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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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That is quite a sunset!
07/Feb/15 12:01 AM
June, and y'all who follow!
07/Feb/15 12:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
07/Feb/15 12:07 AM
We are going back into our 70 degree weather again, which should last till Wednesday.
07/Feb/15 12:09 AM
CP, when did you ever find time to go to catch babies? Of course you did that at night, so that may have helped.
07/Feb/15 12:10 AM
2:22, had a hard time getting started for whatever reason. I wonder if those are the true colors or if a filter was used? Either way, pretty spectacular.
07/Feb/15 12:11 AM
On the car key lock topic, thanks for the response.
After thoughts came to me as my hit the pillows last night. One, the security light, that flashes that the alarm is set, I have recently notice will tell me when my keys will get locked in, just not how to release the keys. Yep, I hit the alarm button to see if it would release. Nope.
07/Feb/15 12:13 AM
MIL's car does the same thing, just not as often and mostly when she parks in our drive-way, which had me thinking incline issues. But no, flat, incline, angle, rough surface, smooth surface, dry, wet...it still happens. Oh, thinking my wheels should be straight or turned, still happens.
07/Feb/15 12:16 AM
To my friend.
07/Feb/15 12:17 AM
MIL did mention, her problem happens mostly after her youngest son drives it.

There is a connection. Her youngest son and middle son, are both big truck drivers. Now, the question is, what are those two doing in our vehicles, that they do in the big truck, but not in their own vehicles?
07/Feb/15 12:20 AM
Moving on.
Today I get to go baby shopping. Yippee. I believe I told Serena this and offered her a warm place to finish hour pregnancy, but she declined, but I am heavily, experiencing the empty arm syndrome. It is horrible. Tried snuggling with the 5 year old, who is all legs and elbows and she More...
07/Feb/15 12:23 AM
You have been saved. Man is walking in the door, so must pretend I am busy now.
07/Feb/15 12:24 AM
Karen et al: RE: Keys in ignition -- have you tried jiggling/rocking the steering wheel when this happens? It has to do with the steering wheel being locked when the key is off (anti-theft). Sometimes it works the other way...

07/Feb/15 1:21 AM

That may be the case, lonewoof. Occasionally, with one car I had, the key would go in, but wouldn't turn. ''Rocking'' the wheel solved the problem.
07/Feb/15 1:36 AM
Over the last 5 years, I have tried everything and yet, cannot remember for one time to the next what worked to release the key. Now, it does not happen every time, just mostly at the most inconvenient times.
Turning car off in slow motion while pulling key
Turning off fast will pushing the More...
07/Feb/15 1:42 AM
This issue is not life threatening, so no biggie. Thankfully my lone brain cell has the smarts to carry the spare. But many times Man has left my car unlocked, which I do not like. And those, darn, safety automatic locks. I could drive his car to rescue him, but it has been about 20 years since I have driven a stick. That might be an experiment.
07/Feb/15 1:46 AM
07/Feb/15 1:47 AM
It may be time to take it in and have the professionals figure it out, Karen. It seems you've tried everything else.
07/Feb/15 1:48 AM
He has had his car for a little over a year and I keep telling myself, for emergency purposes I need to drive it, just to make sure I know where the gears are and how temper mental the clutch is, it just has not happened. Then there is that look of panic on his face when I mention driving his car.
07/Feb/15 1:48 AM
Kathy, at the old house, every time we went into town, we passed the dealership coming and going, here, I pass it every three months. The thought has been in my head, but both of us have yet pulled in and asked.
We have been back there, because that is where Man got his car too. But do you think More...
07/Feb/15 1:55 AM
Hmmm....Where's Keith?
07/Feb/15 1:58 AM
Hello, Keith!
07/Feb/15 1:58 AM
OK, sshhh, my favorite food preparation show is coming on.

Hopefully, they are finished with game day snacks. Need to start working what to prepare for my Valentine's. Though I prefer to hear, 'Where would you like to go?' Though lately when that question is asked, the two little people yell, 'Chinese.' I am ready for change, but to what I don't know.
07/Feb/15 1:58 AM
Shiela! Again!

Good morning, dear.
07/Feb/15 1:59 AM
Won't need sunglasses today.
Supposed to warm up a bit though!
07/Feb/15 2:01 AM
Good morning, Karen!
(I just happened to visit Sudoku at the right time!)
07/Feb/15 2:02 AM
Nothing worse than a tempermental car!
I am finding all kinds of minor adjustments done easily without realizing it make a big difference on my new car. When hubby drives my car and because my car has things on the opposite side he starts to push and twist everything trying to get 'whatever' to More...
07/Feb/15 2:17 AM
Now I have a life threatening issue.
A sad part of my day, is when the last drip of coffee is gone. Sometimes, this is a devastating event. But life goes on and I prepare my tea, after cleaning out coffee. I see no reason to have a coffee maker and tea maker. Though when the occasion calls for More...
07/Feb/15 2:33 AM
If you recall a few years ago, I went through 8 coffee makers in one year, all of various prices, but the one that has worked for me, each and every time, is that 5 to 10 maker from the Dollar Store. In the almost two years we have been here, Man has had to take his Bunn in and exchange it. More...
07/Feb/15 2:38 AM
That is gorgeous.
07/Feb/15 2:40 AM
During my dramatic tragedy, I had a brain cell explosion.
Website. Duh.
I can ask question on the dealerships website, if not there, I can go to the company. I have used this before. Now, just have to remember to go to the website and once there remember why I am there.
07/Feb/15 2:40 AM

1) T
2) TI
3) Hit
4) Thin
5) Thing
6) Hating
7) Gahnite
8) Atheling

In the today we have Judy, HalT, Joyce, Sarah, lonewoof (7/8), June (7/8), and Kathy (7/8). More...
07/Feb/15 2:44 AM
Yep, Shiela, I did the same thing in my aunts vehicle, one time. It only took once because she called me names and hurt my feelings.

Well, what do you expect. Since I was 16, I know, not that long ago, I have had to turn lights off, when exiting the car and now you want me to change. She More...
07/Feb/15 2:46 AM
To our friend, Jerry.
Ironic, I have coffee pot woes, and get his number.
07/Feb/15 2:47 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This is the loud and More...
07/Feb/15 2:48 AM
If you cannot tell, one of my favorite food preparation shows, is a game day repeat.
07/Feb/15 2:49 AM
Your car reminds me of my refrigerator. It's relatively new. It has an issue that we could probably find a solution to if we bothered to look for it. So far neither one of us has been motivated enough to search on it even though it has come up a couple of times.
07/Feb/15 2:51 AM
There was a plan to go baby shopping this morning, but I learned that I am going to home alone tonight, darn.
So, I am rearranging shopping trip to this afternoon, so on my way home, I can pick something up for my solo dinner.
07/Feb/15 2:51 AM
My house is constantly filled with barking lately, and no we didn't get a new dog. Little girl insists that she is a puppy. It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't a yipper dog. I have tried to get her to up it an octave to no avail.
07/Feb/15 2:53 AM
OH, the new fridge issue. Yep, been there paid a fortune, to be told about a reset button. Then paid another fortune to learn that we do not have to buy a filter every 6 months. Both fortunes were paid after the first fortune of purchasing the machine in the first place, which was purchased just mere months, before they announced their fingerprintless machine.
07/Feb/15 2:55 AM
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