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Easy Sudoku for 4/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
04/Mar/17 12:00 AM
G'day folks!
04/Mar/17 12:08 AM
Multiple choice.
Today's photographer
(A) Did not have autofocus on the camera.
(B) Wasn't wearing his or her glasses.
(C) Had a cocktail or two poolside.
(D) Any combination of the above.
I hope the cocktails came with fancy umbrellas and a fruit garnish. 🍹🍹
04/Mar/17 12:14 AM
Good morning.
04/Mar/17 1:49 AM
My dentist used to have a painting like this on the ceiling above 'the chair' - to relax you and make you feel like you were lazing in the sun on the beach.
04/Mar/17 1:51 AM
04/Mar/17 1:51 AM
04/Mar/17 2:16 AM
For some reason staring at that photo makes me a little dizzy.
CP, my dentist has a beach scene above ''the chair'' also. It's waves crashing on a shore. It doesn't relax me, it makes me want to use the loo. I keep my eyes closed.
04/Mar/17 2:49 AM
Do you like the tropical beach scene above the dentist's chair? Depends.
04/Mar/17 3:01 AM
Ha. Making dentist appointments is on my TODO list.
04/Mar/17 3:04 AM
Happy Friday!
04/Mar/17 3:14 AM
Sunburn pending.
04/Mar/17 3:18 AM
I choose option (C), Plum!
And considering the photo subject - they'd probably just arrived that day from the c-c-cold North and their stress-filled life to relax totally at the hotel Tiki Bar! I'd say they did a fantastic job! Ahhhhhhhh!
04/Mar/17 3:36 AM
I am finding that walking in a 'boot' is not that much fun. Since the 'boo' puts undo stress on the other ankle, they gave me - (who said 'gave'???) an ankle brace to protect my other weak ankle. Fun, fun, fun! I am really going to enjoy the Tiki Bar in a couple of weeks!!!!
04/Mar/17 3:47 AM
We have sunshine today, but at a wind chill of 14F there will be no sunburn. I shall not be exposing skin al fresco!
Instead I am huddled under a blanket waiting for the second woodstove to start giving off heat.
Thankfully, we have long practice doing schoolwork while Mom is covered by blankets.
04/Mar/17 3:47 AM
You could hire a waiter, stream 'Death in Paradise' and start on the cocktails now, Shiela. If you like detective murder mysteries, that is.
04/Mar/17 3:51 AM
What's that 'boo' doing there??? What happened to my 't'?
Hope that doesn't mean I'm supposed to be a 'tea total-er' at the Tiki Bar!!!
04/Mar/17 3:51 AM
Sounds good to me, Plum! Especially the 'waiter' part!
04/Mar/17 3:53 AM
Shiela, we can race Keith for 22. You can do that, even with weak ankles!
04/Mar/17 3:56 AM
04/Mar/17 4:01 AM
Hey, what happened to the race???
04/Mar/17 4:01 AM
I also need to make appointments with an allergist and an ENT.
04/Mar/17 4:01 AM
04/Mar/17 4:01 AM
Oh Keith!!! Oh well, I dedicate this post to Keith!
04/Mar/17 4:02 AM
Zoom - I mean gallump, gallump, gallump...
04/Mar/17 4:02 AM
Oops! Missed by a minute!
04/Mar/17 4:02 AM
Guess this boot definitely has it's limitations!!!
04/Mar/17 4:03 AM
I was waiting for someone to race with. Thanks, shosho. I thought I needed one more comment before 22 but you snuck in an extra one.
04/Mar/17 4:04 AM
Morning all, I don't think we are going to see much sunshine here today , it was the heavy rain that woke me up.
04/Mar/17 5:08 AM
Lovely photo to see on a cold Winter day!
04/Mar/17 5:43 AM
04/Mar/17 6:18 AM
This week's Saturday poozle is a bit different to the usual 'fore and aft' ones, but similat to last weeks. It is more a 1&3 poozle,
This time I will work through the alphabet again giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the More...
04/Mar/17 8:13 AM
Awww, I missed the race doing other things.
04/Mar/17 8:48 AM
Yes we missed your earth-shattering gallumps!

Maybe tomorrow, Keith.
04/Mar/17 9:25 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone from a wet Canberra - yay, those rain dances finally worked!!!
04/Mar/17 11:15 AM
Interesting puzzle, Wombat. Think I'll give it a go.
04/Mar/17 12:00 PM
OK, I've sent my answers. I had a problem with the fourth one.
04/Mar/17 12:31 PM
No one wants to turn the page?
04/Mar/17 12:40 PM
I don't either!
04/Mar/17 12:41 PM
Nah! not me either!
04/Mar/17 1:08 PM
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