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Easy Sudoku for 7/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Still D-Day here.
07/Jun/18 12:00 AM
First ??
07/Jun/18 12:01 AM
Morning Wolf
07/Jun/18 12:02 AM
Puzzle clear as muddy water for me today
07/Jun/18 12:10 AM
07/Jun/18 12:11 AM
Need to get some work done, later
07/Jun/18 12:11 AM
As Sue said, need to get some work done here, later. I have to empty everything off my 5 shelf 5 foot tall pantry shelving so it can be moved out of the way tomorrow for the HVAC (Heat Ventilating Air Conditioning) man tomorrow. Where it lives barely allows me to get More...
07/Jun/18 12:22 AM
Firsty Wolf, Sue, Hal and all.
Sunny & cool!
Hope you have a lovely day, too!
07/Jun/18 12:23 AM
to remember all those who gave their lives on D-day.
07/Jun/18 12:24 AM
Good luck, Dottie!
We had to move a 6 foot by 4 foot bookcase when we had the windows replaced and we still haven't put it back. I don't think hubby feels confident about rehanging the blinds. Or maybe it's the hundreds of books that'll need replacing?
07/Jun/18 12:34 AM

Dottie, I feel your pain. I also have a tall pantry cupboard. I just took everything out of it and cleaned the shelves, got rid of expired stuff that had been pushed to the back for way too long, and rearranged everything in a logical manner. That will last for about a week.
07/Jun/18 12:39 AM
I was reading the posts from yesterday and started thinking of favorite movies. My all-time favorite is Gone With The Wind. I never tire of watching it. A close second would be Lilies of the Field with Sidney Poitier. And my guilty little pleasure, You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks. That one More...
07/Jun/18 12:47 AM
My 'go to' rainy day favorites are oldies:
Persuasion - (Jane Austen) Amanda Root & Ciaran Hinds
Sabrina - both versions, but Audrey Hepburn's first, Harrison Ford's second
A Good Year - Russell Crowe
The Quiet Man - John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara
An Affair to Remember - Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr
Yes, I am a hopeless romantic!
07/Jun/18 1:00 AM
07/Jun/18 1:12 AM
Favorite movie? When Harry Met Sally.
'I'll have what she's having.'
07/Jun/18 1:18 AM
Hal, an unforgettable scene, huh?
07/Jun/18 1:46 AM
07/Jun/18 2:02 AM
Thanks, Hal!
07/Jun/18 2:10 AM
07/Jun/18 2:32 AM
I loved Steel Magnolias with Sally Field, Olympia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine. I also love some Japanese anime like My Neighbor, Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle..
07/Jun/18 2:36 AM
On Golden Pond is my favorite movie ... the best humor and the deepest sorrow all in one. I think my second favorite is the old black and white version of my favorite book ... To Kill a Mockingbird. My second favorite book is Outlander.

I love hearing about everyone's favorites! You learn a lot about people by their selections!
07/Jun/18 2:53 AM
Annie Hall, especially 'that's ok we can walk from here' after parking way too far from the curb.
07/Jun/18 3:57 AM
Beautiful beach in today's photo!
07/Jun/18 4:16 AM
07/Jun/18 4:24 AM
The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
07/Jun/18 5:27 AM
1:25, a little surprising - my head feels like it's full of cotton wool today. Good morning everyone.
07/Jun/18 6:39 AM
Morning all,hopefully we will have some sunshine today.
07/Jun/18 7:27 AM
My all time favourite movie is Neil Diamond, The Jazz Singer.
Steel Magnolias and Mamma Mia are also favourites.
07/Jun/18 7:41 AM
all. It's D Day in this part of the world. So many lives lost. 😥 My Dad was a telegraphist on a mine sweeper in the North Atlantic and I have a cousin ( a couple of times removed) who was a prisoner of war in Hong Kong for almost 5 years. He, the cousin, always suffered from More...
07/Jun/18 7:51 AM
Good Morning all!
My all time favourite...Death becomes her! Who couldn't love a movie with Goldie Horn, Meryl Streep & Bruce Willis!
07/Jun/18 8:07 AM
My Dad wouldn't talk about it either, Snowbird!
07/Jun/18 9:26 AM
My father spent the was in the Philippines and told just one story: It was pouring rain during a UPO show, so he could not see with his glasses on or off.
I am looking forward to reading more of his letters to see if there are other stories.
07/Jun/18 11:08 AM
Good maeN, good people. It would be way too hard to pick just 5 recordings or five movies, but it's a fun exercise I'd like to do someday. This week and next will be very busy. Forgive me for slacking in the posts department. For 33 I'll raise a glass of mint tea. You can make yours a mint julep if you'd prefer.
07/Jun/18 12:14 PM
gmaEn! (smilies not working)
My faves include: The Joy Luck Club, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music...
07/Jun/18 2:36 PM
Today was sort of a memorial day for me, not of
D-Day but of my mother. I made banana bread using bananas she had put in her freezer to turn into banana bread some day. Quite the way to spend an inheritance!
07/Jun/18 2:38 PM
I was a great film fan in my early days, but not so much recently. One all time favourite is The Graduate. There are two fairly recent Oz films that always cheer me up, they are Muriel's Wedding and Strictly Ballroom. To complete the list I'll choose The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Cat Ballou. They are all somewhat anti establishment and humorous.
07/Jun/18 5:43 PM
Posted the list of music nominations received to date on the Forum Off Topic site. This list can be amended with other nominations if required
07/Jun/18 6:30 PM
Sarah what a poignant and tender memory of someone much loved
07/Jun/18 6:32 PM
Spent last night getting up at 3am to fix a burst water pipe. It was raining at the time so got wet two ways . The bigger hurt came when the plumber gave me his bill. He's only a young guy but he was quick to get out his mobile EFTPOS machine. That will teach me also to note exactly where the main stop tap is located
07/Jun/18 6:36 PM
Slower today so I had better at least turn the page.
07/Jun/18 6:37 PM
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