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Easy Sudoku for 4/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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L Answers

1. Learn -> Earn
2. Link - Ink
3. Lone -> One
4. Lend -> End
5. Limitation -> Imitation
6. Llama -> Lama
7. Ledge -> Edge
8. Least -> East

VV Cal What a gal. 1st over the line and 100% correct.

Shiela Sitting on the Edge More...
04/Feb/13 12:01 AM
Good Maen friends!
04/Feb/13 12:02 AM
Yahooo - Mr. Cee!
04/Feb/13 12:02 AM
SUPER BOWL Sunday! Go Niners!!!
Although I cheer for the Ravens whenever they play anyone but the Niners.
04/Feb/13 12:03 AM
04/Feb/13 12:04 AM
A CP and now I wait for Mr. Cee's next poozle!
04/Feb/13 12:04 AM

My last offering till next weekend. The fair Kathy will give you some variety no doubt.

Answers to my NOT SO EASY inbox please.

1. Female parent -> Not one already mentioned; alternate
2. Several; large indefinite number More...
04/Feb/13 12:07 AM
Reflection of jumping???
04/Feb/13 12:09 AM
Thanks for you most excellent poozles, Mr. Cee!
04/Feb/13 12:18 AM

Tis my pleasure fair lady.

By the way are you a socal gal or a norcal gal??
04/Feb/13 12:25 AM
And it's goodnight from me - again - I got caught up playing a game.
04/Feb/13 12:26 AM
I will reflect on today's picture for a while.
04/Feb/13 12:26 AM
Sent answers, Mr Cee.
04/Feb/13 12:27 AM
Mr. Cee, llama was never going to come to me, even if I had thought about it for years.
04/Feb/13 12:28 AM

Doh missed a couple of late entries.

CP The nations capital resident baby catcher missed one. Oops glad it wasn't a baby you missed.

Serena Struck out on no 6 as well. Too late for some and too early for others. As they say That's Life.
04/Feb/13 12:29 AM
Yeah it was a sneeky one. I just loved the idea of a double L word.
04/Feb/13 12:31 AM
It's not late if it's in before the changeover. That's me theory anyways.
04/Feb/13 12:34 AM

Now, first things first....good morning one and all, the weather here cant make up its mind, pouring rain and gale force winds then along comes a beautiful day.....
Secondly, Thank you Mr Cee for not being too harsh with me, a few people offered hints but it took me a while to see the answer even when I knew it!! Indeed the end of the week for me...
04/Feb/13 12:41 AM
So glad others have joined us, Mr. Cee (norcal, BTW - between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe in the Sierra mountains, actually)
Hello Keith, Serena, CP and Lizzy!
04/Feb/13 12:57 AM
Good morning peopl of the world.
04/Feb/13 1:17 AM
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
Super Bowl XLVII
04/Feb/13 1:18 AM
Hello 22.
04/Feb/13 1:19 AM
Really cannot do the celebrations today. Cannot think of any jerks, though I know, I know a few.
And football. Just never got into watching a bunch of grown men chasing a little ball around.
04/Feb/13 1:21 AM
Before I get in trouble, if I were at the game, I would like it.
04/Feb/13 1:22 AM
04/Feb/13 1:54 AM

Serene? ... or stagnant?
04/Feb/13 2:37 AM
Whachu mean, NOT SO EASY? I went straight through them.
Well... maybe a couple of them were not so easy.
04/Feb/13 2:59 AM
After reading the Australian news, this morning, can someone, once again, explain to me why socialized medicine is ''the answer''?

04/Feb/13 3:02 AM

Finally here!!

Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day in terms of food consumption in the US — after Thanksgiving Day. It is estimated that the average viewer will consume more than 1,200 calories from snacks alone.

04/Feb/13 3:23 AM
Good morning to all! Nice rflectons in that pool.
04/Feb/13 3:26 AM
Hal, I agree. I dd it earlier, straight through.
04/Feb/13 3:27 AM
DorA - I think that all depends on what ''the question'' is.
04/Feb/13 3:27 AM
I have emailed Gath asking him to remove Grumblebum from the birthday list.
04/Feb/13 3:28 AM
''a bunch of grown men chasing a little ball around'' pretty much describes many games, all of which are fun ... or not, in their own way.
04/Feb/13 3:29 AM
DoA - I have posted a reply to your comment about socialized medicine on your page. I did not want to 'stir the pot' on 'Easy'.
04/Feb/13 4:06 AM
Happy Sunday!
Buoyed by my success on Mr Cee's challenge from yesterday, I will try to work on today's, but am a little stuck on #5 and #6.
Did someone mention hints?
04/Feb/13 4:19 AM
Good Afternoon All,
I love to watch grown men chase that ball around the field...and any where else that they hit it, throw it, catch it, miss it, fumble it or just look at it fall...I enjoy and even through my EAGLES fell far short of the deed , tonight I'll support the Ravens simply because I More...
04/Feb/13 4:39 AM
Beautiful photo. Love the colour and the reflections.
04/Feb/13 4:42 AM
Kathy, of all the 'Js' in that family, I'm supporting John tonight. I agree Mamacita. Let's GO RAVENS!
04/Feb/13 4:51 AM
I'll be at our annual Super Bowl party watching. Yippee!
04/Feb/13 4:52 AM
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