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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Morning Worldly People.
05/May/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen everyone!
A very busy weekend for us... Our lovely sons & wives hosted a wonderful 40th anniversary celebration party for hubby & me yesterday. Even my 93 year old mother traveled 200 miles to celebrate with us! It was truely a day to treasure!
05/May/09 12:02 AM
Still up, so I'll say hi on my last night in Australia.
05/May/09 12:02 AM
And I think I'll get some sleep for the long flight tomorrow.
05/May/09 12:03 AM
By the way Karen... 'Thanks' for the comment on yesterday's page! I was only 5 when I got married!
05/May/09 12:04 AM
*A T T E N T I O N*
A lunch to meet with Kathi (Katitude), Mr. Kathi (Robert) and Cedric the Bear will be held in San Francisco at Butterfly More...
05/May/09 12:04 AM
Happy Monday!

Shiela: Wow! Happy 40th Anniversary!!!
05/May/09 12:04 AM
Happy Anniversary Shiela! 40 WOW - what a wonderful testament of love!
Keith - traveling mercies on your trip home...looking forward to seeing you later this month and hearing all about your fabulous trip!
05/May/09 12:06 AM
Good morning all! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It really makes my day today to have good wishes reach me from all over the world!! Hubby took the day off and we're about to head out for some shopping, lunch and then a movie. Hope everyone has a great day!
05/May/09 12:06 AM
05/May/09 12:06 AM
Cheerio! Keith and Lynne - I hope you are chock-a-block full of wongerful memories of Oz. It was an absolute pleasure to have met you both .... safe travel home
05/May/09 12:11 AM
Anvil (aka Angie's hubby)
05/May/09 12:13 AM
Good morning all. Congrats Shiela.
05/May/09 12:21 AM
05/May/09 12:21 AM
05/May/09 12:22 AM
Fabulous day here--breezy, sunny ... bliss.
05/May/09 12:22 AM
Good Maen a little late
05/May/09 12:23 AM
Good Maen to everyone!

It looks like a sunny day!

Shiela - Happy 40th Anniversary.
05/May/09 12:24 AM
Cloudy and cool here. The few patches of blue disappeared already.
05/May/09 12:24 AM
Is there a race to #22?
05/May/09 12:24 AM
05/May/09 12:25 AM
05/May/09 12:25 AM
05/May/09 12:25 AM
Sheila - what a wonderful celebration.
Keith - safe travels.
I am into my last four weeks!!!! Retirement in some form is within sight (at least almost - some terrible math papers are making things difficult, though!).
05/May/09 12:28 AM

Happy Anniversary, Shiela! We hit the big 4-0 next year.
Hang in there Jamie!
Keith, what a wonderful More...
05/May/09 12:40 AM
Hehehe--Kathy that would make me one when you got married.

Wow, to be such a long time, it really isn't that long at all.
05/May/09 12:48 AM
Jamie, counting the days with you.
05/May/09 12:48 AM
1:52 Hi to all. Congratulations Sheila, how lovely to have your mum there too x

Thought for the Day:

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
05/May/09 12:52 AM
I'll try to post again, since the first hasn't shown up. Hi. Rejoice with me. My thingamadoodle arrived and is installed on my computer. This is the first I've sat at a computer since early on my Birthday Proper, Wednesday. Oy. I have a lot of email, Facebook and Sudokuland and my page to catch up on. Give me a heads up if I missed anything I need to know about.
05/May/09 1:08 AM
Shiela, how absolutely wonderful. What a glorious occasion for a big celebration. Reaching 40 is like winning Olympic gold.
05/May/09 1:10 AM
all - be safe Keith/Linda - expect cloudy weather when you arrive home. Don't forget to get up and walk every-so-often - it is a loooong flight.

Vici - I'll be driving thorough SF sometime next week on my way back from LA. Wish the party Kathi & Cedric was about 2 weeks earlier. I'll be in Salem at that time.
05/May/09 1:18 AM
Have a nice day to all of you .
A very nice and happy birthday to;
to Anvil .
to Aimee More...
05/May/09 1:20 AM
U-tube: "The Lusty Month of May"
05/May/09 1:20 AM
I love the music from Camelot! Thanks, Eve!
05/May/09 1:33 AM
Hello All, Happy Cinco de Mayo today and in my time zone tomorrow.....enjoy the celebrations.
To all of you wonderful folks who have shown concern about my well-being, let me assure you that I'm fine....just been very busy and not on the computer much. Your thoughts and concern warm my heart and More...
05/May/09 2:10 AM
to Everyone! Especially nice to hear from Mamacita today - glad to know you are fine & looking forward to a family wedding - always fun to go to those!

Shiela - Congratulations to you & Mr. Shiela on the anniversary of YOUR wedding 20 years ago! Sounds like you had More...
05/May/09 2:40 AM
As of this morning we have taken the first major step in our kitchen remodel. The cabinet guy & a helper arrived bright & early at 8 AM, & in only 1 1/2 hours had removed all the old oak cabinets & installed a few of the upper ones in my laundry room. The rest will go along one More...
05/May/09 2:56 AM
Dear Shiela.
Wishing both of you a very beautiful and happy Day/Days all your times.
05/May/09 3:23 AM
Keith & Lynne safe travels home.
Kathy hope the rest of your remodel goes as good as the first day.
05/May/09 3:39 AM
Just a Quick peek. Can't stay...
05/May/09 3:40 AM
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