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Easy Sudoku for 7/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Mar/18 12:01 AM
2:20 That was very slow. Must be time for some shut eye.
Good night Rage and all who follow!
07/Mar/18 12:12 AM
That is incredible. Almost Zen like.
07/Mar/18 12:48 AM
πŸ™‹πŸΌβ˜•οΈπŸ©β„οΈβ›„οΈπŸŠπŸ»β€β™€οΈMy Zen was seeing some snowdrop flower 🌺 when I was at the park last week.
07/Mar/18 1:13 AM
Good Maen, good people. Snowy week here.
07/Mar/18 2:17 AM
pretty view 1:27
07/Mar/18 2:19 AM
Morning. If I remember correctly, for Vici. shosho ... ?
07/Mar/18 3:19 AM
07/Mar/18 3:22 AM
Aside from the wind, we've had pretty good weather here. I just got a message from my doctor's office telling me to check with them tomorrow before I show up. The reason? '' Inclement weather'' she said. Huh? It's supposed to be in the 40's and rainy. What do they know that I don't?
07/Mar/18 3:24 AM
07/Mar/18 3:26 AM
Very interesting question, Shosho - will keep you on edge until tomorrow too!
07/Mar/18 3:43 AM
Plum, when we were in Norway, I found the most versatile garment I had was an oversized windbreaker with a hood. I could put layers on under it for warmth, or just wear it by itself when it was warmer. It folded up easily to go in my backpack. And, yes, as far as a rain jacket goes, make sure it More...
07/Mar/18 3:43 AM
Hello to all - we're having a sunny day, but it's not doing a thing to the huge piles of snow stacked on all the street corners!
07/Mar/18 3:44 AM
That Lone Cypress must have VERY deep roots, considering how the winds must be buffeting it all year long!
07/Mar/18 3:50 AM
I've done the 17 mile drive a number of times. Many breathtaking views along the way.
07/Mar/18 4:05 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
07/Mar/18 5:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! All alone am I, the cypress did cry...
07/Mar/18 5:52 AM
07/Mar/18 6:25 AM
For once, I beat Anne by 3 seconds. Only when she's very sleepy!!!
07/Mar/18 6:28 AM
Keith, I think post 7 must be Vici's number because Denny took mine - 8!
07/Mar/18 6:29 AM
But I'll bow out now so you can get yours!
07/Mar/18 6:29 AM
Lovely photo today, with an interesting story.
07/Mar/18 6:45 AM
Was out of town. Didn't get back in time.
07/Mar/18 8:05 AM
Morning all,that tree looks small from a distance.
It's amazing where some trees can grow.
07/Mar/18 8:20 AM
Rose and Eileen. Haven't seen either of you on site for a while,hope you both have a great day.
07/Mar/18 8:25 AM
In today’s ECCO I have given you the capital city.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to provide the state, territory or county which is in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Remember the last letter of an answer is the same as the first letter of the next More...
07/Mar/18 8:57 AM
I just realized it was Kathy questioning the 'inclement weather' message from doctor's office, not Shosho - hmmm, why did I think otherwise?
07/Mar/18 10:51 AM
.....because the answer to Kathy is quite obvious: another Nor'easter, Kathy - bet you know about it now, tho!
07/Mar/18 10:51 AM
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