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Easy Sudoku for 5/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Feb/18 12:00 AM
all also.
05/Feb/18 12:25 AM
05/Feb/18 12:32 AM
Good Maen, good people.
05/Feb/18 12:39 AM
Overcast today.
And a snowy drive to church.
05/Feb/18 12:43 AM
05/Feb/18 2:17 AM
05/Feb/18 2:43 AM
Good morning all - have a delightful day!
05/Feb/18 3:34 AM
05/Feb/18 3:48 AM
Happy Sunday!
05/Feb/18 4:09 AM
Hmmmm.....he had TWO tickets, so I would suggest the couple go together (and who had he been PLANNING on taking, I would want to know?), leaving instructions for their guests to enjoy the reception and feel free to turn it into a great, big ol' Super Bowl party (they'll certainly have enough More...
05/Feb/18 4:27 AM
Above is in response to Sheila's comment of yesterday.
Not quite sure how I managed to post it here, but I was often a little late getting to class, too - good thing I was otherwise a good student!
05/Feb/18 4:33 AM
Or maybe you should go into counseling, Renee!
05/Feb/18 4:33 AM

I'm waiting for the grands/great grands to arrive. My grand daughter called to say she got a steam cleaner and wanted to come steam clean my carpet. They felt a little guilty with the condition of it when they moved out. I told her hubby had More...
05/Feb/18 4:39 AM
I wondered if they would come at all after seeing freezing rain this morning. The roads were rather icy, but, it has turned to just plain old rain. Icky, but, not dangerous.
05/Feb/18 4:45 AM
Nah, Shiela, that's my sister's area and she HATES it when amateurs get involved.
(Loved the joke, by the way; just couldn't contain the problem-solver in me!)
05/Feb/18 5:06 AM
05/Feb/18 5:37 AM
I don't think you understand the problem, Renee. You see, the man just doesn't want to get married. (At least, not to that particular woman.) The football game is just an excuse.
05/Feb/18 5:45 AM
Ahhhh ... a ''counselor'' who gets right to the nitty gritty and speaks the cold, hard truth! You need to hang up your shingle, Hal!
05/Feb/18 6:01 AM
Precisely why I first asked who he had been PLANNING to take, Hal.....
05/Feb/18 6:10 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
05/Feb/18 6:17 AM
Such a beautiful red flower, with a very long name Lovely photo, Kate.
05/Feb/18 6:20 AM
Morning all, beautiful kangaroo paw flowers, thanks Kate.
05/Feb/18 6:28 AM
Mother Nature seems to have decided to back up the groundhog. It's been a constant heavy snow type of a day today.
05/Feb/18 7:58 AM
all. I was amazed at all the colours of kangaroo paws! Heavy rain just now in Largo. At least it's not snow ❄️
05/Feb/18 8:24 AM
You can add Aileen to the list of ECCO poozlers from last week.

Wednesdays ECCO is all about numbers, you could say it's a numbers game!
05/Feb/18 11:08 AM
Kate, your expertise is called for in Medium! Help!
05/Feb/18 2:49 PM
Enough of a break, time to get back to the prepping food.
05/Feb/18 5:53 PM
The above post was from yesterday.
05/Feb/18 6:05 PM
Spent most of the day at my nieces. Good food, good fun, good time sitting around playing cards.
05/Feb/18 6:07 PM
Some where about 4pm it started to snow, was not supposed to snow, just a little rain. Ended up with less than an inch was good.
05/Feb/18 6:09 PM
Since I did the prepping yesterday [ see phantom post above] the younger ones did the cooking today.
05/Feb/18 6:12 PM
five for today makes it a CP.
05/Feb/18 6:12 PM
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