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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
enlightenment — losing weight
And here's today's factoid:
The littlest U.S. president was James Madison. He was 5'4' and weighed about 100 pounds.
05/May/14 12:00 AM
good Maen
05/May/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

A closed mouth gathers no foot.
05/May/14 12:00 AM
05/May/14 12:00 AM
Good morning to all!
05/May/14 12:14 AM
So Doug and Mariane, you're telling me that parts of Australia are hotter then Hades. I think a norm between really cold and really hot would be preferred by everyone.
05/May/14 12:16 AM
Answers to the “Different Stokes for Different Folks” puzzle:

1.harmful and armful
2. (Roberta) Flack and lack
3. Shine and (River) Shin
4. Todd (Rundgren) and odd
5. pipe and Pip
6. ledger and edger
7. Apex and ape
8. Quinne and (The Mighty) Quinn
9. joint and More...
05/May/14 12:16 AM
Just ten clues for those trying the Sunday/Monday puzzle:

1. Some fabrics have this pattern or a move that good hockey players make –> a 1930’s British four-seat cabin monoplane
2. Someone who is very cowardly or spineless and chicken-livered –> when you are feeling a powerful More...
05/May/14 12:19 AM
''MOOOOOOOM! Greg said the 'B' word!''
05/May/14 12:36 AM
this cooler than Hades weather here down under is great for us night shift workers, makes sleeping during the day so much easier
05/May/14 12:46 AM
05/May/14 1:05 AM
I think those cows are lost.
05/May/14 1:36 AM
Took me a bit to see what Judy was whinging about! CG, your misspelling is hilarious! And some of my former students who disliked the poetry unit would heartily agree!
05/May/14 1:59 AM
Oooops! I dedicate that last post number to Queen Anne!
05/May/14 2:00 AM
Cows in the sea?
05/May/14 2:01 AM
Hi all...

Back from Florida in time for the Kentucky Derby. I really enjoyed the race (and the trip). It's wonderful when the ''little guys'' have a really dominant horse, and win. This was only the trainer's (Art Sherman) second trip to the Derby. His first was in 1955 as Swaps' exercise More...
05/May/14 2:28 AM
Interesting picture. I bet those cows came down to the shore for the salt. Or maybe just some beach-combing or sunbathing. I don't think they're gonna play beach volleyball, or build sand castles.
05/May/14 2:35 AM
Come now people, those are manatees. Also known as sea cows.
05/May/14 2:57 AM
I should have known.
05/May/14 3:20 AM
Seems I'm alone.
05/May/14 3:20 AM
We'll see.
05/May/14 3:20 AM
05/May/14 3:20 AM
I've finished all the puzzles so now I should get some more sleep. Looking forward to the next injection on Thursday. Moved the left arm through the pain barrier and that woke me with a jolt!
05/May/14 3:27 AM
Ten 'Food Hacks' - There is probably one tip among them you'll find useful.

05/May/14 4:22 AM
15 minutes of work left til two days off........Yipee.....will be back Wednesday night.
05/May/14 5:46 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
05/May/14 6:42 AM
Morning all,I like their black and white bikini's.
05/May/14 7:40 AM
Anvil from Melbourne, Aimee from Pgh, PA USA, young from sydney, ootsoo from manitoba, Aimee from Pgh,PA USA
05/May/14 7:41 AM
0:00 Good morning everyone. Quite chilly here, but sunny day to come.
05/May/14 7:42 AM
Hello everyone!
The sun's already out here! Yesterday was brilliantly - 20* AND no wind!
We had the ''snow'' wind on Saturday, it was 12* which is normally quite bearable, but the wind was bad - it must have worse in Tasmania, Sacky!
It's 11* today & very much warmer than Saturday's 12!!!!
05/May/14 8:12 AM
Everybody. Had an indoor picnic at my brother's today. First homemade macaroni salad of the season with fresh chives and parsley, much less the pasta, hard boiled eggs, celery, green onions, carrots, radishes and the dressing. Baked beans, bockwurst finished on the grilled served More...
05/May/14 8:29 AM
June - I thought of you when I was reading the 'educational' section (comics) in the paper today. We have a strip called Crankshaft authored by a local guy named Tom Batiuk who also does Funky Winkerbean, but I doubt either of these are international or even nationwide. Anyway, Ed Crankshaft is a More...
05/May/14 8:51 AM
DorA - I watched those 'Food Hacks' and one of them looked quite dangerous. Did you notice the physique of the guy who uses the CD spindle to store bagels? If that's a side effect then I'm not doing it!
05/May/14 9:37 AM
Thanks Dottie, I love it.
05/May/14 10:23 AM
Yeah, Doug, and it looked like he was 'slathering' it with cream cheese.
05/May/14 11:00 AM
A couple more posts and it'll be time for Hal to show up and claim his daily 'topp'.
05/May/14 11:02 AM
Not tonight, DOA. Today's posts end with this one.
05/May/14 11:41 AM
Hi everyone. Noon here. I am at the coffee shop and they are dismantling all the grandstand etc. that was put up for the triathlon here yesterday. Lots of people in town. A lovely sunny 17c. Nice to be cooler at last.
05/May/14 12:02 PM
After this going to visit one of my Avon customers who has had a new left knee. I had mine done a couple of years ago and all is well with it.
05/May/14 12:03 PM
Wonder if I can manage a BOPP ?
05/May/14 12:04 PM
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