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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I miss Chinese New Year this year!
07/Feb/16 12:00 AM
I leave here the 7th and get there the 9th. No 8!
07/Feb/16 12:01 AM
I WILL pack today - my wife assures me.
07/Feb/16 12:01 AM
But right now I'll play games...
07/Feb/16 12:25 AM

Safe journey Wolf, see you Wednesday!!
07/Feb/16 12:34 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
07/Feb/16 12:36 AM
, Lizzy G! It's nice knowing that there are people all the way on the other side of the world wishing you well!
The same for you!
07/Feb/16 1:18 AM
(For Shosho!) Here's your
07/Feb/16 1:19 AM
Another sunny (but cold) day!
Ahhhh! Since it's Saturday, there are no workmen here today! It's nice to wake up with no 'strangers' in your house!
07/Feb/16 1:22 AM
Have a great time, Wolf!
Sorry you'll be missing the Chinese New Year!
Here's wishing you anyway!
07/Feb/16 1:58 AM
07/Feb/16 2:10 AM
07/Feb/16 2:31 AM
Safe travels, Wolf! I think all of us wish we were going along.

07/Feb/16 2:59 AM
Good morning to all! That bud is ready to burst into a beautiful life!
07/Feb/16 3:12 AM
Wolf, don't forget your toothbrush.
07/Feb/16 3:12 AM

Wolf - I'm sure you'll have a great trip. Give us updates when you can.
07/Feb/16 3:26 AM
That's tomorrow, Wolf! Charge all your electronics so you can share your travel adventures with all of us traveling along vicariously!
07/Feb/16 3:29 AM
Shosho - I'm glad to hear your husband is home. I'm sure you have friends and family members that will come and help as needed. It sounds like maybe he broke his femur (based on the rod they put in) among other things. You can probably get some home health care in also if needed. Be sure to take care of yourself as you take care of him.
07/Feb/16 3:29 AM
....and good morning all - have a good day!
07/Feb/16 3:29 AM
Morning all, beautiful colour in that bud.
07/Feb/16 4:11 AM
07/Feb/16 4:45 AM
Well over a half an hour? Keith, I dedicate this post to you!!!
07/Feb/16 4:46 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
07/Feb/16 4:48 AM
Thank you, Dottie! Yes, hubby is scooting around now on his walker! I still have to dress him and carry some stuff for him but he's really trying to be independent! And he's more readily smiling today!
07/Feb/16 4:49 AM
Thanks shosho, and good to hear he's improving.
07/Feb/16 4:54 AM
I'm so happy to hear he's doing well, Shosho.
Just tell him you will turn into the mean nurse if he doesn't follow orders.
07/Feb/16 5:19 AM
Can't wait for mine to bloom next summer.
07/Feb/16 6:24 AM
Wolf,say hi to all the Sydney gang from me, they are a great group of people.
07/Feb/16 7:27 AM
Sharon, I'm pleased to hear that your hubby is home and already dealing with his inconvenience of using a walker. Tell him many of us here on the site are wishing him well, and take care of yourself as well.
07/Feb/16 8:03 AM
Good morning all.
07/Feb/16 8:25 AM
Off to take the boat for a run to see if the GPS has been fixed. Apparently it has been installed incorrectly so the signal to the antenna is being partially blocked by the metal above it. A few adjustments have been made and if that doesn't work it will need to be reinstalled.
07/Feb/16 8:28 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
07/Feb/16 8:28 AM
Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. :)
07/Feb/16 10:21 AM
Happy Saturday and 2 days off!
Sharon: Sorry to hear about your hubby's accident and hospitalization, but happy he's home again.
Wolf: Safe travels, and I echo Kathy's comment that we wish we were going with you!
07/Feb/16 10:49 AM
Good morning.
07/Feb/16 10:51 AM
Spent last evening with Cil/Vic and Tricia/Canberra - a small but lovely Sudoku get together.
07/Feb/16 10:54 AM
Thank you, everyone! I am grateful for my friends here! You've been so supportive. I am trying harder to find my humor to help me stay light and smiling!
07/Feb/16 10:54 AM
Oooh look where I've come in!
07/Feb/16 10:55 AM
Very quiet - read lazy - day planned today.
07/Feb/16 10:55 AM
I challenge you, CP! Giggling all the way!
07/Feb/16 10:55 AM
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