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Easy Sudoku for 6/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good...what was the next word?

06/Sep/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
06/Sep/09 12:00 AM
Hi, just missed posting yesterday's 100. Rayray beat me to it.
06/Sep/09 12:02 AM
Not a bad swing! Who is the long and lean hitter? Fore!
06/Sep/09 12:03 AM
1 week until the Michigan Sudukofest a/k/a JaneJam. Looks like we'll have 9 people coming. Thanks to Mamacita and Heidi and Jill (and others) for sending regrets. We would have loved to have you join us. Hey, everyone else, there's still time to make arrangements!
06/Sep/09 12:06 AM
Here is a website for all teachers.
If you register, they will mail you a coupon for a free pack of clorox wipes. Not sure if it will work outside of the USA. There is also a place for parents to register but you have to show proof of being a teacher to redeem More...
06/Sep/09 12:12 AM
Good Morning, everyone!
06/Sep/09 12:41 AM
Top o' the morning to y'all!
06/Sep/09 12:46 AM
Good Morning World....Beautiful day here...Have a great time where you hang your hats...Peace.
06/Sep/09 12:49 AM
Looks like our golfer plans in practicing for

Happy weekend to all!
06/Sep/09 12:49 AM
plans in practicing??? That should be ON practicing!
06/Sep/09 12:51 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

Tami-Thanks for the info. I forwarded it to my DIL.

Kathy - Cute button!
06/Sep/09 1:00 AM
Mo...Just finished reading yesterdays post...loved your comment on the sights and sounds of the world...beautifully said!!!!
Good to see Win and Suzanne posting too, and to know that Ed is still staying in touch with friends.
06/Sep/09 1:03 AM
Here is wishing everyone a safe and happy "Labor Day Weekend" here in the States. My daughters and I are going to have a "girls" day today. One more week until JaneJam!!! Time does fly!
06/Sep/09 1:26 AM
I'm sorry Plum. I didn't mean to meanly take the prestigious 100th post yesterday. It just happened. Were you planning for it? It was misfortune. I would have waited had I realised.
We must save today's for you!
06/Sep/09 1:32 AM
1:35, I was supposed to be having a game of golf tomorrow (or later today actually, I just had a look at the clock!) but have to fly off to the Gold Coast (what a shame)
06/Sep/09 1:43 AM
Yay, Saturday, family let me sleep late today. Time to go clean bathrooms, clean kitchen, vacuum, naw, think I'll do yardwork instead, it's a beautiful day here.
06/Sep/09 1:47 AM
Hello everyone. I have pictures of some of our summer visitors in my gallery. I also have a new YouTube. Enjoy.
06/Sep/09 1:49 AM
Ah, a Michigan Sudoku get-together... wish I could be there but it's hard to get out of the house and away from the kids and the dog and the cats and the bunny..... Have fun!
06/Sep/09 1:50 AM
Plum, in answer to your question about my Chicken Stoup. I actually used the remains of yesterdays lamb casserole in which was a fresh Bouquet Garni of Bay, rosemary and thyme. I also added a couple of crushed garlic cloves a little sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. It was delicious, and, More...
06/Sep/09 1:55 AM
Good afternoon to all! "Wow! Just look at that ball go! Oh oh, I think I got a birdie...."
06/Sep/09 1:57 AM
A holiday weekend, but my sympathies go out to CP and all those like her. After all. think of all the expectant mothers around the world who have been patiently waiting for Monday.
06/Sep/09 1:59 AM
06/Sep/09 1:59 AM
Rayray , I have spent many a happy hour watching a dry stone waller. We lived in the Cotswolds for many years and would walk in the hills often. Seeing someone repairing or building a dry stone was always a good excuse for a sit down. Trouble was time would pass so quickly as we watched.
06/Sep/09 2:00 AM
Just missed again!
06/Sep/09 2:00 AM
GannieMo - your soup sounds delicious! Wish I were there to grab that leftover portion!!!
06/Sep/09 2:01 AM
Once upon a time there were two little skunks named "In" and "Out." They lived in a hollow tree with their mother. Sometimes In and Out played outside, but other times they played inside. One day In was out and Out was in. Mother skunk told Out to go out and bring In in. So Out More...
06/Sep/09 2:01 AM
I used to find thatchers mesmerising also but nowadays I have no head for heights and cannot bear to watch as they seem to balance on the roof with no means of support.
06/Sep/09 2:02 AM
An ancient craft I have never seen in action but would love to is the stone mason. I would love to see a gargoyle being carved - as long as he didn't use me as the model.
There is a man locally who carves repro stone sinks and sundials but it is done with reconstituted stone so much easier to form.
06/Sep/09 2:06 AM
Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone, and keep in mind the following words...
"Labor Day differs in every essential from other holidays of the year in any country. All other holidays are in a more or less degree connected with conflict and battles of man’s prowess over man, of strife and More...
06/Sep/09 2:07 AM
The reason the golfer has such a nice looking finish to his swing is simply this:

He is young and agile. He isn't besot with worries about his retirement fund, his hair isn't beginning to thin out; bursitis, arthritis and about a dozen other itis's have not begun to make their presence More...
06/Sep/09 2:21 AM
Autobiographical, Jeb?

Uh, Jeb ... will your describe the clubs and balls in your golf bag once again? It's been a long time since you've turned on the site to that extreme ...
06/Sep/09 2:40 AM
Good mAen, everyone!
Is that a 'Practice Makes Perfect' photo?
06/Sep/09 3:21 AM
I know how it is with being a mother - you can't really leave your children when they are young - as they need your care - but alas, when they are teenagers - when you are afraid of them having a party when you are gone !! I asked my son if I could go next weekend - He said I could - how nice......
06/Sep/09 3:33 AM
Just returned from the Last Fling -- I wanted to check out the craft faire and was really disappointed -- not really a craft faire at all - I think it has been hard on the people who do these shows. I do have to confess, I'm mainly a looker when I go. I have the feeling, oh, I could do that - but More...
06/Sep/09 3:36 AM
I am looking forward to a 3-day weekend. I began substituting some this week in order to pay for my eye surgeries, but I said NO to working on Monday. Thursday Jeanie and I leave for our quick, 4-night cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.
06/Sep/09 3:49 AM
Have a lovely time on your cruise, jamie. I have never been on one but it is on my bucket list
06/Sep/09 4:03 AM
GannieMo - we will. We have been to Alaska and the Caribbean (with 30 family members!), and I do recommend them as a good, relaxing way to see some new places.
06/Sep/09 4:17 AM
GMo; When, in about 1988, I went (again) to live in Yorkshire (which by the way is a dry-stone-wall paradise), I moved into a small house that had a garden retaining wall to allow survival of an excavated pathway down the side of the house that allowed access from front to rear. The wall was about More...
06/Sep/09 4:42 AM
My “Mobile Broadband” (Sprint air-card) is so slow, right now; it’s hardly worth the hassle, but. ..
06/Sep/09 5:01 AM
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