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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. A place to go without having to.
06/Dec/11 12:00 AM
06/Dec/11 12:00 AM

Answers to "yes I can" inbox please.

Can you place + and - signs between the following numerals to make the equation true? You can only use a total of 3 symbols and you cannot rearrange the numerals.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = 100
06/Dec/11 12:01 AM
Won't need today.
More rain or even s-s-snow expected.
06/Dec/11 12:02 AM
Perfect definition, Kayo!!!!
06/Dec/11 12:02 AM
20° out this morning - It hasn't been above freezing for about 72 hrs with fog. The tree branches are all covered with frozen fog. When sunlight peaks through the glistening is spectacular. Looks like those winter post cards.
06/Dec/11 12:04 AM
Correct answer was 54 to yesterdays poozel and were received from (big breath) HalT, CP, Jack, Grass-hopper, Jamie, Keith, Uncle Paul, Pam CT, Cap J, Victoria, Sarah DC and Peter.

Congrats all.
06/Dec/11 12:06 AM
Whoa! Strawberries grow on trees in OZ????
06/Dec/11 12:08 AM
Those strawberries look prickley.
06/Dec/11 12:08 AM
Aaww I'm too late!! I was busy checking yesterday's posts and only just answered Mr Cee's puzzle. THen I come here to find he has already declared the winners But at least my late answer was correct so I will pat myself on the back. Besides in Qld time it is still yesterday ( if that makes sense)
06/Dec/11 12:19 AM
Shiela the tree is growing in Corfu. They grow here too but they are not the edible strawberry
06/Dec/11 12:19 AM
Good Maen friends!
Kayo - moving on from the feline to the sublime
If you want to see a glorious sunrise that takes place near where I live, got to www.bing.com today. So beautiful!
06/Dec/11 12:23 AM
Been loving your Corfu photos, Eileen!
06/Dec/11 12:25 AM
Sorry Annie - grabbed it! 13 yeah!
06/Dec/11 12:26 AM
They look like lychees. And no strawberries don't grow on trees in Australia. Isn't Corfu in Spain or somewhere over that way...( excuse my geographical ignorance)
06/Dec/11 12:27 AM
Good Maen - Just taking each day as it comes -
Enjoy your day
06/Dec/11 12:28 AM
Good Morning! I never heard of a strawberry tree! I bet it is pretty when the fruit comes on! Are they edible?
06/Dec/11 12:29 AM
1:57 Good evening one and all!

06/Dec/11 12:31 AM
That's alright, thanks Vici. I was slogging away at the medium puzzle and getting nowhere.
06/Dec/11 12:31 AM
Sorry about the mix-up in geography!
We have an strawberry that grows in our area that is not edible, too. It's a bit sneakier. It grows on the ground just like regular strawberries, looks very similar to regular wild strawberries and tastes awful. The tiny seeds on the outside of the fake berry are not yellow.
06/Dec/11 12:38 AM
06/Dec/11 12:38 AM
06/Dec/11 12:38 AM
Meg - Corfu is in the Greek archipelego (sp)
06/Dec/11 12:39 AM
06/Dec/11 12:41 AM
Think I might go back to bed.
Could not sleep last night!
Finally got to sleep about 1 hour before I was to get up!
(Please remind me about caffeine!!!)
06/Dec/11 12:41 AM
Anne - I was slogging along on the Medium puzzle, too. It didn't seem that hard, but I sure was slow!
Shiela - I'm a lightweight when it comes to caffeine... can have it in the morning, but usually not past noon unless it is dark roasted.
06/Dec/11 12:43 AM
It was that sneaky caffeine. I had two glasses of chocolate 'Silk' (soy milk) before bed.
06/Dec/11 12:57 AM
You are right Shiela, we had a strawberry tree at our previous residence. The berries are very dangerous to animals.
06/Dec/11 12:58 AM
everybody. I am still on Cloud 9 after my wonderful birthday weekend. Thanks AGAIN to all of you who posted good wishes for me. It still amazes me how much caring can be shown by people who have never met each other. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be spending so much time on More...
06/Dec/11 1:03 AM
I wasn't around for the weekend, Kathy...
May ALL of your birthday wishes come true!
06/Dec/11 1:06 AM
I've decided not to go to , because I'm supposed to go to lunch today. Afraid I wouldn't wake up in time.
Hope I don't fall asleep while I'm eating!
06/Dec/11 1:10 AM
Happy belated birthday Kathy. Hope you enjoyed your special day.
06/Dec/11 1:16 AM
The strawberry I've unfortunately tried is commonly called 'Indian strawberry' in this area and its Latin name is 'Potentilla indica'.
06/Dec/11 1:22 AM

The answers to yesterday's puzzle: 1. snail-mail 2. cruel-school 3. high-sky 4. devise-disguise (or, task-mask)

Time to spiff up the house for the holidays! Winners Mr. Cee, HalT, Pam, Shosho, Captain J, Sarah, and Peter More...
06/Dec/11 1:35 AM
I am off to play cards and have lunch. See you later!
06/Dec/11 1:36 AM
Nancy, are you excited about our Wolverines going to the Sugar Bowl? Were you by any chance at the Ohio State game?? I thought of you that day. Go Blue!
06/Dec/11 1:43 AM
Good morning. I hope everyone is having a great day (or night, depending on where you are). Now, for a quick cup of coffee, the puzzle, then I'm off to my yoga class.
06/Dec/11 1:57 AM
Happy Monday!
06/Dec/11 2:08 AM
getting close to a new page, I see....
06/Dec/11 2:18 AM
Even closer...
06/Dec/11 2:18 AM
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