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Easy Sudoku for 5/October/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:08 Good night all!
05/Oct/17 12:19 AM
Good morning - have a good day; good sleeps, Anne!
05/Oct/17 12:44 AM
Good Maen, good people.
05/Oct/17 12:53 AM
05/Oct/17 12:59 AM
05/Oct/17 1:16 AM
everybody. What's happened to the race to be first post of the day? 12:19am, really!
05/Oct/17 1:34 AM
Beautiful Pelicans photo
Lovely birds!
05/Oct/17 1:44 AM
everybody, did you miss me? Haven't had Internet for a week and I've missed you good people.
05/Oct/17 2:54 AM
05/Oct/17 3:03 AM
Is it me or are we having problems with the internet, twice the page has frozen when I try to post. That's three times what's going on?
05/Oct/17 3:06 AM
Good mAen all. Sorry for your loss Rage, and glad to have you back. It's a wonder those pelicans can fly with those big heavy bills plus the weight of a fish.
05/Oct/17 3:09 AM
It's a photo that shows their beautiful coloring and they are grouped in a nice setting. I usually see them photographed on piers.
05/Oct/17 4:17 AM
The daylight savings time switch down under and coming soon up here makes it difficult to remember when to arrive. Maybe not so much in terms of knowing the actual time - for me it has been 10 am and just switched to 9 am and will be 8 am - but more in terms of adjusting daily habits to shift sudoku screen time into a different part of one's daily routine.
05/Oct/17 4:23 AM
It's amazing how frustrating it is to be without conveniences - necessities nowadays - that mankind has managed without for thousands of years. I rate TP as my top essential item but Internet is also high on the list.
05/Oct/17 4:27 AM
Wombat - I didn't send you number ECCO answers but I did the Poozle. I love to research on the computer and the ECCOs are challenging and fun, but it was a relief to do an ECCO I didn't have to do any googling to solve. I've been seeing ECCOs and solving for what I know or guess but then I fail to More...
05/Oct/17 4:33 AM
Lovely pelican photo! They're in a perfect place too.
05/Oct/17 4:49 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone.
05/Oct/17 7:00 AM
Morning all,never seen Pelicans that white ,beautiful.
05/Oct/17 7:13 AM
We are on our way home and have spent the night at a lovely place called Grenfell. Hope to be home today.
05/Oct/17 7:17 AM
Looking around for Peter...
05/Oct/17 7:37 AM
05/Oct/17 7:37 AM
05/Oct/17 7:37 AM
I knew immediately that it was different than any Pelican I'd ever seen, so looked it up:

The great white pelican is a huge bird, with only the Dalmatian pelican averaging larger amongst the pelicans. The wingspan can range from 226 to 360 cm. Immature great white pelicans are grey and have More...
05/Oct/17 7:47 AM
Three ECCO poozlers only this week, Judy, Wombat and Joyce. Well done that group!
05/Oct/17 10:16 AM
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