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Easy Sudoku for 7/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning.

Pleased to report that Betty is making some headway. Thanks to all on the site who helped. Maybe by Christmas?


07/Nov/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
07/Nov/09 12:01 AM
Our party day in Epping. I think I had better make for bed if I am to enjoy the day! Some of the visitors have already arrived!
07/Nov/09 12:03 AM
07/Nov/09 12:05 AM
Morning Ian, John, June - quick hello, got stuff to do. Back later.
07/Nov/09 12:05 AM
Good Maen, everyone.
Chilly, but sunny start to the day in SE Michigan.
07/Nov/09 12:06 AM
You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity
by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

What one person receives without working for,
another person must work for without receiving.

The government cannot give to anybody anything
that the government does not first More...
07/Nov/09 12:14 AM
That's very profound, Colo Jim - and probably very accurate.
07/Nov/09 12:30 AM
Don't they read the warnings on those plastic bags??? I hope Miss Kitty doesn't suffocate!
07/Nov/09 12:31 AM

For a little more information on the (unintentionally) cryptic post above, Betty from Boston told us about it on September 19th (Easy, Page 2) and I found out some good things about NEADS that I posted on the 20th.

07/Nov/09 1:01 AM
Thanks Ian, the posts were over a weekend and I hadn't seen them before.
07/Nov/09 1:05 AM
Back again. Quiet, isn't it?
07/Nov/09 1:08 AM
Wouldn't it be nice if Betty got a new dog through the generosity of this site?
07/Nov/09 1:15 AM
Darn, the district is telling me that I have to go to a boring meeting instead of being in my hectic chaotic classroom! And we were just getting excited over multiplication!!!
07/Nov/09 1:15 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Cathy!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

07/Nov/09 1:16 AM
Shosho, I too was supposed to go to a boring meeting this afternoon, but my sick wee one got me out of it (and kept me up half of the night while he was at it!)
07/Nov/09 1:20 AM
Awww poor Kitty
07/Nov/09 1:21 AM
Hello Natalya from Russia - is this the first time we've had someone from Russia on the site?
07/Nov/09 1:26 AM
Good Maen, y'all!
07/Nov/09 1:30 AM
Yesterday's riddle went well with lots of billiard/pool tables in my inbox. Well done to everyone although it wasn't really that difficult. Here's one for today, answers to which can go straight through to Kathy from Maryland's inbox please!
Each group of words has one four letter prefix that More...
07/Nov/09 1:31 AM
07/Nov/09 1:34 AM
07/Nov/09 1:34 AM
Waiting for a prospective dog buyer to drive in from Dallas (about 180 miles away) - need to clean up the overnight mess from the 10 puppies before he gets here.
07/Nov/09 1:38 AM
Shucks, just missed! Well done, Jamie!
07/Nov/09 2:01 AM
Yea. Just after 7 here. I just missed it. Good going, jamie.
07/Nov/09 2:04 AM
Well, by a half hour.
07/Nov/09 2:05 AM
Mornin' all y'all. Fresh pot, help yourselves.
07/Nov/09 2:13 AM
07/Nov/09 2:15 AM
For one, the wealthy are so filthy wealthy because of Bush's unneeded tax breaks and deregulation of Wall Street that paying their fair share for a change wouldn't take them out of prosperity, far from it, while Bush's policies certainly kicked a massive portion of the middle class right into poverty. See it from that perspective and the rest of your logic doesn't follow.
07/Nov/09 2:22 AM
TGIF to half of the World! Although, retirement does diminish that excitement a bit ...
07/Nov/09 2:24 AM

Fiona: As Professor Harold Hill would be the first to tell you, "Billiards" is not the right answer.

07/Nov/09 2:29 AM
Just rub it in a bit, Judy!!
07/Nov/09 2:29 AM
This has been around before but kind of helps keep things in perspective....

A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be a very liberal Democrat, and was very much in favor of the redistribution of wealth.

07/Nov/09 2:30 AM
That's my worth!
07/Nov/09 2:33 AM
But, CP ... I'd trade being young and supple like you for ANY of the perks of retirement ...
07/Nov/09 2:35 AM
To put it another way (Sorry Keith)...

“A government which
robs Peter to pay Paul
can always count on
the support of Paul.”

07/Nov/09 2:46 AM
Jerry, that's a clever story, but even though it seems to, it has nothing to do with our national picture. For one, what an insult to the huge numbers of hard working "did everything right" middle class to imply that they aren't rich because they're slackers, when in reality, their jobs More...
07/Nov/09 2:51 AM
Exactly. It depends on who you think robbed who.
07/Nov/09 2:53 AM
2:15 WHERE can I find that wonderful curved glass roofing material and the metal framework?
07/Nov/09 3:20 AM
Keith, The “predatory lenders”, to which you refer, were in many cases forced by federal mandate to finance housing and little concern for whether the borrower could really afford the house they “wanted”, often with only minimal checks to determine if they were able to actually repay the loan.

So I guess you think lenders are predatory if they want to recoup their money.
07/Nov/09 3:21 AM
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