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Easy Sudoku for 4/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
04/Aug/16 12:00 AM
04/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Hi wolf! Where is Hal? He was just on the other page five minutes ago.
04/Aug/16 12:01 AM
Oh hi Hal. I thought you were around.
04/Aug/16 12:02 AM
I saw Hal in my rearview mirror, Pam.
04/Aug/16 12:05 AM
🌞sun is out now - working on my walking - love my Fitbit- thinking if changing my goal of 600 steps to 1000 today - at 509 already- however I do use my arms a lot so those are my steps at times
04/Aug/16 12:08 AM
How many steps do I do with this puzzle? I use my right hand and just hold with my Left and there my Fitbit rests
04/Aug/16 12:09 AM
Hi Mymare. I made a first attempt at a 'feral 'bowl yesterday. I can't seem to,post a picture here. Doesn't like my JPEG format.
04/Aug/16 12:11 AM
Ah, glad to see Hal back in the 12:00 time slot. His reputation is restored!!
04/Aug/16 12:12 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
04/Aug/16 12:40 AM

Hal, you need to adjust your clock, you have been pipped at the post for first post four days in a row now
04/Aug/16 12:43 AM
We finally have a break in the oppressive heat we have been experiencing. Warm, but, lower humidity today. I may wander out to clean out and wash my car.....maybe.
04/Aug/16 12:49 AM

Dont overdo it Kathy
04/Aug/16 12:53 AM
How does one of your ... uh ... stature, Kathy, wash the roof of your car??
04/Aug/16 1:00 AM
Ooooo, Judy makes her presence known. Hi, Judy.
04/Aug/16 1:08 AM
Hey, DoA! 'Sup?
04/Aug/16 1:11 AM
Good Maen, good people. Here just before local noon again. For those who are paying attention, I ate an egg and a slice of whole wheat toast for breakfast... after staying up worrying until 2:30 am then getting up at daybreak to clean out an old goat shed that still had layers of shavings, hay and poop on the floor. I think I have moved about 100 cubic feet of debris over 2 days.
04/Aug/16 1:51 AM
I am determined to get this property ready to sell so I can live my sunset years someplace easier. It will probably take me 2-3 years, but if I don't start now it will take longer to get out from under the load of cr*p, both literal and figurative, that has built up here over the past 30 years.
04/Aug/16 1:55 AM
I feel as if I'm too p**ped to make a serious run for 22 today. But as we're close maybe I can add to a frivolous dance towards 22? If someone will be my dance partner?
04/Aug/16 1:57 AM
Me Plum, me me me
04/Aug/16 1:59 AM
have I messed up Plum's run?
04/Aug/16 1:59 AM
Hitting the dance floor with Liz. Lets see if Keith shows up too?
04/Aug/16 2:00 AM
Ha. I was trying to set you up, Lizzy, but my tablet keyboard got stuck and I took too long. Couldn't get with the best. I'm all left feet when I try to dance. I really was trying not to steps on any toes. Ah, well. Thanks for the spin, Lizzy.
04/Aug/16 2:03 AM

Your welcome Plum!!! Please dont think your the only one with left feet when dancing, hubby & I didnt even do the bridal waltz at our wedding
04/Aug/16 2:07 AM
How do any of us diminutive folks wash the roofs of our cars? There's only one answer ... Miata.
04/Aug/16 2:18 AM
Well, I got kicked off the site again. I MUST start behaving myself.
Roof? You're supposed to wash the roof?
04/Aug/16 2:24 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: hub, ban, hid, fox, dip. The truly dedicated puzzlers also came up with jin, tel, ans, mem, suc, eld. They assured me these were proper words, and I'm trusting them....because I'm too lazy to look them up.

Winners Plum, Judy, Sarah and Wombat More...
04/Aug/16 2:28 AM
And, for today.....

By changing the third letter of each of the words below, can you make another valid word. You have to change each word such that the third letters will reveal a ten letter word when read downwards. What is the ten letter word?
04/Aug/16 2:30 AM
04/Aug/16 2:34 AM
I wash the roof of my car by taking it to the car wash! They do a much better job than I would have and they conserve on water which is much needed here since we were having a drought!
04/Aug/16 2:35 AM
Wolf, you know that objects in your mirror are closer than they appear, right?
04/Aug/16 2:47 AM
Lizzy, I'll keep trying.
04/Aug/16 2:51 AM
Ba Muoi Ba!
04/Aug/16 2:52 AM
I took my car through a car wash yesterday including full service so they cleaned the inside too! They did a very thorough job. The place is under new ownership and might make it if they keep doing such a good job.
04/Aug/16 3:01 AM
Cathy is correct Miata. Really can't take them to the car wash.
04/Aug/16 3:19 AM
Real feel here is 110F. Going to the movies today, seeing Startrek Beyond.
04/Aug/16 3:22 AM
Stay cool at the movies, Sue! (To cool off, we go to the grocery store).
04/Aug/16 3:30 AM
Never too young to learn to read, by looking at pictures first.
04/Aug/16 3:31 AM
Good afternoon to all! Don't tell me the end of that story. I haven't read that book yet!
04/Aug/16 4:51 AM
Hot and humid again here. Thankfully I have AC so no need to go out looking for places to cool off.
04/Aug/16 4:52 AM
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