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Easy Sudoku for 5/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning, especially for Conservatives in the US.

05/Nov/09 12:00 AM

Why? Do enlighten me.
05/Nov/09 12:04 AM
HI all! It's been a year since Obama was elected. Don't know about him but it's certainly gone by quickly here.
05/Nov/09 12:13 AM
05/Nov/09 12:17 AM
Yesterday's riddle brought in lots of wrong answers - I was looking for monthly bills, not quarterly ones, glutton for punishment maybe! But there were a couple of correct answers. Here's today's one; answers to the falling leaves inbox please!
For each of the pairs of words below, insert a word More...
05/Nov/09 12:17 AM

Although this is an "off-year" for elections in the US (no regular nationwide offices in contest), there were some state contests which were significant, in very heavily populated states. President Obama's supporters, who turned out in huge numbers to elect him, failed to turn out to More...
05/Nov/09 12:18 AM
Interesting. We have compulsory voting here in Australia. I am divided about which system works best. There are serious pros and cons on both sides of the argument.
05/Nov/09 12:21 AM
P.S. Can't believe its a year already!
05/Nov/09 12:22 AM
Thank you photographer, your rose was a lovely morning treat.
05/Nov/09 12:22 AM
all ...
05/Nov/09 12:29 AM
Or maybe it's just taking too long to 'undo' what the conservatives left to Obama for John Q. to follow, Ian. We do live in an instant society, you know.
05/Nov/09 12:30 AM
my goodness, I thought I would see what happened yesterday, but it's already today on the site, It's a late arrival morning for the school, so more relaxed morning and I can check up before the kitchen floor calls me to watch it. My son broke my More...
05/Nov/09 12:36 AM

Could be, Shiela. But if that's the case, where will the left go?

05/Nov/09 12:36 AM
well, maybe I wash the floor and not just watch it - I have to say, I do find housecleaning more enjoyable when I have a new play toy to use -- my shark floor steamer --- look out floor
05/Nov/09 12:37 AM
I don't know, Ian. To me politics has become way too "MY corner of the political arena is the ONLY corner..." for me.
05/Nov/09 12:50 AM

Too true, Shiela.

05/Nov/09 12:58 AM
05/Nov/09 1:00 AM
0600 Here... Reveille, Reveille, All Hands Heave Out And Trice Up. Reveille!
05/Nov/09 1:01 AM
Today is 40th anniversary of "Sesame Street".
05/Nov/09 1:02 AM

05/Nov/09 1:03 AM
05/Nov/09 1:03 AM
05/Nov/09 1:03 AM
Just Had to...
05/Nov/09 1:03 AM
It forever amazes me that the two extreme wings of any vein of thought can appear to only see their opposite 10% counterpart and seemingly ignore the 80% of moderation seperating them.
05/Nov/09 1:07 AM
Good job, Jerry! Thanks for waking me up! Got any coffee, yet?
05/Nov/09 1:07 AM
That's it in a nutshell, jeb.
05/Nov/09 1:09 AM
An old Navy Chief and his parrot retired after serving an amazing 40 years. He bought a chicken farm somewhere in New Jersey and was ready to settle into a life of semi-leisure. The first morning at 0600 the parrot started squawking "Reveille, reveille, rise and shine, you got yours and I More...
05/Nov/09 1:19 AM
2:21 I think it's amazing for "ordinary people" to be able to run for little offices and win. I have relatives and friends who have been elected into part time governmental jobs. I think that's the best part of the election process. It doesn't get much attention and lots of people don't More...
05/Nov/09 1:44 AM
Hello Everyone. Cute joke Jeb. Have a geat day.
05/Nov/09 1:48 AM
Thanks, Nal. Love you, too!
05/Nov/09 1:50 AM
Cracking picture, Nal.
05/Nov/09 1:56 AM
I remember voting for FDR, and hearing all the stuff about how he would ruin the country with all his communist ideas. We are still screaming about the things he put into effect.
05/Nov/09 2:02 AM
The problem, jeb, is that too often those two extreme 10% groups set the agenda.
05/Nov/09 2:19 AM
2:24 Maen! That photo could be beside "fresh" in the dictionary. Great shot!
05/Nov/09 2:27 AM
Plum, you describe my FIL. He was the mayor of his small village for years and he did a great job.
Money, power and the media have all played a hand in the 10% change, but the media has changed it the most. Decisions based on human responsibility (for want of a better phrase) and not political More...
05/Nov/09 2:40 AM

10% set the agenda...that's right, and there's no secret about why that is.

In very round numbers, an average congressional district has 600,000 people in it. Subtract the ones who are too young to vote, incarcerated, or not citizens, or haven't registered. That's leaves 400,000 More...
05/Nov/09 2:58 AM

A 60% to 40% victory is a landslide, because 40% of the electorate will usually vote against the incumbent, even if it means voting for Donald Duck. Most elections are much closer, say, 54% to 46%. In other words, the difference is 16,000 votes.

What that means is that, if you have a More...
05/Nov/09 3:07 AM
Plum - unfortunately, even at the local level there are varying degrees of cronyism. It has come to light recently that two of our long-term County Commissioners have been steering the county employees' health insurance to a broker who is a friend. Purchasing the insurance directly from the More...
05/Nov/09 3:13 AM
But in general, there is far more honesty and integrity at the local level. I think the higher up one rises in the political system, the more beholden one becomes to his or her benefactors.
05/Nov/09 3:15 AM
Thanks, Ian. Very well put. ...a much better explanation than mine.
(I am now down off my soap box.)
05/Nov/09 3:17 AM
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