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Easy Sudoku for 7/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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07/May/19 12:00 AM
Hi Hal and all that follow!
07/May/19 12:01 AM
2:40. A slow Good Morning to you all!
07/May/19 12:24 AM
2:05 Good morning Hal, Wolf & Tom, Good night.
07/May/19 12:29 AM
07/May/19 1:02 AM
07/May/19 1:32 AM
so close . . .
07/May/19 1:33 AM
07/May/19 1:34 AM
Just 1 second behind Anne!
07/May/19 1:38 AM
And a CP, too!!!
07/May/19 1:38 AM
07/May/19 1:47 AM
Awww - Ohhh - how teeny & new - welcome to the world Harrison; wonder how the world's been treating you all these years?
07/May/19 2:53 AM
We have luxurious sun toady - hope you can find some sun in your day too!
07/May/19 2:54 AM
07/May/19 4:21 AM
AWWW! What a sweet baby!
07/May/19 4:36 AM
all! I'm afraid that I've not been able to get
to the site very often recently. We arrived home 3 weeks ago from our winter home and it's been utter chaos since. We relisted our beautiful home on the historic Rideau River/Canal and within 3 days had two offers. After accepting More...
07/May/19 6:10 AM
Morning all,wondering what age Harrison would be now.
Good luck ,Snowbird, it's not fun packing up to move.
07/May/19 6:27 AM
Seems I'm here by myself.
07/May/19 8:01 AM
A thumb sucker.
07/May/19 8:02 AM
... but cute.
07/May/19 8:02 AM
07/May/19 8:02 AM
& a CP.
07/May/19 8:03 AM
Snowbird - 'pack-up and move' WHERE???

What are your plans?
07/May/19 11:23 AM
We are moving to Carleton Place, about 30 minutes north of here Joyce. Once again, we're downsizing and for the first time in 52 years are moving into an apartment. It will mean we don't have to drain the hot water tank or turn the water off when we head south. That will be heavenly!!
07/May/19 11:59 AM
hey ya learn something every day, especially on this site:
Canada has a Mississippi River!!
The Mississippi River, a tributary of the Ottawa River, flows through Carleton Place!
07/May/19 1:25 PM
OH, I can appreciate the joys you are anticipating, Snowbird - as we RE-open our summer place & return with boxes & crates of freezables which we took home to store over the winter - how lovely to have that chore gone!
07/May/19 1:50 PM
Good luck Snowbird!! We have just completed our move so I empathise with your dilemmas. Googled Rideau River and it looks magnificent - whey are you moving . I think the great thing about apartment living is the no requirement to complete maintenance
07/May/19 3:06 PM
DoA on the other hand has acreage and a large hound to roam on it. Don't think the dog would take to apartment living
07/May/19 3:07 PM
Hooray, Cheers, , Yahoo - the hot water system is now producing more than a trickle, so after waiting for several weeks and two visits from the installer we have finally found someone who has the skills to fix it.
07/May/19 4:13 PM
It is a hybrid system, with solar the main heating system, but with an electric booster. There was plenty of water being heated, but a mixing valve had become blocked and the plumber had to empty the storage cylinder of some debris, and flush out the rest of the system, and it is working properly. We don't really appreciate our numerous domestic appliances until they stop working.
07/May/19 4:24 PM
Now to the pleasant task of wrapping up this week's POOZLE. There were a total of eleven elves who worked their magic to solve it :they were Sarah,Judy, Chris, Arachnid, Kathy, Joyce, Amelia, Plum, Tyranids, Snowbird and Scout. Here are my answers to this one.

07/May/19 4:37 PM
People aren't making mistakes any more, with rare exceptions. It was probably more fun when I and the poozlers were making our share of mistakes, but it is great that people have become more proficient.
07/May/19 4:42 PM
And here we are at beer o'clock and a CP. Having a functioning hot water system I think is is appropriate to put some money on the bar and invite everyone to join me. Cheers.
07/May/19 4:46 PM
1:20. Good evening everyone.
07/May/19 6:36 PM
I'm first in the bar queue Wombat. I'll have any Lager you are putting on as long as it's icy cold and you don't mind if I scull the first one
07/May/19 7:15 PM
Got a call from the caravan repair outfit. They have fitted a new leg, put four new shoes on, a new pin and handle for the jockey wheel. The service was excellent, they did it on time and the cost was far less than I budgeted for . With all this savings I will have to buy the second round
07/May/19 7:18 PM
This is a good day for money The concreter who is quoting on a new driveway has just sent through an amended quote. The first quote was good but this one is even better. I'll sign the contract before anything changes
07/May/19 7:23 PM
07/May/19 11:02 PM
I'd have figured with hot water available, that ''Earl Grey'' would have been the order of the day...
07/May/19 11:57 PM
can't stop here.
07/May/19 11:58 PM
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