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Easy Sudoku for 7/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Clean sweep! First to complete them all.
hi jess,
i'm up late again john and sian was over they got dressed up you were right. talk to you later
love marie
where is everyone tonight?

is everyone in the northern hemisphere about to enjoy a Sunday lunch?

If so, I'm envious.
Bon appetit!
8:09 in DM IA USA - Breakfast time here - ah doggie - nice - about some cats some one.
Hi KB. Is DM IA Des Moines Iowa?
what's for breakfast over there? We had run out of bacon this morning.... tragic...
Ah...bacon and Sunday dinner! I'm afraid I have to miss out on both here...not much chance of bacon here, being surrounded by several Islamic states and a Jewish one! As for Sunday dinner - our working week is Sunday to Thursday!
3:35 A little slow today not unlike a rugby team i'd rather not mention.The all blacks were amazing but we were simply awfull.It was men against boys out there,i really can't see that elusive victory coming in my lifetime.Nevermind, now it's down to the rest of britian to have a go,goods luck to Ireland,Scotland and England (you're going to need it).
aaaaaah Brian. never mind. If you have to lose to anyone, they're an amazing team.
Good for us gals to watch, too...

Hi Aussiegirl in the ME. have a good week at work
Is 10.30pm here, and only a few comments posted.I first tried about 7 hours ago, and already picture had changed - I'm sure I did yesterday's!! Was VERY disappointed to miss seeing Baby Liam. Lisa, how did you know his pic was coming?
5:10. I think I was still asleep. Cute dog. How is Liam?
I can't believe that I missed Liam's pic!!!!! (such a busy night at work!) Oh well..hope I catch the next one. 2:24...i'm pretty happy with that. Hello to everyone.
Good morning/afternoon/evening all!
Nice picture, cute little dog - but I'm with KB, where's the cats??
Cheers Fraz,it really was a drubbing though.
Just to add to the rugby misery i find out i've missed Liam's pic.Gath please could you post it again sometime for those who missed it {preferably on a weekday},and thanks again for a great site.
I missed Liam too! Since he's our unofficial/official sudoku mascot, perhaps gath could arrange for his pix to pop up in random squares from time to time?

Meanwhile if i can wrestle my cat into submission i'll try to take a pix of him for all you catpeople. Be warned though. He's very imperious. One look at him and you'll feel small and very inadequate.
HH there mightn't be any hocolate in lamingtons, but the watery icing that the cakes are dipped into is cocoa flavoured - close enough? They're dipped into grated desiccated coconut which when I was in the US wasn't available - just longish strands so we had hairy looking lamingtons. Heck, I'm going to party all week brides or no brides
Hi Brian.I'm sure my dad will be in mourning as well.He and Mum took us to Wales when we were kids,showed us Cardiff Arms Park and said,'This is a sacred place,girls.'I think I was supposed to be a boy.Luckily not,as I would have copped Rodney instead of Diane!So my father has no sons,just fabulous More...
5:36...little slow this morning
3:35 as fast as my mouse can click
2.25.Fraz,you have a fairly normal cat,then?I used to have one who would sit nose 2 inches from the wall with her back to you,lashing her tail if you'd pi**ed her off.Susan,I've got Bundy for you and Stoli for me -Where's Andre and can Pete do my legs(he's not a fearful person,is he?).
Marney: Gath posted a message the day before he put Liam's picture up. Very cute little fellow. I think he'll put it up again, as he seems to have a limited number of pictures, what with so many repeats. (Not complaining, Gath!)
whats with all the dog pics
Normal Di? There's nothing normal about this monster. We think he's making up for all of our previous cats - who were super affectionate.
BTW can you please put aside a bottle of Bolly for me? Bundy- OK, Stoli - mm, but Bolly - YES! Who can resist those delectable bubbles???
I'm sure Pete will be happy to,di,he's very accommodating.Well we do need to share him around, what with Ted still on walkabout. Pete, I'll have another chocky now, and rub right here??
0:13:17 I Think this time is great for me. Can't for the life of me understand how any one is getting less than 0:05:00. Are you cheating????
2:54, will have to try the rest later. Time to get ready for church. See ya!
I'm only getting Bolly if Ted's paying,Fraz.I like it,too but the hip pocket nerve is nervous.I won't get into a bikini,but I might get out of one,especially if there's lots of free booze and cute pool boys.(Like they have on Hayman).Look out,Pete,here I come!!!!!!!!!
Terrible time of 10:12; it seemed harder than usual. - Haye Donna, just got home from church. When the early service so I could get back and play this crazy game!
My time 4:37. The change of the pictures and the change of the puzzles are out of phase. Puzzle change is @ 9AM USA EST (1400 UTC) what time does photo change?
5.45 leuk spel, doe het nog niet zo lang.
a very sad sad 4:24. Sorry, William in NJ, I'm not cheating: just looking at the numbers, I start with 1 and quickly scan where I can put it. Can't do that on the harder puzzles, though.
8:29am over here.
Haven't had Bundy yet, but tried a peach martini last night--oooh yum! Added to list of favorites along w/chocolate martini...
7:00 - not bad, not great. Any suggestions?
Susan, thanks for extra info on lamingtons - sounds ace! Brian, put on your high heels, get into your thong, come and have a drink - there's some whiskey stashed for you - and drown your sorrows. di, of COURSE Ted's paying! Remember, I've got his credit card details.....Pete, when you've finished with Susan, my neck could use a massage ;)
another bottle of bolly - sorry the aussies but champers is just that bit more classy than the bundy stuff and as we're on a boat, albeit a big boat, class is called for, n'est-ce pas?? How much more snobbish can we get? HH how did you get Ted's financial details - did they drop out of his pocket as he was putting on the thong - and I though he kept slugs in there...
Started reading comments about the cute dog and hurried to see if it was my Rocko! - so no time but took me quite long to discover that the dog does not look like a rottie to me. Cute one though.
Got to go prepare brunch. All are invited, of course. Anyone likes grits? Or, Should I make biscuits and gravy?
'bâteau sur l'eau, la rivière, la rivière, bâteau sur l'eau, la rivière et PLOUF dans l'eau...' quaint children's nursery rhyme which just about sums up the situation - who will be first overboard?
Ja, Jacques, een echt leuk spel, maar als het moeilijk is vindt ik het ook vervelend! En boeiend!
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