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Easy Sudoku for 5/September/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Hi everyone.
05/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
05/Sep/11 12:00 AM
Newspaper Carrier Day.
05/Sep/11 12:01 AM
05/Sep/11 12:04 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
05/Sep/11 12:06 AM
Good Maen friends!
05/Sep/11 12:23 AM
This bronze was in downtown Melbourne. Saw it when Bean, Mr. Bean and I were going to see Jersey Boys.
05/Sep/11 12:26 AM

I just put an apple cobbler in the oven. We are going to a crab feast this afternoon and I volunteered to bring a dessert. I haven't had good old Maryland steamed crabs all summer, so I am really looking forward to it!
05/Sep/11 12:45 AM
05/Sep/11 12:54 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle: DRAW (The hint was to put a space in the title to get a clue - BACK WARD <-- DRAW)

Speaking of drawing, I have arranged for that famous painter, Art Major, to share his minimalistic technique with winners, HalT, Grass-hopper, and Greg. Man the brushes!
05/Sep/11 12:59 AM
I love the bronze platypus fossil, but can't help wonder what the rings behind it are supposed to represent. They don't look an awful lot like eggs.
05/Sep/11 1:03 AM
And for today....

What's this common phrase?

Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle ....

Answers to the "I'm getting crabs today!" inbox, please.
05/Sep/11 1:05 AM
Kathy, you and Jane worry me about getting crabs all the time.
Hope you enjoy them.

I will volunteer to taste your cobbler, without the apples though. I like the crust and syrup part.
05/Sep/11 1:13 AM
So that's where our crabs went! Right up until Irene passed by, we were catching a couple dozen a day. Since Irene: zilch!!! Looks like they were all swept up to Maryland!
05/Sep/11 1:22 AM
This is a really unusual picture today. Super cool, in fact! But why would someone bronze a platypus skeleton and eggs?
05/Sep/11 1:30 AM
Happy Sunday! Looking forward to a nice 2 days off just taking it easy to celebrate the Labor Day weekend.
Kathy: crabs and apple cobbler sound mighty good.
I broiled salmon and steamed artichokes to enjoy with homemade Hollandaise sauce the other night for our dinner.
05/Sep/11 1:41 AM
everyone, we have gone from hot and humid yesterday to COLD and wet today.
05/Sep/11 1:56 AM
looks as if everyone here is celebrating early
05/Sep/11 1:57 AM
or maybe that would be all weekend long
05/Sep/11 1:59 AM
Someone left a vase of flowers on my desk this morning.
05/Sep/11 2:00 AM
05/Sep/11 2:01 AM
Good mAen, folks. Expecting heavy (?) rain tonight and tomorrow. We could use it as we are now in near-drought conditions.
05/Sep/11 2:03 AM
everyone & Happy Anniversary to Sue & Harry! So sweet & romantic of Harry to surprise you with flowers, Sue. No wonder you two have been happily married for so long! How many years now?
05/Sep/11 2:10 AM
Wonder how Shiela & her husband are faring with the grandtwins this weekend?

Glad to know Keith & Lynne & Ray enjoyed their get together. Keith, have you ever counted up just exactly how many people from Sudokuland you have met in person now?
05/Sep/11 2:16 AM
Happy Anniversary, Sue and Harry, hope you have a wonderful year.
It has been asked, but how long?
05/Sep/11 2:22 AM
I think Keith should be designated the official Sudokuland Goodwill Ambassador!
05/Sep/11 2:24 AM
And I can't wait to hear all about Sunday lunch at Rayray's. As most of you know, Sunday lunch is probably the most elaborate meal of the week in England!!
05/Sep/11 2:25 AM
Happy, happy anniversary, Sue and Harry!
05/Sep/11 2:26 AM
Captain J - Could you send a little of that rain south, please? We are still experiencing severe drought conditions.
05/Sep/11 2:28 AM
Could you send us some of that rain, too? The grass stopped growing a long time ago, and we're gonna have to feed hay unless it rains soon.
05/Sep/11 2:41 AM
Well, don't leave me out. There are cracks in my yard that I could loose children in and No Max.

Actually, I am worried about No Max, with all his blindly running and jumping around, I am surprised he has not broken a leg, yet.
05/Sep/11 2:49 AM
Heidi & Karen, I'll do my best to steer some moisure your way. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any guarantees.
05/Sep/11 3:40 AM
05/Sep/11 4:13 AM
Had a great time with the boys and families. The meal was great. Sorry Plum forgot to take pics of food but did manage to take some of the gardens, one where we ate and the other the night cityscape. Will try to figure out how to get pics on my page.
05/Sep/11 4:15 AM
Wow Karen, I saw in the papers weather your way is rather on the hot, hot, hot side! My son and his family are relishing the milder weather here. Back home was 112ºF, here in the 80's.
05/Sep/11 4:17 AM
I'm trying to enjoy the last two days before school starts! Got my school marm outfits ready and the room is ready. Just have to write my lesson plans for the first week. . .
05/Sep/11 4:18 AM
Nothing gets the mind to panic and the blood rushing around than a new batch of kids!
05/Sep/11 4:19 AM
05/Sep/11 4:19 AM
OOooh is Karen around?
05/Sep/11 4:20 AM
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