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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/May/19 12:00 AM
05/May/19 12:00 AM
Hi everyone,it's not often I'm on at this time of day (or night!)
05/May/19 12:00 AM
05/May/19 12:13 AM
1:53. Good maeN everyone.
05/May/19 12:19 AM
2:36 It seemed quicker than that.

Good night all.
05/May/19 12:24 AM
2:31. Good Morning Chris, Keith (early birds!), HalT and Anne. And to all who follow.
05/May/19 12:50 AM
05/May/19 1:25 AM
Good Maen

Just getting my internet time in before I pick up my room. Thanks to my sister, I am traveling to Spain- we leave May 13 !

May the 4th be with you
05/May/19 1:58 AM
Derby day !!
05/May/19 1:58 AM
Hello all - have a good weekend day & don't forget to check out Wombat's poozle!
05/May/19 2:07 AM
05/May/19 2:09 AM
2:37 Thought I was faster than that.
05/May/19 2:10 AM

Aileen pushed me into Anne's number!
I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
05/May/19 2:11 AM
Interesting photo today
05/May/19 2:38 AM
Uluru in the mist! Unusual photo.
05/May/19 3:16 AM
Not as flat on top as it looks from ground level...
05/May/19 3:16 AM
05/May/19 4:10 AM

We hiked around it! Uluru is amazing at sunset and sunrise. I've never seen it from above. Very cool.
05/May/19 4:23 AM
Kentucky Derby Day!!!
05/May/19 5:22 AM

Photo from quite a distance maybe of Uluru or Ayers Rock
05/May/19 5:45 AM
Oh, how wonderful to have you comment, Heidi - I immediately thought of you and your commentaries on this day prior years - happy to have you stop by! All good with you now?

Do you have a favorite for today's race?
05/May/19 5:47 AM
Sorry, Keith - I just had to welcome Heidi! That should have been for you too!
05/May/19 5:49 AM
Morning all,Uluru through the clouds.
Hello Heidi,hope all is well in your world.
05/May/19 6:06 AM
Good maEn, good people. It's days like KDD that I wish I had broadcast or cable TV. They will have to run for the roses without my help.
05/May/19 8:05 AM
Doing MUCH better since the surgery! It's changed my life around.

My favorite is Tacitus.
05/May/19 8:17 AM
Great news about the surgery, Heidi!
05/May/19 8:40 AM
Tacitus sounds good. I know a potter named Todd Pletcher, so I have to cheer for trainer Todd Pletcher's #10. I'm listening to a livestream. Can't find a free livestream video.
05/May/19 8:51 AM
I hope Heidi didn't put any more $$ on Tacitus than I put on Cutting Humor, because we both lost.

(BTW, I didn't bet anything on the horse.)
05/May/19 9:00 AM
I put nothing on Tacitus.
Maximum Security ran a brilliant race, staying in the front so he didn't get mud kicked in his face. He's still undefeated.
Tacitus's jockey never gave him a chance, keeping him boxed in the middle of the pack so he could not make a move at any point. He was bred to run in mud so he would have done much better if given a chance.
05/May/19 9:07 AM
What a turn around!!! Maximum Security has been disqualified, and Country House named the winner!!!
05/May/19 9:25 AM
Thanks for the heads up, Heidi. I turned off my radio after the race, though I knew the finish had been called into question. That makes me wonder about the ruling. I guess I'll go ask Mr. Google.
05/May/19 9:47 AM
Here we are at 33. In honor of the day, mint juleps all around!
05/May/19 10:16 AM
Sadly, my cocktail must remain virtual because my father-in-law is at the ER (waiting too late to make it to urgent care before close) and I must remain ready to drive to the hospital because I offered to be 'on call' if my mother-in-law needs anything. No word yet on whether they will admit him More...
05/May/19 10:26 AM
BTW, Heidi's Tacitus moved to 3rd place.
05/May/19 10:32 AM
Evidently, even in a horse race it's not right to nudge others in the crowd. Personal space. It's a real thing.
05/May/19 10:34 AM
Whew. I've been all over and done an awful lot on a day when my goal was to not leave the house. But I'm glad my FIL is getting medical care sooner than later.

All the excitement is making it difficult to concentrate on my lessons. It's almost 9 pm and I'll be up late tonight anyway, More...
05/May/19 10:40 AM
At least it was a sunny and mild spring day today. Two years since I injured my knee photographing dogwoods in bloom. This year the trees are barely in bud. I've had the window next to me open but it's cooling off, so it needs closing. I used up the firewood this morning and don't want to have More...
05/May/19 10:47 AM
Okay, I've made up for lost time and rambled on down to the bottom of the page. I've set the BOPP trap. Let's see who walks into it, shall we?
05/May/19 10:49 AM
05/May/19 10:55 AM
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