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Easy Sudoku for 6/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
06/Aug/08 12:00 AM

Have a great day!

06/Aug/08 12:00 AM
Hello, Sudoku friends! Hi John! Hot & sunny today!
06/Aug/08 12:01 AM
Hello to Joe, too!
06/Aug/08 12:02 AM
1:58 Maen! Not a high-square-footage loft, there... but looks cozy! :)
06/Aug/08 12:02 AM
Maen all! Those huts remind me of those walking tanks (don't know the technical name) from Star Wars II!
06/Aug/08 12:04 AM
To all, on this lovely Hot, Summer Afternoon in the UK, a balmy 66 degrees here . Are we ever going to get a summer?
06/Aug/08 12:09 AM

"Accomodations a tad small, but a great view!"
06/Aug/08 12:10 AM
mAen all! I'm back after 2 weeks'holiday and I've got my grandchildren for another 2 weeks'"holiday". No time to read all the posts I've missed, plenty of things to do to settle everything and everybody before going to the swimming-pool!
06/Aug/08 12:14 AM
G'day and goodnight.... catch you all later after a bit of a
06/Aug/08 12:16 AM
2:19 Good evening all!
06/Aug/08 12:17 AM
They look like 4-legged animals with toupees.
And they don't look big enough to sleep in - unless either you curl up or you are 'pygmatic'. And - I would not like the creepy-crawlies. Maybe they are mini-warehouses, or is that big brick construction in the background a luxury outdoor loo?.
06/Aug/08 12:18 AM
"holiday" is a relative term!
06/Aug/08 12:18 AM
Hello all you wonderful people, and also bye for a while, as we are off on the 'great Queensland trek' tomorrow (I can't believe it is actually tomorrow!!), and will be away for almost 4 weeks with very limited internet access!! I am extremely excited, and looking forward to it tremendously, but More...
06/Aug/08 12:21 AM
Send us didgeridoo messages, true Bluey!
If not, Good luck anyway.
06/Aug/08 12:23 AM
Safe trip, bluey.
06/Aug/08 12:30 AM
Claude, so glad to hear from you! I know the time with your grandchildren is going to be memorable!

Bluey, take care and have a lot of fun! We'll miss you but take lots of pics so I can vicariously be there too!
06/Aug/08 12:40 AM
eaa, Bean, Keith and dino - love your comments yesterday re the latest ruckus. I can't add to your wise comments, so won't even try.
06/Aug/08 12:58 AM
I'm gonna
06/Aug/08 1:03 AM
06/Aug/08 1:03 AM
all - yesterday the smoke from the fires rolled in - yukky & by tomorrow it will be into the 100's

my U-tube: Dan Fogelberg & Tim Wiseberg - "POWER OF GOLD" .

Looks like these huts are ready to marry...

[Copy of More...
06/Aug/08 1:03 AM
06/Aug/08 1:03 AM
Eve! That was mine! sob sob
06/Aug/08 1:04 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world!

I wonder what the huts are used for?

Have a great day/evening everyone!
06/Aug/08 1:11 AM
tch tch..susan, was it too smoky, that you missed Eve racing in front of you??
06/Aug/08 1:13 AM
Now I can't remember who it was that likes to take comment 22. Keith? appy? Time for bed.
06/Aug/08 1:14 AM
Hey appy. If I hadn't looked for that smiley, I would have got it. That Eve is too fast.
06/Aug/08 1:16 AM
ought to be Susan, for she was just gliding/floating past..the smokes:)..
06/Aug/08 1:17 AM
and two lil ducks, two and two, 22 is Keiths domain..
06/Aug/08 1:20 AM
2:32 Hi to all. Interesting photograph.

Thought for the Day:

Memories are the most beautiful pictures our minds can paint, and nothing can ever erase them.
06/Aug/08 1:31 AM
Happy birthday ONEDERNY, have a nice day celebrating.
06/Aug/08 1:32 AM
bluey have a great hols, enjoy x
06/Aug/08 1:36 AM
Andre, your comment reminds me of what I used to tell my kids. When we came across a 'Kodak-moment' and somehow did not have our camera, I told them to 'take a picture with your mind'. To this day, they both remember that and it helps them to savor memories.
06/Aug/08 1:45 AM
Good morning all, beautiful day here to enjoy today but now that Aug. is upon us, our CNE (Exhibition) is around the corner and summer is all but... over... Sept can bring a grand Indian summer, my favourite time of year with the change of colours coming. Have a great holiday Bluey it sounds very More...
06/Aug/08 1:51 AM
LOL!!! Eve blundered onto it without even trying. May 22 become more important than #1. I love it.
06/Aug/08 1:57 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Onederny
to you,!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
06/Aug/08 2:02 AM
Hey!!! Good News. There are no crawling ants (or uncles) today! My husband had to put more "ant food" out last night. They had ate it all during the day! Maybe we have this under control now!

Mymare - I hope everything is okay over your way. I hear you had bad storms last night.
06/Aug/08 2:03 AM
André, again you come out with a winner!
Sandy, what an excellent idea! Mind if I borrow that one? I'd like to tell that one to my sons and grandson when he becomes old enough to understand!
06/Aug/08 2:09 AM
Yea, Debby!
Oh Vici, I heard about the hot spot in Ventura County. No fire at least above ground but the ground is 812° F!
06/Aug/08 2:11 AM
06/Aug/08 2:12 AM
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