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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
07/Feb/19 12:00 AM
2:19. Hi Wolf. Good Morning all.
07/Feb/19 12:04 AM
07/Feb/19 2:13 AM
Wow - I'd better hurry to get into all these comments before the page gets turned...

Hi, Wolf, Tom & Halt!
07/Feb/19 3:27 AM
07/Feb/19 3:44 AM
Ummm, Joyce, since we get 40 post per page, we still have some time to go!
07/Feb/19 3:46 AM
so close . . .
07/Feb/19 3:46 AM
07/Feb/19 3:46 AM
And I'll finish with a CP!!!
07/Feb/19 3:47 AM
07/Feb/19 3:55 AM
07/Feb/19 4:40 AM
…..and we still didn't do it - haha!
07/Feb/19 4:45 AM
Everyone! Can't sleep, nearly time to get up.
07/Feb/19 5:36 AM
Such a pretty photo and I love the cats!
07/Feb/19 6:23 AM
Morning all,looks like a nice spot in your garden ,Dino .
07/Feb/19 6:27 AM
Morning all ... still morning here.
07/Feb/19 6:28 AM
07/Feb/19 6:29 AM
Our local weatherman has been promising us rain for the last three days, the clouds build up and it moves either north or south of us.
07/Feb/19 6:31 AM
I see Keith has arrived to make a run for his 22 !
07/Feb/19 6:33 AM
& I shall do so.
07/Feb/19 6:46 AM
07/Feb/19 6:46 AM
07/Feb/19 6:47 AM
2:04. Good morning everyone.
07/Feb/19 6:49 AM
Raining today - Hope the firies are getting it too.
07/Feb/19 10:46 AM
2:13 Good morning one and all!
07/Feb/19 11:06 AM
07/Feb/19 1:57 PM
Are those live animals or ceramic? I thought they were ceramic garden decorations.
07/Feb/19 3:14 PM
That's what I thought too, Sarah!
07/Feb/19 3:52 PM
I think they're ceramic decorations also.
07/Feb/19 4:02 PM
Like Joyce I better get my comments in before the page turn...
07/Feb/19 11:41 PM
07/Feb/19 11:42 PM
Hang on, what's that feeling, can it be...
07/Feb/19 11:43 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it watching the cricket
(So sad, too bad for my mob. Stomp stomp)
Matter of fact I got it now
An ice cold VB Ahhh

Stomp you can get your own drinks tonight stomp
07/Feb/19 11:48 PM
A CP and I'm off to bed goodnight all
07/Feb/19 11:52 PM
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