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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Nice picture today.
Here's today's daffynition:
n. A budget problem no one wants to hear about.
04/Nov/11 12:00 AM
04/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Hello everyone, can't sleep, I'm not usually up at this time
04/Nov/11 12:00 AM
04/Nov/11 12:08 AM
Good Maen friends!
Carmel - hope you can catch some zzzzs.
Phantom left us a joke at the end of yesterday's posts. hehehe!
04/Nov/11 12:20 AM
Looks like a breezy day at the beach. Thanks Wendy!
04/Nov/11 12:23 AM
Won't need today.
04/Nov/11 12:27 AM
Fast puzzle... for me. Attacked it backwards. (Started with the 9's.)
04/Nov/11 12:38 AM
all. Shiela, what's the weather prediction for Sat.? I keep thinking of Plum & hoping everything (including the weather!) will go well for HER daughter's wedding.
04/Nov/11 12:46 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
04/Nov/11 12:48 AM
Good morning. We might get some snow today, but I'm hoping not. The trees still have their leaves and are just beginning to change color. Too much snow will mean broken branches.
04/Nov/11 12:52 AM
I'll keep going...
04/Nov/11 12:52 AM
... and try for 13.
04/Nov/11 12:52 AM
Did it!! Now I'm off to do the puzzle. I think I'll start at the back end as Shiela suggests.
04/Nov/11 12:53 AM
Well, here I am blathering on to myself. Think I'll go get a cup of coffee and read for a while.
04/Nov/11 1:00 AM
Welcome Rosy, Gallivant and Jan.
04/Nov/11 1:01 AM
all - a little rain out there this morning.

That beach reminds me of many along the coast of No. Calif. or Oregon. Most photos of our beaches are not taken from private property where a ranch and sea come together.
04/Nov/11 1:03 AM
It is so very windy here today. The allergies are acting up, woke up early because I had trouble breathing. Going back to bed, hope I feel better the next time I get up.
04/Nov/11 1:08 AM
Nice picture today. I would love being out there on horseback.
04/Nov/11 1:09 AM
I like that Bachelor's Button avatar, Sue.
04/Nov/11 1:10 AM
Good morning people of the world.
04/Nov/11 1:11 AM
I'll generously leave #22 for someone else.
04/Nov/11 1:11 AM
2 wonderful celebration day.
04/Nov/11 1:11 AM
Karen pushed me!!!!
04/Nov/11 1:11 AM
Yeah, right Heidi, you took 22.
04/Nov/11 1:11 AM
Then you blame me. You are on a roll.
04/Nov/11 1:12 AM
On to the celebrations for the day, so I can call Man and tell him what he is doing today.

National Men Make Dinner Day
Sandwich Day
04/Nov/11 1:14 AM
The evidence is all in my favor, Karen. You. Pushed. Me.
04/Nov/11 1:15 AM
Plus, those are lousy days for women.
04/Nov/11 1:16 AM
Gotta go fire up the tractor and get some hay in before it rains. Why doesn't it rain during the growing season instead of now?
04/Nov/11 1:18 AM
Those are just details, Heidi.

The only downside I see about Man preparing dinner, is that he will use every dish, fork, spoon, knife, bowl and whatever else is in that room just to prepare a sandwich.
04/Nov/11 1:26 AM
Dear Abby,

I have a problem that has been pestering me since yesterday when my husband, "Jaime", returned from a bike ride with some tangerines (absolutely delicious) that he'd liberated from a tree somewhere on the island. I need your advice. Should I: 1.) follow him to see where More...
04/Nov/11 1:36 AM
At least yours can cook. Mine gives me food poisoning when he tries. I think he does it intentionally so I don't ask him to cook. Ever.
04/Nov/11 1:37 AM
Get him the bike basket, Jane. You only live once. Make the most of it.
04/Nov/11 1:38 AM
“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,

but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”
04/Nov/11 1:42 AM
It is raining + + + +
04/Nov/11 1:43 AM
It is an inviting beach.
04/Nov/11 1:43 AM
I'm not complaining as soon I will be able to plant things that have been waiting whilst the ground has been like concrete
04/Nov/11 1:44 AM
Too late to move hay before the rain starts. It's already raining.
04/Nov/11 1:45 AM
At the moment I hate Australia - only because they are looking forward to summer and I have winter to look forward to. I was born to be warm
04/Nov/11 1:46 AM
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