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Easy Sudoku for 4/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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04/May/17 12:01 AM
Hope your day is too!
04/May/17 12:01 AM
Hello, HalT! How goes it?
04/May/17 12:02 AM
It goes well, Shiela. Thanks for asking.
04/May/17 12:08 AM
Morning HalT, morning Shiela. Dark here, have a nice day everyone.
04/May/17 12:09 AM
Today is our 48th wedding anniversary - only it seems like we've been married about 20 years! How is that?
04/May/17 12:09 AM
Will be celebrating on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel. Movie 'Somewhere in Time' was filmed there. Twill be a bit nippy there, I'm afraid!
04/May/17 12:12 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
04/May/17 12:13 AM
Congratulations, Shiela! Our 48th is next month! My husband has a slightly different take on longevity than you do. He always says, ''48 loooooooooong years!''
04/May/17 12:14 AM
Perfect timing for us for that beautiful picture.
04/May/17 12:33 AM
04/May/17 12:48 AM
An ''outsider'' might say - ''That many years, TO THE SAME WOMAN (MAN)...

Not to 'stir the pot' or anything.............

04/May/17 12:50 AM
Hey ... grrrrr! ... when you trap the right one ... bop her on the head with your club ... and drag her back to your cave ... you don't let her go!
04/May/17 1:07 AM
Think dogs can be trusted? Think again.

04/May/17 1:08 AM
I am doing the puzzles while enjoying my midnight (?) snack. A cup of camomile tea with a tiny bit of honey and some cinnamon toast. Also a couple of panadol so I then hope to go back to sleep'
Pretty tree but I wish someone would name the tree.
04/May/17 1:40 AM
Good Maen, good people. And good grief, but it's hard to move around with a sprained knee.
I've spent the entire day, it seems, calling around and texting and emailing, trying to arrange and rearrange appointments and commitments. At least the pain med is keeping things bearable.
04/May/17 3:26 AM
Happy 48th Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Shiela! You plans sound Grand.
04/May/17 3:29 AM
June, praying for your short term and long term health and vitality. Glad you're enjoying life with all the travel and projects, but please don't tire yourself. Take care of yourself. I'll pass on advice that Keith just gave me: Cooperate with the cure!!
04/May/17 3:32 AM
Is the photo a lilac bush? It sure looks like mine, which will be in bloom soon.
04/May/17 3:34 AM
That was funny, Jerry! Very often, when one of our two dogs was curled up in the only available chair, the other one would run to the door and begin barking furiously. As soon as the relaxed dog joined the fray, the barker would jump into the newly-vacated chair! They did it to each other ... and it worked every time!
04/May/17 3:39 AM
04/May/17 4:19 AM
Sorry about not posting a poozle this morning. I went to an early baseball game. Our team was doing great until the last pitcher gave up 6 runs in one inning, then 2 the next time he took the mound....I left after that.
04/May/17 4:20 AM
Did I gallump over Keith?
04/May/17 4:20 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: 3 sheep.

The pitcher's name was Jesus...yes, really. So, the
''Jesus Did Not Save'' Crown
goes to winners Plum, Judy, lonewoof, Cake Lady, Pam, and Wombat.
04/May/17 4:27 AM
And, for today.....(I will give an extra day because I am so late posting)

Two numbers are given in each sentence that need to be replaced by words. Each word is an anagram of the other, except that one word contains an additional letter that the other word lacks. The numbers given in each More...
04/May/17 4:30 AM
Just 'cause I can.....
04/May/17 4:30 AM
Jacalmi, I don't think that's a lilac. (If it is, I have never seen one with THAT many blooms.) Looks more like I cherry tree, I think.
04/May/17 6:21 AM
Morning all, pretty tree all dressed for spring.
04/May/17 6:44 AM
Stella,Silvergal and Jake 🎂🎂🎂
04/May/17 6:46 AM
Needed: Someone who can identify the photo on Hard. What are those things?
04/May/17 8:05 AM
Yes, I, too, think it is a cherry tree, blowing in the wind. Another option is a tulip magnolia, but the tree is too big and the flowers seem too small.
04/May/17 8:28 AM
Ah, I just considered the bottom of the tree, where the branches come up off the trunk - cherry tree.
04/May/17 8:29 AM
Good morning.
04/May/17 8:52 AM
Cold but sunny here.
04/May/17 8:52 AM
Nothing big planned for today, have a few little chores to edo (they'll probably take me all day - lol).
04/May/17 8:54 AM
Is it a crepe myrtle or maybe a jacaranda?
04/May/17 9:08 AM
Good MaeN - got my class format written up now just have to see how it goes tomorrow
04/May/17 11:54 AM
I think the photo is of a cherry or ornamental plum.

The 'things' on hard appear to be some kind of seed. They are fairly consistent in size and shape.
04/May/17 12:24 PM
Good one DOA.
04/May/17 12:27 PM
Sarah, I am sure I have seen Okra threaded like the Hard puzzle when in markets in Asia.
congratulations on 48 years Shiela. Enjoy your celebrations. I have been out to lunch with my neighbour. Nice lunch. Now must get changed and do a bit of painting. Meanwhile.......
04/May/17 2:11 PM
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