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Easy Sudoku for 5/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Cold Maen
05/Mar/19 12:22 AM
Good morning mymare.
05/Mar/19 12:24 AM
2:10 Nice art work. Good night all.
05/Mar/19 12:27 AM
wow... beautiful card!
05/Mar/19 12:49 AM
Sunny today!
Hope your day is, too!
05/Mar/19 1:08 AM
Hubby and I spent a wonderful month in sunny Florida. And I mean sunny! There were only two days when the sun didn't shine! Makes a strong case for heading south during the winter!
05/Mar/19 1:13 AM
05/Mar/19 1:16 AM
While there, our car's air-conditioner decided not to work! You'd think that Florida would be the best place to get it fixed, right? Nope! Our car was still under warranty, so we took it to the car dealer. Welllll.... It took them 11 days and finally having our DIL threatening to call national headquarters to get it fixed!
05/Mar/19 1:22 AM
Luckily, they had given us a free rental car. We were getting worried we'd be driving the rental home!
05/Mar/19 1:24 AM
It was still not a perfect job. We're going to have to return it to our own dealer to correct a few things - like the right windshield washer nozzle that is cleaning something under the hood (hopefully not under the dash!) not the windscreen! We're also wondering where the bolt we found on the front seat goes.
05/Mar/19 1:31 AM
Shiela, my grandkids went through something similar with their new van....for over a year.
I was in and out of the shop for one thing or another every week, it seemed. They did contact Honda about it. My thinking was More...
05/Mar/19 2:28 AM
''I'' wasn't in and out of the shop, the van was.
05/Mar/19 2:29 AM
The car was fine for 16,000 miles. Hopefully we don't have a lemon - I like the car!
05/Mar/19 2:57 AM
I think we just found a 'lemon' dealer maintenance department! They kept saying, 'It's a big job.' and then never working on it. Said that their priority was to the people in the waiting room. I suggested I come in and wait, but they didn't go for it!
05/Mar/19 3:02 AM
It must be good to know that you are still ''under warranty,'' Kathy!
05/Mar/19 3:05 AM
I hope she doesn't find out she's a 'lemon'!!!
05/Mar/19 3:17 AM
Morning. Busy day today.
05/Mar/19 3:28 AM
05/Mar/19 4:13 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
05/Mar/19 4:19 AM
Beautiful water colour painting, Wendy. A real artist that's for sure!
05/Mar/19 5:25 AM
I should never have made even one peep about the local weather yesterday. To the south, there were deadly tornadoes. To the north, there is arctic cold across a large swath of the country, in some areas accompanied by power outages. I have nothing to complain about!
05/Mar/19 5:40 AM

Anyone using a Seagate external hard drive for their computer back ups.

After doing a fresh re-install of Windows 7, on my desktop PC, the Seagate software, that I used to back up my computer, before the reload, failed to work.

I contacted Seagate support for More...
05/Mar/19 6:08 AM
Shiela, Many dealerships could really care less about 'walk-in' customers warrantee work. Their thought is often ''You didn't buy it here, take it back where you bought it''... Just sayin'.
05/Mar/19 6:16 AM
05/Mar/19 6:32 AM
05/Mar/19 8:06 AM
Good mAen, good people. I'm reminding myself that I have a Wombat poozle to do! Don't know when I'll make time but I'm motivated. I enjoy them so much. I wasn't remembering his poozle earlier when I had time to fill and picked up a book instead. Rats!
05/Mar/19 8:08 AM
As for now I'm out the door again. Wish I didn't have to go out in this frigid air (the weather not the appliance). It's snowing those fine particles that make the landscape hazy.

Well, at least we should be back home before dark. I love how much more daytime we're having. It More...
05/Mar/19 8:15 AM
Yes, Plum - that spring season seems exceptionally far off every morning after it has snowed another couple inches!

05/Mar/19 9:34 AM
Sometimes I'm so weary of this white-stuff, I turn over and sleep another hour or so hoping the sun will shine and dispose of some of it.
05/Mar/19 9:34 AM
But Sarah, please, please, please don't assume any responsibility for this weekend's frightful weather events!

I think it's Mother Nature making a 'Global-Warming' point to those skeptics!
05/Mar/19 9:36 AM
At least when the sun does shine it's getting closer & closer to us and possibly those more direct rays will eventually emit some warmth as well. Until we truly feel that warmth, let your smile be your daily sunshine - have a good day all!
05/Mar/19 9:40 AM
Good one, Judy!

Good morning all.
05/Mar/19 10:43 AM
Morning all, beautiful watercolour.
Watching the tree loppers taking out a tree from near a house.
05/Mar/19 12:22 PM
Wonder if Wendy has a greeting card business... I'd surely be a good customer, starting with purchasing a box of these particular cards!

Might those be a depiction of cherry blossoms or camellias?
05/Mar/19 2:40 PM
Time to give my answers to last Saturday's POOZLE. There were eight posts this week, with a few regulars missing. Those who did submit were Sarah, Judy, Chris, Joyce, Peter, Snowbird, Tyranieds and Plum. Kathy missed for the first time 14 April last year, but then it was her birthday. Here is More...
05/Mar/19 5:31 PM
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