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Easy Sudoku for 5/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!!
05/Mar/20 12:00 AM
1:40 Good night all.
05/Mar/20 12:50 AM
Wolf & all who follow!! Sleep tight Anne!
05/Mar/20 2:12 AM
Wolf, Denny, and all to follow!
'Nighty night, Anne. Sleep well!
05/Mar/20 2:41 AM
I am quite honored to be part of Wombat's newest puzzle.... Woo Hoo!

I got hung up on one of the word progressions. I got this particular word stuck in my mind, and try as I may, it didn't work. Mind you, it SHOULD have. The letters were there....well, except for one.
Fun one, Wombat! Give it a try, everyone!
05/Mar/20 2:51 AM
Morning all.
05/Mar/20 3:30 AM
I just came here to remind everyone about Wombat's new IN AND OUR puzzle (at the end of yesterday's comments) ……. BUT Kathy has done than & yes, she's a clue & wow - that helped tremendously to get started!
05/Mar/20 3:32 AM
Good morning, Hal - found a giggle yet? If nor, here's one:

Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year
-- Victor Borge

05/Mar/20 3:36 AM
& belated Good luck to Shosho
05/Mar/20 3:37 AM
Thank you, Joyce!! Here's flying your way!!
05/Mar/20 3:57 AM
1:21. Good Morning, all.
05/Mar/20 3:57 AM
all. There's a clue to one of the answers in Wombat's puzzle in this post.
05/Mar/20 4:07 AM
Easy 1-9.
05/Mar/20 4:12 AM
The seventh one going up, Hal??
05/Mar/20 4:19 AM
Judy, but NO.
05/Mar/20 4:25 AM
Tee hee!
05/Mar/20 4:29 AM
Finally the sun has come out! Whew! Been busy trying to get my RealID and my TSA pre-check done. Passed both so I'm good to travel INSIDE my own country. Bother what has this country come to?
05/Mar/20 4:39 AM
I dedicate this post to Shiela!!!
05/Mar/20 4:39 AM
That has to be one of Sacky's close-ups - it's filled with wonderful detail!
05/Mar/20 4:39 AM
05/Mar/20 5:02 AM
Good mAen, good people. Continuing the cash counting discussion from yesterday (DorA, Arachnid): It really confuses young cashiers when, for example, the bill is $8 and you hand over a ten dollar bill plus three one dollar bills. They will argue that you’ve paid too much so you have to explain that More...
05/Mar/20 5:07 AM
Morning all, yes Joyce, that photo has Sacky written all over it ! Better go and check out Wombat's puzzle .
05/Mar/20 5:20 AM
Oops Plum pushed me ,Keith.
I'll wait till I've had my coffee before tackling Wombat's puzzle.
05/Mar/20 5:33 AM
05/Mar/20 6:24 AM
05/Mar/20 6:31 AM
3 beers for $2.97 ?

Serious 'happy hour' or a long time ago...
05/Mar/20 7:32 AM
Another fun exercise - buy something at a fast food place and as an example if your total is 5.79, give the counter person 10.79. Chances are real good they will give you a funny look and unless there point of sale computer tells them what to do they are lost.

An aside - How long has it More...
05/Mar/20 7:41 AM
Well said, Plum. Great example...
05/Mar/20 7:46 AM
05/Mar/20 7:49 AM
It is, sometimes, interesting to visit the birthday persons page. Especially the ones who, rarely, if ever post. There are usually reminders of other members, who don't post, anymore, or have 'departed'.
05/Mar/20 7:53 AM
Guess that was a 'CP'. Speaking of which - Where are you???
05/Mar/20 7:54 AM
And as I'm on a roll, here, and it's ''after 5'', somewhere.....
05/Mar/20 7:56 AM

My shout.......
05/Mar/20 7:56 AM
Love the photo today! Kudos to the photographer!
05/Mar/20 8:22 AM
Thanshk, DoooAAA!
05/Mar/20 10:02 AM
Indeed it was DoA. In Kalgoorlie back in 88 when a middy of beer could be had for under a dollar (just). I think a middy is now about $4.
05/Mar/20 10:36 AM
I used to be heavily involved with our children's school P & C (PTA). Had many 'vigorous' discussions with the Deputy Head who told me to get modern whereas I wouldn't let my children use calculators. Plum's example of the inability to mentally calculate numbers is spot on.
05/Mar/20 10:40 AM
I used to work in retail and would simply total a receipt by mentally adding up the numbers, I found it easy and I was pretty quick and accurate......then calculators came along.
I can still do it, its like riding a bicycle, I suppose, but nowhere near a quickly and accurately as I used to.
05/Mar/20 10:52 AM
Gee I coulda had a 38...
05/Mar/20 1:03 PM
05/Mar/20 1:15 PM
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