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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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05/May/15 12:00 AM
I wonder if anything could convince that cat to move.
05/May/15 12:06 AM
Good morning people of the world.
05/May/15 12:15 AM
Thought I would do my pacing guy. But thought no way, we are going to get up and move and groove and get things moving, hopefully.
05/May/15 12:16 AM
Serena, have you ever tried to move a cat?
I have one that thinks my chair is hers and each time I vacate it, she is right in the warm spot and will not budge, even when I sit on her. Both kitties love sitting right in front of the computer screen. So far they only things that make these More...
05/May/15 12:20 AM
Of course, when I call the girls ALF, they have no idea what I am talking about. Out of all the old show reruns, I have yet to see ALF, so I could show them the funny alien.
05/May/15 12:22 AM
Cats are light. I get mine to move all the time.
05/May/15 12:22 AM
In a minor baby pool.
Healthy-I lost count.
05/May/15 12:23 AM
Have you ever had one sleep on your back or in between your legs on top of the covers? One cannot move.
Oh, I even had one miss my head the other day and plop down on face. I had to shove her off and she had the nerve to give me 'the' look. And these kitties are not even a year old, yet.
05/May/15 12:27 AM
Get me on a Cat Tale and ran right through Shosho's number.
05/May/15 12:28 AM
I'm going with healthy. Can we put me down with before the Dr starts talking about induction as well.
05/May/15 12:30 AM
Today is Man's first day at his new job. He does not have to go in until 3 this afternoon but had to redo his DL again, this morning. Which really sucks, because all they have do is change a date. I think it was their fault, so we should not have to pay, but I am thinking wrong. Anyway, it is really nice not having to worry about noises this morning. Not that I am a noisy person.
05/May/15 12:32 AM
OK, Serena, I did not care for induction, so let's try spicy food, long walk, the activity that put you in this position, and castor oil. See how those work.
05/May/15 12:34 AM
We are not sick people and do not ones to run to the doctor every time we stump our toes. I do go every three to four months, to get a lecture, but since I recently got my lecture, I am good to go for another 3 to 4 months. I was not too concerned about a lapse in medical or dental insurance, which ours ended Friday.
05/May/15 12:36 AM

I once had a doctor tell me there are no ''late'' babies....just incorrect due dates. Of course, he wasn't waddling around TEN days after the ''incorrect due date''.
05/May/15 12:40 AM
Did I mention our insurance ended Friday and should I mention our new insurance does not come into effect until June or July?

Well, Saturday, my youngest darling decided to chew on her Rabbit and ended up breaking a front tooth. I was told this on the phone, smart move. Girl said she was More...
05/May/15 12:41 AM
Is that another statement that falls under, 'You will only feel a slight discomfort?'

Yippee for early babies.
05/May/15 12:43 AM
Since I have been rambling on, I thought about getting up and pretending to be productive, but I filled the page so far, why stop now.
05/May/15 12:44 AM
Should I gallump?
05/May/15 12:45 AM
That particular doc advised me to take long walks. Hubby's comment to him was, ''In her case, it would be more of a progressive roll and lunge''. they had quite a chuckle over that. I rolled and lunged out of the room and left them to their merriment.
05/May/15 12:45 AM
Or gallump?
05/May/15 12:46 AM
Oh, good someone pushed.
05/May/15 12:46 AM
Beside Kathy's post, I found this funny too.

Clicked over to email and there is an email from Man's old job. They are now hiring. (Chuckle, chuckle).
05/May/15 12:50 AM
There's six other posts ... then there's Karen.
05/May/15 1:09 AM
Cat eyes.
05/May/15 1:15 AM
I wasn't home on the weekend, so had no chance to work on Silvergal's rebus puzzle. I have been pondering and am stuck on one, but I'm sending my answers, anyway! I hope in time!
05/May/15 1:26 AM
, y'all for another 3 minutes.
05/May/15 1:57 AM
Thanks for all the birthday wishes beginning yesterday. For this side of the timeline, it's today, and I'm NOT cooking dinner tonight
05/May/15 2:02 AM
Serena, I was hoping we'd have some welcoming news! (As in 'welcome to a newcomer!)

Kathy, got your answers!
05/May/15 2:02 AM
Well, ya know how it is, when you have a million things to do, one does what is important. Procrastinate and fill up a site page or two. Plus, I am home alone. :)
05/May/15 2:08 AM
Without further adieu, the answers to the 'Yard Sale' rebus (36-inch Rebus). I guess there were more stumpers than I reckoned - some of these, you'll probably smack your forehead upon reading the answers. Yeah, I do that....

turn the other cheek
broken promise
what goes up must come More...
05/May/15 2:09 AM
Kitty Tale.
There is one kitty that must supervise everything I do and she must guide me throughout the house, which means, one day I will have a smushed kitty.
Well, I was changing out the laundry in the machines. First, I had the dryer open and was folding clothes as I took them out and More...
05/May/15 2:14 AM
I mean I'm later than usual!
I am glad I am finally having physical therapy on my ankle, but most of my appointments are scheduled right at 10AM - Sudoku changeover time here. Bummer!
/ Rainy & Sunny!
05/May/15 2:25 AM

Second day in a row to have the windows open to let the fresh air go throughout the house. Unfortunately, rain moving in this evening and cooler tomorrow. But then we should have gorgeous weather the rest of the week. Yippee!
05/May/15 2:25 AM
Hubby and I worked eight hours in one of our out-of-control flower beds this weekend. Not sure which I'm more sore woth - PT or gardening! On Saturday we stopped digging mint out of the garden just in time to make Mint Julips to sip while watching the Kentucky Derby!
05/May/15 2:29 AM
We planted the mint three years ago to have mint for the Julips and it took over the whole garden. And I mean took over completely! Learned the hard way that you plant it in a pot, not a garden!
05/May/15 2:31 AM
Mint roots are very well adapted. They grow under, over and through everything and anything! Nasty little delicious plant!
05/May/15 2:34 AM
Silvergal - hate to nit-pick, but your list of cards has the Ace and a 1, but no 10.
05/May/15 2:37 AM
Dottie, we have your weather a day earlier here and would have had our windows open while finishing up our gardening on Sunday, but our neighbors - upwind from us - decided to burn all their leaves that didn't blow into our yard during the winter.
05/May/15 2:41 AM
Well, that's where the bonus was, then . I've got so many sources for those things I can't say if it's one that was wrong on a site, or if I miscopied it.

You can tell I don't play cards!
05/May/15 2:44 AM
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