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Easy Sudoku for 5/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
05/Dec/18 12:00 AM
2:11. Hi Wolf and Good Morning to all who follow.
05/Dec/18 12:09 AM
1:48 Good night one and all.
05/Dec/18 12:21 AM
Everybody!! Only problem, where is 'Everybody'?! At least Wolf, tom, & Anne showed up.
05/Dec/18 2:59 AM
I'm here!
05/Dec/18 3:12 AM
Me too. all.
05/Dec/18 3:25 AM
1:29 Brrr. Cold here this AM. Dog walk will have to wait for this afternoon
05/Dec/18 3:37 AM
(For Shosho!)
05/Dec/18 3:58 AM
I waited for the sunshine to arrive!
Hope the sun arrives in your day, too!
05/Dec/18 4:00 AM
Our sun is here too, Shiela - and it's melting all the overnight snowfall~ plus its bringing smiles to many folks - yay!!
05/Dec/18 4:08 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
05/Dec/18 4:51 AM
Morning. Setup for Anne, but it's probably too early for her.
05/Dec/18 5:30 AM
Great caption, dino. 1-3-4-5-6-7-9 & finish with 2-8 together.
05/Dec/18 5:37 AM
... doing the puzzle & enjoying the picture, I forgot about having set it up for Anne, and stepped all in it.
05/Dec/18 5:39 AM
WOW! Gorgeous flowers! The comment is appropriate also,dino.
05/Dec/18 5:41 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
05/Dec/18 5:52 AM
Morning all,a purple star surrounded by its fans.
05/Dec/18 6:07 AM
No sun for us today but at least it will be cooler.
05/Dec/18 6:15 AM
05/Dec/18 6:19 AM
Here we go again.
05/Dec/18 7:15 AM
05/Dec/18 7:15 AM
05/Dec/18 7:15 AM
The purple one is all the more glorious in that pink surround.
05/Dec/18 8:11 AM
Drats - misse by that much!
05/Dec/18 9:00 AM
05/Dec/18 9:35 AM
Good maEn, good people. I haven't had much of an appetite so I'm been drinking sufficient fluids and leaving it at that. But now that it has been six days since my 'last meal' (pizza the evening before surgery) I think I need to force myself to start eating something that resembles nutrition even More...
05/Dec/18 10:58 AM
Tough one Pikers - pick ups or walk in the cold Plum try Black Forest cake. Contains dairy, cereal, eggs so that's got to be nutritious hasn't it? It's never failed to tempt me.
05/Dec/18 1:39 PM
Somewhere the weather guessers are calling for an overnight low of 22. Their guess is frequently off by 2 - 5 degrees, so maybe we'll hit the teens......

We need a Brrrr! smilie.
05/Dec/18 5:08 PM
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