
04/Jan/14 1:40 AM
By the way, Sudoku friends...
On the flight out & back (along with me) the person ahead of me and the person across the aisle from me were doing Sudoku!
04/Jan/14 1:42 AM
Welcome back Shiela. I sure it mage your trip out west much better when the Spartans won. Cheers for them!
04/Jan/14 1:45 AM
Keith, a little slow on the trigger this morning for 22. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and tomorrow and....
04/Jan/14 1:46 AM
So, Doug and Lizzy, you are all going to send us your cans? Lucky us!
04/Jan/14 1:46 AM

Rather stern looking fellow.
04/Jan/14 1:48 AM
Did the important things so far. Long underwear (minus 36 C wind chill), a hearty breakfast, sent Hal his puzzle answers and now to venture out into our artic weather!
04/Jan/14 1:49 AM
Congratulations, Shiela! This Wolverine fan cheered for the Spartans ... and will cheer for the Buckeyes tonight! Go Big Ten!
04/Jan/14 1:50 AM
Thanks, Judy! Go big ten!
04/Jan/14 2:00 AM
Not 'those' types of cans Judy!!!
04/Jan/14 2:04 AM
Oklahoma beats 'Bama. Kinda takes the wind out of the SEC's sails.
04/Jan/14 2:22 AM
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