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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/May/13 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
assail — pain in the bum

...and here's today's factoid:
The brain doesn’t feel pain: Even though the brain processes pain signals, the brain itself does not actually feel pain.
05/May/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
05/May/13 12:00 AM
G'day all.
05/May/13 12:00 AM
1:27. Very cute puppy!
05/May/13 12:02 AM
Today is Kentucky Derby Day!!! It's raining lightly here, but it shouldn't affect the track much. The field of 19 is scheduled to leave the starting gate at 6:24 pm EDT.
05/May/13 12:04 AM
Cute pup.
05/May/13 12:06 AM
I love puppies!
05/May/13 12:07 AM
My favorite for the Derby is Orb. His trainer, Shug McGaughey, never enters a horse in a race unless he feels that it's easily the best horse. He was the trainer of the great undefeated mare Personal Ensign, and the great horses Easy Goer and Mining, among others.
05/May/13 12:11 AM
Heidi, you must have read my mind. I was just going to ask who your favorite was!! I will look for Orb in the pre-race coverage. I think there is a FL horse running, too, but I haven't checked out the morning newspaper yet.
05/May/13 12:21 AM
Oh - cute puppy. That picture is going to make for a fun jigsaw puzzle.
05/May/13 12:32 AM
I wonder if the puppy know how to get back down.
05/May/13 1:00 AM
I'll add my vote about the puppy cuteness.
05/May/13 1:06 AM
One horse-jockey combo to watch in the Derby will be Oxbow, with Hall-of-Famer Gary Stevens riding. He came out of retirement recently and is back in his old winning form. If anybody remembers the movie Seabiscuit, Gary Stevens played jockey George Woolf in his first acting role, and was brilliant in it.
05/May/13 1:13 AM
The only name I recognize on today's birthday list is Aimee. She's there twice, so ...

If anybody from the rest of the names still lurks, feel free to take the second one.
05/May/13 1:14 AM
We loved the movie and book Seabiscuit. He lived on a ranch just outside our town. It is sort of our claim to fame.
05/May/13 1:16 AM
05/May/13 1:17 AM
05/May/13 1:20 AM
Oh Keith your number is coming up!!!
05/May/13 1:20 AM
Getting closer . . . and here I'll stop in deference to you, Keith!
05/May/13 1:21 AM
05/May/13 1:22 AM
05/May/13 1:22 AM
Go for it, Shosho!
05/May/13 1:22 AM
Thx shosho. Have fun with Kathi & Rob. We sure did.
05/May/13 1:23 AM
I added pictures of Azariah at ''Touch A Truck'' to my gallery. Pretty much, a bunch of vehicles, not necessarily trucks, are parked in a parking lot and kids off all ages are allowed to explore them. He's a little on the shy side, so any scowls are related to other people or the loud horns, not the trucks.
05/May/13 1:49 AM
I liked the ''Touch A Truck'' photos, Serena. Perhaps Azariah is a budding truckie. He looks comfortable in the seat(s).
05/May/13 1:59 AM
As usual, breakie has gone cold while I peruse (read, puzzle & post) the site.
05/May/13 2:04 AM
A beautiful day in the offing. Warmest of the year, so far.

Ah the sounds of silence broken only by the hum of hummingbirds, the sounds of M/C's on the road (a rural long straight) a quarter mile away and the frequent drone of the skydivers lift plane.

How much better can it get?
05/May/13 2:14 AM
To the miscellaneous other sounds I will add Chainsaw. A couple of trees have grown tall enough to completely block an otherwise territorial, peek-a-boo, view of the mountains.
05/May/13 2:22 AM
Not ''old growth'', but some un-educated might call them that. Three to four foot through at the stump. Not sure, yet, how tall. Guessing 120 - 150 feet tall.
05/May/13 2:25 AM
Did I break the sight?
05/May/13 2:27 AM
sight = site.
05/May/13 2:27 AM
May the Fourth Be With You!
05/May/13 2:47 AM
It IS still the 4th in my world.
05/May/13 2:47 AM
In honor of our own K-girl - a double?
05/May/13 2:49 AM

I was setting up a yard sale at 7 AM. A club I belong to has 2 a year, in the Spring and Fall.
The proceeds are donated to local charities. I am always amazed at what people buy. And how much they DON'T want to spend! If it's More...
05/May/13 3:49 AM
Oh, yeah.... Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!
05/May/13 3:49 AM
Well, I'm just waiting in between events. Just had the pest control guys inspect the house. Got a couple of spots that need a spray but that's it. Whew! Now I'll get myself ready for the funeral.
Then off to my granddaughter's birthday party. I feel pushed and pulled already!
05/May/13 3:52 AM
Hey, race you, Heidi!
05/May/13 3:53 AM
05/May/13 3:53 AM
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