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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Nov/13 12:00 AM
I cares, one doesn't.
06/Nov/13 12:04 AM
I = One
06/Nov/13 12:04 AM

Bag 1 = 31 marbles
Bag 2 = 26 marbles
Bag 3 = 57 marbles
Bag 4 = 14 marbles
Bag 5 = 29 marbles
Bag 6 = 37 marbles
Bag 7 = 6 marbles

In the today we have DotCom, More...
06/Nov/13 12:06 AM
Rebus Time:


Answers to my ‘‘Alphabet Soup’’ inbox please.
06/Nov/13 12:07 AM
A CP before I take little boy to preschool and I'm off.
06/Nov/13 12:07 AM
The trash guys have come! Sleeping nicely I was, that is no more. The truck comes on the bedroom side of the house.
06/Nov/13 1:00 AM
Hello friends!
You'll see my baby blues today.
Started out my day by putting my coffee cup upside down under the spout! Wonder what of the rest of the day is going to be like???
06/Nov/13 1:02 AM
It is a perfect day for sleep
06/Nov/13 1:02 AM
Hope you can get back to sleep, Sue!
06/Nov/13 1:08 AM
06/Nov/13 1:18 AM
I 'graduated' from PT yesterday. I'm not totally sure that would be the proper discription, though. When looking on the internet my therapy exercises were not anything they recommended for my particular tendon problem. I think the physical therapist just saw 'ankle' and did the traditional for an More...
06/Nov/13 1:28 AM
discription = description
(I knew something didn't look right!)
06/Nov/13 2:03 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Nov/13 2:04 AM
Use Your Common Sense Day
06/Nov/13 2:06 AM
Shiela, will you be able to do the exercises, that you found online, on your own?
06/Nov/13 2:07 AM
Well, I have lost all my common sense.
Going through recipes for our Thanksgiving dinner and having sentimental memories of my mom. This was her time of the year. Anyway, came across her famous recipe for yeast rolls/cinnamon rolls, and now I have checked my pantry to make sure I have all the More...
06/Nov/13 2:14 AM
Downside, this is an all day affair. I do good to be in that room for 30 minutes at a time.
06/Nov/13 2:15 AM
Then there is her famous mac and cheese recipe. I do not want to prepare this before Thanksgiving, for some reason, I do have 20 days to go before having it again.
But I prepared a stew yesterday, which we are having again today. Mac and cheese, just does not sound appealing with beef stew.
06/Nov/13 2:18 AM
Shiela, Re: your coffee cup - Let me tell you about my 'Yesterday'.

Yesterday was a 'day from hell'. Up early in the morning. Drove 150 miles, to a property I own. The last 1/2 mile is a dirt 'jeep trail' up the side of the hill. About 3/4 of the way 'up the hill', the dirt had changed More...
06/Nov/13 2:18 AM
I should be, getting my tush into that room, if I want to surprise my family tonight
06/Nov/13 2:19 AM
But I have my priorities.
06/Nov/13 2:19 AM
06/Nov/13 2:21 AM
Well, DorA, I am not certain, but how was your day?

Oh, I am sorry, the devil made me do it.
06/Nov/13 2:23 AM
When Karen said ''I have my priorities.'', I assumed, and it made me look foolish.
06/Nov/13 2:24 AM
Never, DorA. You are lovely, no matter which side comes out.
06/Nov/13 2:28 AM
Karen, after having driven enough miles in the last couple of weeks, to almost get to Texas, I'm starting to feel like your avatar.

Yeah, the 'D' side makes people ''do things''.

I've been trying to stay on the blue side lately, though.
06/Nov/13 2:29 AM
Time for another cuppa, then maybe some breakfast. Today's project? Try to wash all the mud off the ute. Guess that's better than a repeat of yesterday though.
06/Nov/13 2:32 AM
But the orange side is so much more fun.
06/Nov/13 2:35 AM
DorA... maybe you need to get a horse. They're really good at climbing hills without their wheels spinning.
06/Nov/13 2:41 AM
Ran out last night and picked up a 'new to us' monitor for the computer. This morning I got it set up and returned the other monitor to the old computer. No more complaints about not be able to play certain games. This new monitor is proportioned differently but I'm sure I'll adjust to it eventually.
06/Nov/13 2:50 AM
Heidi, A mule might be a better choice.
06/Nov/13 2:52 AM
I did have one user error moment. Once everything was hooked up, I lost my internet connection. Apparently when I moved the desk to drop the power cord behind it I also unplugged one of the power strips. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out why my modem had suddenly died. At least I didn't buy a new one or call for service.
06/Nov/13 2:53 AM
You are right, Karen. However, it seems most on the site don't appreciate the 'orange sides' conversational topics. Can't stir up a good debate without po ing some.
06/Nov/13 2:58 AM
Serena speaking from experience, those 'moments' always make me feel foolish. Like why did I take so long to check that?
06/Nov/13 3:01 AM
06/Nov/13 3:07 AM
06/Nov/13 3:11 AM
Don't worry, DoA! I have not the entire 'one of those days'. Mine are mainly moments that happen during the course of the day, practically every day!
06/Nov/13 3:13 AM
so close . . .
06/Nov/13 3:13 AM
06/Nov/13 3:13 AM
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