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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2007


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Good morning all! Chilly and windy here today! Hope everyone has a great weekend! (second try!)
04/Nov/07 12:02 AM
Wow that's early
04/Nov/07 12:02 AM
Good morning everyone.
04/Nov/07 12:03 AM
2:07 good evening all.
Well, I spent five hours , digging, pruning and goodness knows what in the garden this afternoon, then tonight I realised I wanted to cook my Christmas pudding tomorrow so More...
04/Nov/07 12:11 AM
GO HAWKS! Nebraska at Kansas 11:30 central time on Fox Sports channel.
04/Nov/07 12:11 AM
04/Nov/07 12:12 AM
2:52 Hi to all. Good photograph

Thought for the Day:

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
04/Nov/07 12:35 AM
Wonderful Picture , looks like Diamonds .
Too early Today .Have anyone Why???
Nice time to all.
04/Nov/07 12:46 AM
2.15 Well done photographer. Brill close-up.
04/Nov/07 12:47 AM
A little question:

How do you know when you run out of invisible ink?
04/Nov/07 12:47 AM
Well done Anne, that can definitely be considered a good day's work! Well earned !
Gday Wagdy, I have no idea what we are doing here so early!
04/Nov/07 12:49 AM
Good one Anne!
What a conundrum to go to bed with!
04/Nov/07 12:50 AM
Gail - I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.
04/Nov/07 12:53 AM
Good Maen to everyone. Now that is a close-up.

It finally feels like Fall here. Snow flurries are in the forecast for next week. I don't think I am ready for snow........
04/Nov/07 12:59 AM
Morning all, the typical fall changeable weather continues here. Mornings are crisp, late afternoons are hot in the sun. I spend the day changing clothes, sweats to shorts and back again!! Heater overnight, but by latemorning doors and windows open. Morning temp was 44 F and afternoon shall be 74. We have not had a killing frost yet, but forecast for next week perhaps.

04/Nov/07 1:08 AM
Good MAen all. Great close up. I wonder if it is one of Ian's great photos.
Debby, we have snow in the forecast, too. I need to go buy a winter coat today.
04/Nov/07 1:12 AM
Statelady - Happy Shopping! Hopefully they won't be too picked over yet! We have had a few frosts, but nothing really hard yet! I still have Geraniums on my back deck! That is very unusual for November!
04/Nov/07 1:15 AM
Everybody! Anne, not only are your photos great, but your Smilies, too!
Jayhawk, thanks for reminding me about the Jayhawk game. Go Jayhawks! We are fans of theirs as well as the Mich. Wolverines. Rob is sorry we will miss some of the Mich.-Mich.State game at 3:30 today More...
04/Nov/07 1:24 AM
1:42 - Chilly morning, but it should warm up this afternoon. I think my daily swims are over for the year! In fact, we should be able to start using our fireplace soon - if we can ever get hold of the chimneysweep! It looks like they're a dying breed - what with everyone converting their woodburning fireplaces to gas.

Have a good weekend all!
04/Nov/07 1:32 AM
Good morning, Kathy! Are you playing tennis today? We're going to Brunswick for a street fair - arts and crafts, food vendors and live music all up and down Newcastle Street.
04/Nov/07 1:35 AM
Dewdrops from the realm of dreams - yet visible within awakening memory - to melt away in the warmth of the rising sun
04/Nov/07 1:41 AM
Outstanding shot.
04/Nov/07 1:44 AM
Rayray ... I wish I'd said that.
04/Nov/07 1:50 AM
Kathy, I am sure your wedding/football question was entirely rhetorical!
After making my Aggies look sick most of last week, I am also hoping the Jayhawks continue to win.
Beautiful day in east Texas - Jeanie and I got up and did a short (1 mile) walk for a group doing a fundraiser. I am now at school getting ready to write my lesson plans for the next six weeks.
04/Nov/07 2:05 AM
Good Saturday Maen, all!

Off to work in a little bit, but taking a quick peek to see what's going on in Sudokuland today...

UCLA plays Arizona today, but I probably won't hear about the outcome until Hubby updates me when I get home from work. At least he got to see them beat Cal recently!
04/Nov/07 2:05 AM
Good Morning World....Keith, I agree with your last statement. Rayray...that was so beautifully and romantically stated about a simple act of nature. It really brings home the wonders of life, nature and the gifted photography that allows us to appreciate it all.
04/Nov/07 2:14 AM
1.58 we have rain, lightening & thunder here. I've been stuck indoors with 3 kids under the age of 4, oh what fun they had driving me insane wanting to go out & play
04/Nov/07 2:19 AM
It's Saturday in the US, and its Fall...that can only mean that its time for college football...so
04/Nov/07 2:21 AM
I thought it might be one of Nal's pictures?
04/Nov/07 2:25 AM
Very nice photo, I love the dew drops!
#1 Buckeyes! Go Ohio State!
04/Nov/07 2:40 AM
all - 38° and fog - clearing to a beautiful fall day.

Are you ready for some football. Go BRUINS! Go DUCKS! Go BEARS! Go BEAVES - BEAT SC!

04/Nov/07 2:55 AM
Nov 2 (1st) there was a discussion of Groucho. I pointed out this clip to CynB. Thought the rest of you may enjoy reminiscing, so it is on my page.
04/Nov/07 2:55 AM
Cool shot
04/Nov/07 2:57 AM
Can't be left out ... Go Blue!!!!!!!!
04/Nov/07 3:07 AM
woo hoo Mama!
GOOOOOOO Penn state
04/Nov/07 3:23 AM
After yesterday's comments about Bob Dylan, my Youtube is scenes of him at the Newport Folk Festival the year he went electric.
04/Nov/07 3:33 AM
Lovely picture.
Another sprinkle of snow here this morning. The real thing is not far off.
04/Nov/07 3:44 AM
Good afternoon to all! This is a great photo. We've seen a similar shot in the past. Well done!
04/Nov/07 3:52 AM

Enjoy Creedence Clearwater Reviaval performing "Bad Moon Rising". I should have had this on for halloween (think An American Werewolf if London)! Enjoy!
04/Nov/07 3:54 AM
04/Nov/07 3:54 AM
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