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Easy Sudoku for 6/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
06/Jan/18 12:01 AM
Sometimes I miss noticing an 'old timer's' occasional drop-in, so I may be mistaken, but I don't recall hearing from today's birthday gal, tricia, in quite a long while. (She had an avatar with an armadillo, which was unusual.) Anyway, if you drop in ... Happy Birthday!
06/Jan/18 12:08 AM
2:28 I'm getting slower and slower.
Good night one and all!
06/Jan/18 12:50 AM
Well this photo made me realize that I know so little about palms as a class of trees so I've done a little research this morning. The fruits are so varied and some are familiar, i.e., cocoanut, dates, banana, açai, saw palmetto, palm kernel oil and palm fruit oil, but there are other types of More...
06/Jan/18 1:09 AM
This Alexander palm, also known as a solitary palm, is evidently good for ornamental specimen planting in small space places like suburban home landscapes and atriums. The old leaves drop off so they are considered 'self-cleaning' and wildlife enjoy their fruits though people don't necessarily have any practical use for them.
06/Jan/18 1:13 AM
This is for Plum from yesterday:
External ear flap (pinna)
Specialised facial muscles (provide facial expressions)
Rhinarium (the bare cold patch around the nostrils)
Heterodont dentition (differentiated teeth)
06/Jan/18 2:12 AM
06/Jan/18 2:15 AM
Hello all - exceptionally cold here today through the weekend...!
06/Jan/18 2:22 AM
Thanks, Bev. I hadn't thought of some of those until you pointed them out. Sounds as if it would have been fun to take a class from you.
06/Jan/18 2:32 AM
Hi Joyce,
Had rain come from south so this am the temp here was 58F at 6am!
06/Jan/18 2:35 AM
I have been laid low with a very nasty cold. Is it just me, or do colds get worse the older you get? Yes, I have had the pneumonia shot. Yes, I have had the flu shot. Too bad they can't do much about the common cold.
06/Jan/18 3:16 AM
At any rate, I just saw Peter's ECCHO puzzle this morning and have been working on it. I'm kind of stuck on one, or, half of one, to be exact. Of course, that all depends on whether you have the one before it correct. He may be getting a partial answer unless I have an ''AHA!'' moment soon.
06/Jan/18 3:20 AM
06/Jan/18 3:25 AM
We got a couple inches of snow yesterday which really isn't much of a problem. It's the sustained below freezing temps that definitely are problematic. We have had a lot of frozen burst pipes around the area. Not here, thank heaven's.
I have to admit the ''Arctic Bomb'' was a new one on me. More...
06/Jan/18 3:29 AM
As others caught in the deep freeze in the US, it's barely above zero F here and about -15 F with the wind chill. Lake Erie is almost frozen over now, so lake effect snow will lessen with that. But we might get slightly above freezing by Sunday or Monday! Stay safe and warm Top-siders. Try not to melt if you're downunder with your extreme heat.
06/Jan/18 3:47 AM
C-c-chilly! Brrrr! (It's noon & 4 F.)
06/Jan/18 4:01 AM
Lovely photo, Kate Perfectly centred palm!
06/Jan/18 4:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! Bone chilling temperatures here again. Currently -38 C. with the wind chill. Brrrrr again!
06/Jan/18 4:43 AM
06/Jan/18 5:23 AM
Where is Keith?
06/Jan/18 5:24 AM
Not looking, I hope.
06/Jan/18 5:24 AM
06/Jan/18 5:25 AM
Morning all, beautiful palm tree.
My goodness Greg, I can't even imagine how cold -38C would be, brrrr .
06/Jan/18 5:58 AM
06/Jan/18 6:20 AM
Hi, Denny - we've had WNW winds at 25mph, feels like -20*F (-29C)

I can't explain just how cold it is here ...and I don't care how much lake effect snow is blowing onto our porches & driveway since I have no plans of leaving!
06/Jan/18 7:39 AM
But in comparison to Dottie's explanation about Lake Erie, Lake Ontario is sooo very deep it never freezes over... our lake effect just keeps happening!
06/Jan/18 7:42 AM
Good morning.
06/Jan/18 9:35 AM
-38C in Ottawa. BRRRR!!
06/Jan/18 9:36 AM
+38C here today. PHEW!!
06/Jan/18 9:36 AM
I have a question about C temps. When I go to convert to or from F the app gives me decimal places. We don't really use decimal places with F. 66.0 and 66.7 get lumped together as 66F. It's not 67 until it hits 67.0F.

So, I'm not sure if it's customary or usual to use C decimal places. Do More...
06/Jan/18 10:17 AM
1:51, a bit of a slow one today. Good morning everyone.
06/Jan/18 10:31 AM
Thanks everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday, it was a great day even though it did mean I was a year older. I could have done without the heat but that's to be expected this time of the year in Aust.
06/Jan/18 10:45 AM
It's much the same in °C Plum. Conversations tend to be something along the lines of 'wow, it reached 41 today', or jeez, it was cold today, it didn't get above 7.' Even when it gets close to a round number it's something like 'did you see it nearly hit 40° today?' rather than 'did you see it hit 39.7° today'.
06/Jan/18 10:49 AM
Well, it's beer o'clock and seeing as I missed Chris' birthday yesterday I'll make it up with buying him a cold one today - Cheers Chris and a belated happy birthday.
06/Jan/18 10:50 AM
Yes, it seems that close enough to a complete number is good enough.
06/Jan/18 10:53 AM
Thanks, guys. So you all get to be comparatively relaxed about the numbers. We make a big deal about a 4 or 5 degree difference that you may register as 'only' a 2 degree difference.

Or does that mean that you're less relaxed because a degree C difference is a bigger deal than a degree F? More...
06/Jan/18 11:40 AM
BTW, Kathy, I'll bet you're having trouble with the same ECCO half that I had trouble with. Peter told me I had to think like an Australian. lol.

Hope you get over your cold quickly and avoid complications.
06/Jan/18 11:45 AM
🙋🏼🌬🌲❄️Cold but I spend my time in a 92 deg pool ! Did go into the 82 deg pool for a 15 minute segment - have good night
06/Jan/18 1:58 PM
Good night all.
06/Jan/18 2:56 PM
But first...
06/Jan/18 2:57 PM
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