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Easy Sudoku for 7/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
07/Mar/19 12:00 AM
Easy Sudoku 1->9 today
07/Mar/19 12:09 AM
2:20. I should have read your advice, Wolf. Good Morning, everyone.
07/Mar/19 1:01 AM
07/Mar/19 1:10 AM
2:16 Good night all.
07/Mar/19 1:17 AM
Sunny, but cold.
Hope your day is warmed by the sun!
07/Mar/19 2:16 AM
07/Mar/19 2:17 AM
07/Mar/19 2:18 AM
07/Mar/19 3:13 AM
Welcome to another day - make it memorable!
07/Mar/19 3:38 AM
Everybody!! Geez, did I oversleep or what?
07/Mar/19 4:20 AM
Hope none of our Sudoku friends in Australia are being hurt by all the fires. Being in California, I know what it feels like when they come close.
07/Mar/19 4:21 AM
07/Mar/19 5:14 AM
Second time through, matched Queen of speed Anne's time!!! 2:16
07/Mar/19 5:18 AM
Here is an odd item in recent news about an
Idaho ski resort that had to close because of too much snow!
07/Mar/19 5:44 AM
Wendy for the colourful photo .
07/Mar/19 5:46 AM
When wearing a bikini, women reveal 90% of their
body. Men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.
07/Mar/19 5:57 AM
07/Mar/19 6:42 AM
Let me hurry up and say good morning while I still can.
07/Mar/19 7:00 AM
Shucks .. just missed it. Good afternoon then.
07/Mar/19 7:01 AM
07/Mar/19 7:01 AM
07/Mar/19 7:01 AM
07/Mar/19 7:01 AM

It's all good Keith, still morning here in OZ
07/Mar/19 9:31 AM
Good maEn, good people. It's evening in the Eastern time zone(s) of the US and Canada.
07/Mar/19 10:04 AM
That sounds as if we are ahead but it's actually how far behind we are compared to Australia where it's already tomorrow by our calendar.
07/Mar/19 10:06 AM
Morning all,trying to work out what the fruit is in today's photo.
Woke up through the night to the sound of rain and Bill quickly closing the vents on the van.
07/Mar/19 10:17 AM
Rose and Eileen !
07/Mar/19 10:20 AM
DOA, good one !😂😂
07/Mar/19 10:23 AM
Good maeN
Not really sure when evening turns into night ? I guess it could be evening now, but being in my PJ - and the sun is down - night
07/Mar/19 12:31 PM
1:37, not too bad using the cr@ppy keyboard and mouse at work. Good afternoon everyone.
07/Mar/19 12:36 PM
I wonder if Denny reads the comments after his early morning howdy, because I still wish to know his standing in the 3-day cribbage tournament... suppose he'll see my inquiry?

Guess if he doesn't, I can send him a PM....?
07/Mar/19 1:43 PM
Amelia, I was hoping someone would have told us by now what we were looking at. Not a temperate zone plant or fruit, I assume.
07/Mar/19 2:08 PM
Meeting up with Arachnid on Saturday in Hobart.

Might have a few beers.....
07/Mar/19 2:43 PM
Sorry, Sarah, there are too many possibilities...

Peter and Arachnid, enjoy your session on Saturday. Have one (or two...) for me!
07/Mar/19 3:05 PM
Peter, say hello to Arachnid for me and enjoy your get together.

Good afternoon everyone.
07/Mar/19 3:44 PM
Anne, I do like that 'Roo - Beer' smilie.
07/Mar/19 5:24 PM
Thanks, DOA! I've used it a few times on here but probably after you topsiders have gone for the night.
07/Mar/19 5:34 PM
Here we are
07/Mar/19 6:35 PM
At the bottom
07/Mar/19 6:36 PM
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