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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, nice to know my submittals spark some conversations. I hope future daffynitions and factoids might do the same.
Now here's today's medical daffynition:
Nitrates - Cheaper than day rates

...and here's today's factoid:
Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first US president to make a hole-in-one in golf.
08/Dec/12 12:00 AM
Good Maen all!
You know we love your submissions, Kayo!
08/Dec/12 12:02 AM
Thanks Vici!
08/Dec/12 12:03 AM
Just how I like my beaches!
08/Dec/12 12:05 AM
08/Dec/12 12:06 AM
Tonight my town's local RSL had a community gathering for their Christmas celebration and it has helped me start getting into the spirit of the season.
Good maeN to you all, have a wonderful day/night :)
08/Dec/12 12:16 AM
Maen Vici, Gail, and Kayo, and ...
08/Dec/12 12:45 AM
Can I go there?
08/Dec/12 12:46 AM
Reminds me of the beach in Oregon where we rent a beach house for a week each summer. It is near deserted often as well.
08/Dec/12 1:01 AM
Is there anybody out there?
08/Dec/12 1:53 AM
I'm here, finally.

Good Maen, everybody.
08/Dec/12 2:05 AM
I'm still here ... sort of.
08/Dec/12 2:07 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Dec/12 2:09 AM
National Cotton Candy Day
Pearl Harbor Day
08/Dec/12 2:10 AM
What a breathtakingly beautiful beach! So pristine!
08/Dec/12 2:11 AM
08/Dec/12 2:24 AM
Chilly here today.
08/Dec/12 2:25 AM
08/Dec/12 2:30 AM
I have one less house today, YEA!!!
08/Dec/12 2:30 AM
08/Dec/12 2:31 AM
08/Dec/12 2:31 AM
TM off to the banker this morning. The increase in food prices doesn't trickle all the way down to the farmer. He wants to try cows again. Not 27. Maybe 10.
08/Dec/12 2:32 AM
OOPS! I took Keith's 22.
08/Dec/12 2:33 AM
Congratulations, Sue. Hopefully next year will be less eventful for you.
08/Dec/12 2:34 AM
08/Dec/12 2:41 AM
And a to everyone!!!
08/Dec/12 2:42 AM

When we were in Gettysburg, PA, we visited Eisenhower's home (farm). He had a small golf course on the property, so he had plenty of practice!

Good news, Sue!
08/Dec/12 2:45 AM
We had closing yesterday, or at least I went to closing, they came to the hospital for Harry's signature. He has been there since last Saturday. They say he has pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas.
08/Dec/12 2:46 AM
Got to run have a million things to get changed so I don't pay their bills.
08/Dec/12 2:48 AM
The troops have arrived.

Remember Pearl Harbor.
08/Dec/12 2:48 AM
08/Dec/12 2:49 AM
08/Dec/12 2:53 AM
PEARL HARBOR - Never Forget - Ever!
08/Dec/12 2:54 AM
Vici, would you share the beach with me? I promise not to make any noise.
08/Dec/12 2:56 AM
Congrats, Sue. Wish Harry the best from me. He's where he needs to be right now. Pancreatitis is extremely painful, I've heard.
08/Dec/12 3:00 AM
OK, Kathy. Let's here the answer to that poozle. I'll probably end up kicking myself for not seeing it right away.
08/Dec/12 3:01 AM
Well, let me get to it.....

When you change one letter of the words in yesterday's poozle they become animals. 1. ball-bull 2. cot-cat 3. load-toad 4. box-fox

Greg figured it out. Peter went in another direction and changed one letter to get boy's names. He changed my named, too. More...
08/Dec/12 3:04 AM
Don't injure yourself, Heidi.
08/Dec/12 3:06 AM
Kick....ouch! Kick..... ouch! Kick..... ouch! Kick.....
I can't believe I missed an animal poozle!!
08/Dec/12 3:07 AM
Here = hear.
08/Dec/12 3:09 AM
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