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Easy Sudoku for 5/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Sep/14 12:00 AM
HI Hal!
05/Sep/14 12:10 AM
Hal and Fiona!
05/Sep/14 12:12 AM
oooh it's the bat!
05/Sep/14 12:14 AM
Good day, ladies.
05/Sep/14 12:17 AM
Yesterday's poozle seemed to give everyone a headache.
Well, except for our Mountain Mama.

Here are the answers:

05/Sep/14 12:19 AM
05/Sep/14 12:36 AM
05/Sep/14 12:36 AM
Yea! I got my fav number post!!! So here's flying to everyone!!!
05/Sep/14 12:37 AM
Either that is a huge paci or a tiny baby.
05/Sep/14 12:42 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twenty-fifth letter of the English alphabet
2) Near
3) Body of water
4) With More...
05/Sep/14 12:44 AM
Sunny & warm.
A nice summer day!
05/Sep/14 1:02 AM
Good morning to all! A cute baby today!
05/Sep/14 1:02 AM
another hot day in OK.
05/Sep/14 1:06 AM
A smile for Kathy,
05/Sep/14 1:07 AM
I have some time to be on Sudoku, before going to PT this morning. Then it is to Harrys appointment in Owasso.
05/Sep/14 1:09 AM
The Washington Posts contest: alternate meanings for common words. And the winners are:

1. Coffee, n. The person upon whom one coughs.
2. Flabbergasted, adj. Appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained.
3. Abdicate, v. To give up all hope of ever having a flat More...
05/Sep/14 1:14 AM
Sue, I think I'll steal that smile!
(Or, will the smile still work for Kathy if I swoon first???)
05/Sep/14 1:17 AM
Love 'em, Greg!
05/Sep/14 1:19 AM
You've made my day, Sue!

A good check up at the doctor's this morning AND a smile from Tom!
05/Sep/14 1:31 AM
Right time, right place.
05/Sep/14 1:36 AM
05/Sep/14 1:36 AM
All is right with the world. Keith got his #
05/Sep/14 2:07 AM
‘’Fall’’ as a season, may have been named after some astute individual observed leaves on trees detaching themselves from branches and making their way, gracefully, to the ground.
05/Sep/14 2:08 AM
, y'all! Those are good, Greg! Brought a smile to my face today.

Got the new fridge arranged suitably last night. Water dispenser cleared, ice maker working, have not tried the crusher yet. Waiting for the temps to get lower - we've read it takes about 24 hours to get More...
05/Sep/14 2:15 AM

Seems like Silvergal's saga of the fridge is coming to an end..but I suspect there will be more to come.
05/Sep/14 2:28 AM
DoA and Greg, you both gave me a chuckle...
05/Sep/14 2:29 AM
where is everyone?!?!?!?!
05/Sep/14 4:08 AM
05/Sep/14 4:28 AM

Im getting worried......
05/Sep/14 5:20 AM
Morning all,that baby isn't going to spit the dummy any time soon.
05/Sep/14 5:23 AM
I've been working on Serena's puzzle. I got hung up on #7, big time! Hopefully, I have what she's looking for......
05/Sep/14 5:26 AM
Worry no more Lizzy, I'm here.lol
05/Sep/14 5:26 AM
I have a feeling that Bill won't be playing golf this morning, it has been raining all night and it just got heavier.
05/Sep/14 5:29 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Laugh: A smile that burst
And here's today's factoid:
The Kumbuk River Resort in Sri Lanka has a villa in the shape of a giant elephant.

Looks like Greg's daffynitions above have freed me up from doing them for the next sixteen days.
05/Sep/14 5:30 AM
Kayo, you seem to be sending me in search of Mr. Google on a daily basis!

About the Elephant Villa....''Made entirely of wood and straw with airy ambience, our Elephant Villa is for those with adventure and diversity in mind. This eco villa has a bathroom with hot water and two toilets in More...
05/Sep/14 5:44 AM
RIP Joan Rivers - 81
05/Sep/14 5:53 AM
1:47. Good morning everyone. Back to the hospital shortly - Dad made a little bit of progress yesterday, it would appear his kidneys are starting to work again for the first time since early Sunday so there's some hope he may pull through. Fingers crossed!
05/Sep/14 7:25 AM
We're so close!
05/Sep/14 7:26 AM
I may as well take us over the page while I'm here.
05/Sep/14 7:26 AM
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