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Easy Sudoku for 6/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone!
06/Jun/08 12:00 AM
06/Jun/08 12:01 AM
Hi Shiela. Nice day today
06/Jun/08 12:01 AM
Angie You look good.
06/Jun/08 12:02 AM
06/Jun/08 12:02 AM
2:23 Maen! Very nice vase!
06/Jun/08 12:02 AM
Hello everyone!
06/Jun/08 12:04 AM
I would buy that.
06/Jun/08 12:08 AM
Just to update you: Some of you may remember my niece who got a serious infection a while back after losing her full term baby? She will have another 2 weeks of IV antibiotics. (That will be 8 weeks altogether!) She is now able to walk with a cane/stick, instead of a walker/zimmer. She can do a few More...
06/Jun/08 12:12 AM
2:41 Good evening all.
06/Jun/08 12:13 AM
G'day/nite to all..
Hi Anne, the new grandma..hows Bailey doing?? hope you had some sleep and rest.
06/Jun/08 12:16 AM
and the ans to yesterdays cable around the earth puzzle is
0.159 meters!
congrats to Tulio and Jamie who had given the right ans and Sabina who had made an attempt with the solution.Thanks for the response.
06/Jun/08 12:18 AM
06/Jun/08 12:20 AM
That's good news, Shiela. Thanks for updating us.

How 'bout them Red Wings! They made it exciting AGAIN!
06/Jun/08 12:20 AM
Hello Appy - I hardly slept last night so I'm going to bed now. Work tomorrow so I enjoyed my day off today.
06/Jun/08 12:23 AM
Hooray! Red Wings Rule!!!
06/Jun/08 12:26 AM
that a nice vase! I like the unusual shape and the colour is perfect for my loungeroom... :)
06/Jun/08 12:33 AM
all - nice vase & a talented kid.
06/Jun/08 12:35 AM
6th of the 6th and 6 minutes
06/Jun/08 12:36 AM
Anne, congratulations on the new grand, Bailey Christopher. He is a cutie.
Shiela, Good news about your niece.
06/Jun/08 12:37 AM
Wow!!!!! Those Red Wings did it!!!!!!! The Pinguins sure gave them a "run for their money", though. It is all very exciting for Michigan.
06/Jun/08 12:39 AM
That is a beautiful vase. I see some great talent there!
06/Jun/08 12:41 AM
Some people have soo much talent! Very nice vase. I am way pass my bed time...better go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. "Take everything you like seriously, except yourselves."
-- Rudyard Kipling
Good night/day all...
06/Jun/08 12:50 AM
I wouldn't mind getting a vase like that as a gift - the big storms have passed on leaving a hot day in it's wake -- well off to work = where it's always on the cooler side. = enjoy your day, mary
06/Jun/08 1:01 AM
Shiela I'm glad things are improving for your niece.
06/Jun/08 1:13 AM
arvensh. I hope you birthday is full of wonderful surprises!
06/Jun/08 1:15 AM
Nice vase, and really nice to have art in the high school. Here, it seems like most art, music, and routine PE are cut due to funding. Shouldn't sound off as a downer on such a beautiful day though.
06/Jun/08 1:15 AM
Well I'm following in the footsteps of Danstell. It's well past my bedtime. Goodnight & may God (who/what ever She/he maybe) bless you all & keep you safe.
06/Jun/08 1:18 AM
2:31 to you all. arvensh.
06/Jun/08 1:20 AM
Anne, congratulations on your new grand!!

My "short stack", Mitchell, is starting his 2 day Birthday Celebration today. June 6th is his 5th birthday, but he has to wait a whole entire day for his party here. He's so excited to be 5. He calls it a "whole handful" while putting up all 5 fingers. How cute! Will try to put a pic on my page.
06/Jun/08 1:38 AM
Okay, got a pic of him on my page now.

Shiela, glad that your niece is doing better!

I am so excited. Today is the last day of school! Then we have 2 whole weeks off before my kids start summer school. Lots of fun stuff planned for this summer and I'm looking forward to it all!
06/Jun/08 1:49 AM
maEn all! No rain today, so I consider it's a nice day. Happy birthday, arvensh, enjoy your special day!
06/Jun/08 2:08 AM
Hope your day is filled with and
06/Jun/08 2:10 AM
Nice vase!
06/Jun/08 2:19 AM
Holy cow!! What an awesome tennis match between Ana Ivanovic & Jelena Jankovic, both from Serbia!! They both played SO well, but Ana was the winner in the end. Congratulations to her. Should be another great match in the finals Sat. morning against Dinara Safina from Russia. Can't believe I'm still in my pajamas after watching tennis ALL morning! I love tennis!!!
06/Jun/08 2:21 AM
Thanks to everyone who explained-or tried to explain- what CRS and CRAFT meant. I feel SO much wiser.
06/Jun/08 2:25 AM
Guinea keets didn't arrive this morning, so I went back to bed and got a few more hours of sleep. They will be here tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. What a life for a night person.
06/Jun/08 2:28 AM
Hi everyone. Great day here, nice and cool, with unbearable humidity predicted for the end of the week, which seems impossible.
06/Jun/08 2:37 AM
hi all! Yesterday's answer to the riddle was the hands of a clock. Lots of correct answers - must have been far too easy!
06/Jun/08 2:40 AM
Kathy (Valrico), sorry to disappoint you, but it was the 'other' Kathy who put in a correct answer!!
06/Jun/08 2:41 AM
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