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Easy Sudoku for 4/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Sep/13 12:00 AM
, friends!
I don't even see a shadow and brrrrr!
We were with the 2 1/2 year old grand-twins for four days while their parents were at a wedding in California. Double fun, fun, fun!
And the best part about grandparenting...
04/Sep/13 12:01 AM
Now THAT is a red sky! Is it morning or evening?
04/Sep/13 12:09 AM
It's a cool-ish morning here, too, Shiela. 71 F at 10 am. Since it's been in the 80's at this time every day for a long time, this is an improvement.
04/Sep/13 12:11 AM
Another pretty one.
04/Sep/13 12:12 AM

I'm off to have a busy day. Too much to do.
04/Sep/13 12:13 AM
Drat. Serena took #5.
04/Sep/13 12:13 AM
Puzzle Answer Time:

The short answer: You can travel 840 miles from the broken supply truck. Since your base camp is 800 miles away (half of 1600 miles), you can complete the delivery. You need to use some sort of back and forth system that involves leaving something, going forward, More...
04/Sep/13 12:15 AM
Apparently I unintentionally got 5 and 8. Sorry Vici, Heidi, and shosho.
04/Sep/13 12:16 AM
Rebus Time:


Answers to my ‘‘not case sensitive’’ inbox please.
04/Sep/13 12:17 AM
We've got 61F here, Heidi.
04/Sep/13 12:18 AM
Now I'm off to go focus on breathing until my baby gets home.
04/Sep/13 12:18 AM
And this one is dedicated to Queen Anne!
04/Sep/13 12:25 AM
Good morning people of the world.
04/Sep/13 12:27 AM
Another Look Unlimited Day
04/Sep/13 12:28 AM
Serena, this is really not a good celebration for you today. Stop looking at the clock. I know you are doing that, because I do the same thing, the entire time my darling is gone. I am sure eventually, I will take this opportunity to get something done, or start a hobby, but I doubt that will happen.
04/Sep/13 12:30 AM
Happy Tuesday!
No idea what PHROMATE indicates--Serena has me stumped!
04/Sep/13 12:33 AM
Don't be sorry, Serena! It just means I'll share my luck with you! Here's flying your way!!!
04/Sep/13 12:34 AM
Serena, these little absence prepares you for when they are grown up and have moved out! Remember that you don't own your children. They come and grace your life for a while before flying out on their own.
04/Sep/13 12:38 AM
That goes for you, too, Karen!
04/Sep/13 12:39 AM
I'll quit here and give Keith a running chance! Hop to it!
04/Sep/13 12:40 AM
I'll do it.
04/Sep/13 12:47 AM
04/Sep/13 12:56 AM
Hey! Thanks, Sue! The sun just popped out here!
04/Sep/13 12:58 AM
My internet provider decided to take the afternoon and evening off yesterday. Never could get back on line, I gave up and went to bed.
04/Sep/13 1:03 AM
Glad to help the sun in your area Shiela.
04/Sep/13 1:04 AM
Guess I should enjoy the next 2 cool 80 days, the rest of the week says we will have high 90 days
04/Sep/13 1:07 AM

Serena, I've been moving those letters around and laughing at some of the results!

Believe me ladies, you WILL get used to the kids not being there. We've pretty much all been through it. It's good for them More...
04/Sep/13 1:11 AM
Good morning to all! Now this photo is definitely 'fire in the sky'!
04/Sep/13 1:40 AM
Serena, I sent you an answer but I have to admit I've seen the rebus before.
04/Sep/13 1:41 AM
NO, NO, NO! They are mine, mine, mine.

Have you not heard my mommy tales? I do not function right when they are not with me. Oh, how I love the times MIL has them, by the third night, I can get a good rest, but they are mine, I will never let them go. (Really need a stomping foot smiley).
04/Sep/13 1:50 AM
Love the silos in silhouette against that glorious sky! Even more do I like the fact that the jigsaw works as well.
04/Sep/13 1:54 AM
I just shared this recently, with someone, could be a few someone's, but on one side of my brain cell, I know hundreds of millions of Moms have gone or are going through the same things I go through and have survived. But then the controlling side, of my brain cell, says, 'Nope, you are the only More...
04/Sep/13 1:55 AM
One just brought her baby to me to babysit and gave me strict instruction to watch her, feed her and give her, her bottle when she cries.

The child, seems to have some of my tendencies. Since, she has entrusted her baby to me, she has checked on me every few minutes, to see how her baby is doing.
04/Sep/13 1:57 AM
Bright sky! Beautiful colour.
04/Sep/13 2:05 AM
The eagle has landed. All is right with the world.
04/Sep/13 2:16 AM
wow, was here earlier and we're still at the some number~
04/Sep/13 4:28 AM
Went to farmers market for some strawberries and an assortment of plums.
04/Sep/13 4:29 AM
Walked over and back, sweaty but pleased with the purchases.
04/Sep/13 4:30 AM
04/Sep/13 4:30 AM
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