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Easy Sudoku for 7/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
07/Jan/10 12:00 AM
Good Naen, everyone!
07/Jan/10 12:01 AM
Good MaeN all!
07/Jan/10 12:03 AM
'Naen???' Where'd that come from? Sleep in my eyes or... I guess the 'N' is because, "NO, I didn't get on first!"
07/Jan/10 12:04 AM
Sorry Shiela but i'm BACK. Was hospitalized last week New Year's eve for three days. Heart problem,
07/Jan/10 12:14 AM
Nice close up, Kate! Is that like our 'Inch Worm', I wonder?
07/Jan/10 12:18 AM
Good Maen everyone. Sorry to hear of your health problem, John.
07/Jan/10 12:19 AM
Welcome, welcome back, John! Really glad you are back here! You can beat me ANY day! No way to start the New Year, John, is it? Let's hope you got all of the bad 2010 stuff done with early!
07/Jan/10 12:20 AM
(Notice I did not ask, "Too much celebrating, John?")
07/Jan/10 12:22 AM
No celebrating just old age
07/Jan/10 12:38 AM
It amazes me what Kate can take a good picture of! If I saw one in my salad would I think of getting the camera? No, I'd pick it up and smash it, throw it away or wash it down the sink.
07/Jan/10 12:45 AM
Well, here I am, a third Michigander reporting in. Glad Theresa's here, or it would seem like a just us club. John, please be well.

Note to those not from Michigan in USA - there's a joke in the state about what to call people from here: Michigander or Michiganian.

If you choose More...
07/Jan/10 12:49 AM
6 am I need my coffee.
07/Jan/10 12:55 AM
Do leaf loopers like coffee?
07/Jan/10 1:03 AM
opps, thought it was late arrival for schoot today, but I guess, it's next week - good thing my son knows what is going on -
off to a new exercise class this morning - yoga and mind -- enjoy your day.
07/Jan/10 1:04 AM
Maybe the females in our state should claim 'Michiganians' and males, 'Michiganders'!!!
Debby sent me a quote for the day...
"Roll down the window and enjoy the breeze!"
I improved it for Michiganders (or Michiganians):
"Roll down the window and enjoy the freeze!"
07/Jan/10 1:06 AM
Coffee? Did you mention coffee, Dorthea??? Wonderful idea!
07/Jan/10 1:08 AM
Dorthea - is that "new" mattress still a comfort to you? I have to admit that when you announced you had a new mattress (about a year ago?) I was so jealous, that I have associated you and that mattress in my mind ever since! I sincerely hope that it's been treating you well.
07/Jan/10 1:10 AM
Plum, reminds me... we got a very expensive new mattress several years ago. It's been horrible! I end up sleeping in another room several nights a week.
Makes me want to copy that commercial I saw where the person was not happy with the tires he bought and took them back... and threw them through the store window! When you can't sleep...
07/Jan/10 1:23 AM
lovely leaf loopers a little aliteration
07/Jan/10 1:33 AM
07/Jan/10 1:46 AM
07/Jan/10 1:46 AM
Whoa! That's the first time I ever stumbled onto 22!
07/Jan/10 1:47 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Redkat!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

07/Jan/10 1:48 AM
I know, Shiela. I alternate going to bed with the body pillows and without the body pillows and sleeping on the couch and the recliner. Each option gives me relief from discomfort caused by sleeping in one of the other ways.
07/Jan/10 1:56 AM
Oh, I see that Fiona's been giving out puzzles again. I missed the Professor Plum one. And this palindrome one seems like it's unavailable to most of the world's population without googling, so I'll try to check back for today's puzzle. Hope it's one I can do.
07/Jan/10 2:00 AM
Off to homeschool. Morning chores run so late into the a.m. during the dark winter because no one wants to go out in the dark AND the cold to do them, so we all sleep in. But that means school stretches on pretty late in the day. Oh, well. We have some fun things we're studying.
07/Jan/10 2:01 AM
I noticed that since I bought my mattress a couple of years ago, I've waken in the middle of the night rarely. The slightest sound or movement would bring me to full consciousness but now it takes a cannon to wake me (my alarm which sounds like a gym buzzer counts)!
07/Jan/10 2:02 AM
Plum - last year you gave out the hint about using a bar of soap to relieve restless leg syndrom. That has been my salvation, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Yes, there have been a few (very few) times it didn't work, but it has also relieved beginning leg and/or foot cramps, as well More...
07/Jan/10 2:10 AM
And it sounds like you are keeping your sheets smelling nice and fresh, too, Daplap!
07/Jan/10 2:19 AM
I always wondered what Daplap kept under his sheets ...
07/Jan/10 2:27 AM
HI all! Well at least we all learned something yesterday with the riddle! Here are the answers:
1. Midday - Noon
2. A young dog - Pup
3. Flat - Level
4. Word for addressing a lady - Madam
5. An Eskimo canoe - Kayak
6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc. - Radar More...
07/Jan/10 2:28 AM
And here's today's one - answers to the old cobblers inbox please!
A very mean king went to a nearby village. He wanted some more slaves to serve him at his royal palace. He decided that if any family in the village had more than five children, he would take them. A cobbler and his wife had ten More...
07/Jan/10 2:31 AM
Daplap has undergone a sex change? And didn't tell us?
07/Jan/10 2:33 AM
I was asking myself exactly the same question Judy!
07/Jan/10 2:34 AM

LOL - a sex change is one thing the soap has NOT done for me. 'Tis indeed HER sheets
07/Jan/10 2:36 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

Welcome Back John! You were missed!

This leafy looper doesn't look very appetizing!
07/Jan/10 2:45 AM
Oops! Mea maxima culpa! Must have been the attack of the leaf looper!
07/Jan/10 2:47 AM
By my count this is the “12th day” of Christmas, but it seems that in most places Christmas ends either the day after or on New Years. That wasn’t the way if was and maybe still is in Wisconsin when I was a kid. I am always disappointed that the “after” time when the rush is over and you can relax and enjoy passes so quickly.
07/Jan/10 2:48 AM

MARRAM?????? Gee, I can't understand why no one knew that. Oh. It's a Scottish thing. Figures.
Welcome back, John.
Fiona and Judy, what Daplap does with her soap is her business!
07/Jan/10 2:55 AM
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