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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen all!
07/Feb/12 12:01 AM
What a beautiful photo! Who traveled to Siberia? What a cool trip that must have been.
07/Feb/12 12:04 AM
Good evening one and all!

Hello Vici!
07/Feb/12 12:10 AM
2:19 Lovely photo of Siberia.

Where is everyone?
07/Feb/12 12:14 AM

I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone.

I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there.

I have, however, been in Sane. They More...
07/Feb/12 12:15 AM
Vici & Anne! Everyone!
WILL need today.
Strange winter. Is it going to be sunny and 40°F all winter?
07/Feb/12 12:15 AM
Lots of answers to yesterdays riddle. John MI, Meg,HalT,CapJ,Heidi,Jamie,CP,Grass-hopper,and Sue.The answer is the Outside although the top also has more hair than the Underside.
07/Feb/12 12:27 AM
I don't think I have seen a photo of Siberia here before. Looks like they have lovely autumns.
07/Feb/12 12:30 AM

Answers to the Riddler please.
Peter rode his horse from Hobart to Burnie. He left on Monday rode for two days and arrived
in Burnie on Monday. He stayed in Burnie for 7 days and left on Monday he then rode the
two days back to Hobart and got home on Monday.

How did he do it?
07/Feb/12 12:39 AM
Night folks.
07/Feb/12 12:39 AM
Peter riding a horse??
07/Feb/12 12:46 AM
a beautiful day we are to have.
07/Feb/12 12:47 AM
Chilly now 24 going for a high of 57. I am stp;; waiting for winter here, just don't want it in March and April.
07/Feb/12 12:49 AM
stp;; = still
07/Feb/12 12:50 AM
Off to Tulsa this morning, I really hate when we have a morning appointment, I have to get up early and I really don't like mornings.
07/Feb/12 12:51 AM
Computer time is done for this morning, I really have to get ready.
07/Feb/12 12:52 AM
Vici,Anne, Sheila & Mr Cee
An oldie but definitly a goodie Anne.
Sane is indeed a popular place.. popped in there numerous times.. need to because that is where most of my friends can be found...I suspect a few of them will report in here soon..

I am More...
07/Feb/12 12:55 AM
Good morning.
07/Feb/12 1:06 AM
Very pretty avatar, Bean.
07/Feb/12 1:07 AM
Morning neighbor (Linda) - I'm pretty bummed about our lack of winter weather...kind of spooky.
07/Feb/12 1:08 AM
Shall I?
07/Feb/12 1:08 AM
Hi Keith!
07/Feb/12 1:08 AM
Mr Cee: I am sorry I let the cat out of the bag yesterday, I was not aware how you play the game.
07/Feb/12 1:26 AM
oh, it's a Baby it's cold outside - day here in the Chicago area - going from a lite jacket to my winter jacket today - love the colors in the picutre
07/Feb/12 1:34 AM
all from So. Oregon 29° headed to possibly 60° (like yesterday) w/moisture possible after midnight.

VV - do you think we will have a tradtional snow fall in April (when every thing is in bud & making it time for smudge pots)?

07/Feb/12 1:46 AM
Good Maen, all, and a belated Happy Waitangi Day to our New Zealand friends.
07/Feb/12 1:48 AM
Mymare - I've been thinking about the colors in the photo. The trees look dead. Usually, the brown needles fall off. Of course there are deciduous redwoods.
07/Feb/12 1:49 AM
Eve - my peach and nectarine trees are already budding out...I'm worried the snow (which I anticipate in March or April) will devastate my fruit crop.
07/Feb/12 2:01 AM
07/Feb/12 2:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
07/Feb/12 2:14 AM
International Friendship Day
07/Feb/12 2:15 AM
Since I do, at times, mention my wonderful MIL, she is advancing in age today. I just know she would beat me like an ugly step-child for this, she turns 70.
She is moving again, without assistants and not sounding all drugged up and eating now, in no time I will be wishing I could keep up again.
07/Feb/12 2:18 AM
Thank you Anne. You made my day.
07/Feb/12 2:49 AM
Karen: That is good news on the MIL scene. Prayers help!
07/Feb/12 3:06 AM
Siberia looks like a lovely place to go.
07/Feb/12 3:12 AM
HI all! We had loads of snow this weekend and some pretty low temps - roll on spring, have had enough of the cold now!
A poozle for today - answers to the 'come back batty' inbox please!

Our usage dates back a long, long way. While among the first tools, our prototypes were bone and More...
07/Feb/12 3:57 AM
Happy Monday!
07/Feb/12 4:31 AM
Today's plan was to do as little as possible. Humph. I keep doing these little task that I keep telling myself, "Oh, this will just take a minute." Well, darn it those minutes add up and I have not rested my tush in over an hour. And I keep seeing all those, "Just take a minute," tasks.
Whatever happened to my great thought out plan?
07/Feb/12 4:50 AM
Mommy Tale

Thing II, has lost her mind. She is half running, half hopping all over the house, yelling the "The chicken is coming. The chicken is coming."
Poor chld. Doesn't she know she is wearing herself out for a good nap?
07/Feb/12 4:51 AM
Bye Bye page one.
07/Feb/12 4:52 AM
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