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Easy Sudoku for 7/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen!
07/Mar/08 12:02 AM
Back from visiting my brother. He's looking good for being 87.
07/Mar/08 12:05 AM
Glad you had a good trip, Dorthea. Now I have to get ready for the invasion of the mathletes! Hope to get back later.
07/Mar/08 12:06 AM
Maen, everyone! Summer! What a happy guy!
07/Mar/08 12:09 AM
Rose May you always enjoy your day.
07/Mar/08 12:11 AM
2:32 Good evening everyone.
I think his bathers will reach the water before he does. Haven't seen this photo for a long time.
07/Mar/08 12:19 AM
Book Club tonight. I'm wondering if any of you have read Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. And if you have, what you think of it. (Is there a "book page" somewhere and I'm just not seeing it?) What are YOU reading that you could recommend as a really "good read"? (May I hasten to add that I am NOT nominating the above-mentioned!)
07/Mar/08 12:31 AM
I like the Robert Jordan series "Wheel of Time." It is a deep series that never seems to fade. There are 9 books so far with a 10 on the way. Don't know about it though because someone else is writing it. He died of a rare blood disease last summer. Have to run feed horses before going to work. Will check back later.
07/Mar/08 12:45 AM
YEAH !!! I felt this way when I saw the light dusting of snow on the ground -- I want to jump for joy because I have found a little spring flower brave enough to break free. enjoy your day, Mary
07/Mar/08 12:55 AM
I listening to "One Thousand white women: the journal of May Dodd" for the book club at the hospital -- set in 1875 and is about the "brides for Indians" program -- very intesting and they travel out of Chicago - so was interesting to me. Book is by Jim Fergus
07/Mar/08 12:59 AM
1 am in Sudokuland and only 10 comments...make that 11.
07/Mar/08 1:01 AM
Good Mean everyone!

Celia, Sorry I haven't read it and don't have any suggestions for you
07/Mar/08 1:03 AM
"The Glass Castle" - I don't remember the author - but it's a true story -- very sad at times but the author rose above it all --- About a family that doesn't march to the same drum as "normal" society - or at else the parents.
07/Mar/08 1:05 AM
And an even dozen.
07/Mar/08 1:05 AM
all, ROSE
07/Mar/08 1:11 AM
G'day/nite guys..
I dont want to proceed my imagination in Anne's line!!>>)
07/Mar/08 1:16 AM
and TFTD for tonite...
Build bridges, not walls...for bridges connect, walls isolate.
07/Mar/08 1:17 AM
07/Mar/08 1:52 AM
Goodmorning everyone, all is quiet here, ususlly more posts by now.
07/Mar/08 2:26 AM
CELIA: There is a book review section in the Forum entitiled "Arts for Old Pharts."
07/Mar/08 2:30 AM

and , Rose!
Wishing you lots of
and a lovely !
07/Mar/08 2:31 AM
Good Morning World! Since this is the first day of the rest of your life...make it count!
Appy, Great TFTD!
Celia, In the forum, under 'Arts for Old Pharts', many books are listed...that acts as place to find what others are reading.Hope to find your recommendations there.
Welcome newbies and Rose...Enjoy your special day.
07/Mar/08 2:32 AM
2:03 to all of you.
07/Mar/08 2:42 AM
Good morning to all! This photo hasn't been on in quite a while. He still hasn't tucked up to do a cannonball!
07/Mar/08 3:00 AM
from sunny SW Arizona ...
07/Mar/08 3:15 AM
Hey CG ... how is the snow up there?? Understand from one of my RC flying buddies that you have 19 feet of snow and another foot a couple days ago!!
07/Mar/08 3:17 AM
I guess that's why I see so many Canadian license plates down here in Yuma ...
07/Mar/08 3:18 AM
CG has three feet??
07/Mar/08 3:19 AM
I have enough trouble keeping track of two shoes ...
07/Mar/08 3:23 AM
Dave, do you suppose that Greg's third foot is a left, a right, or gender-neutral?
07/Mar/08 3:25 AM
Have the read the Red Tent or Midnight in the Garden of Good an Evil? I would recommend both. Hope this helps you!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Aimee :-)
07/Mar/08 3:25 AM
Hey Dave, your chum exaggerated a little. We've only had a little more then 12 feet so far, but more coming this weekend.

Judy, my third foot is normally in my mouth.
07/Mar/08 3:29 AM
I don't think I want to go there Judy ... that's sort of like asking a guy when he stopped using Ragaine.
07/Mar/08 3:31 AM
I was avoiding saying that Greg ...
07/Mar/08 3:32 AM
... or asking him if he stopped beating his wife!
07/Mar/08 3:33 AM
Good morning everyone! Haven't been on lately, I'm sure I've missed much merriment and mirth! I still have the you-tube video of the teacher saying his poem about what teachers make, for any of you who haven't heard it yet. And thanks to all who did watch it and commented on my page. I've been More...
07/Mar/08 3:37 AM
1:57 Maen! Bombs away!!!! :)
07/Mar/08 3:37 AM
My northern flying friends have a lot of time to build during the winter. I am always torn between going out to the field and flying or locking myself in the garage to finish a project.
We may get over the top yet this morning...
07/Mar/08 3:38 AM
07/Mar/08 3:39 AM

each and every one of you for your warm wishes for my birthday on the 17th of Feb.
and i wish a happy birthday to all whom i missed theirs since that time .

to Rose
07/Mar/08 3:40 AM
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