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Easy Sudoku for 8/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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08/Feb/09 12:00 AM
Two cold Bluebirds.
Is that a cat in the woods, stalking them?
08/Feb/09 12:03 AM
I need a bluebird singing on my shoulder..

Fake it till I make it maybe.. i'm sad right now!
ahhh... can't know the good without the bad...
08/Feb/09 12:06 AM
you spotted it Jim.. the "catstalker" hehe
08/Feb/09 12:07 AM
What two lovely little birds.
08/Feb/09 12:15 AM
Sydneysiders. We are organising a BBQ in Epping for Keith and his wife when they visit Sydney in April. It will be lunchtime on Friday 10 April (Good Friday). Please keep the day free if you are interested in coming.
More details next month.
08/Feb/09 12:20 AM
Hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are in this wonderful world of ours.

wooohooo the rain has arrived, still very hot and muggy here, but at least we have some rain!
08/Feb/09 12:40 AM
Hi june, angie...

maybe you'll dance in the rain angie?
08/Feb/09 12:42 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

Pretty Bluebirds! We see them every once in a while.
08/Feb/09 12:51 AM
08/Feb/09 12:55 AM
One of my childhood memories, Shirley Temple in 'The Blue bird of Happiness". I have never seen one in person.
08/Feb/09 1:05 AM
LOL Angie. A seven year drought does get us excited when we hear a few drops on the roof LOL
What constitutes rain?
It must be wet and must be substantial enough to soak what it touches. A few drops of water in a minute and a half does NOT constitute rain. Rotfl
Our temps peaked at 47C More...
08/Feb/09 1:06 AM
Well it is THAT season again. The first match in the 6 Nations Rugby will be kicking off in about 30 minutes with England v Italy followed by Ireland v France and tomorrow Wales v Scotland.
I have to go buy a pressie for an ex England Scrum Half who is having his 70th birthday party tomight and More...
08/Feb/09 1:08 AM
Oh my Jaz, it is really hot down your way! We are at a balmy 44 this morning! (It feels like a heat wave after having it so cold.) Our snow is melting! Maybe we will see grass in a few days!!!
08/Feb/09 1:13 AM
I wouldn't survive as a bluebird. I can't see a cat. It must be well camouflaged. Brighly coloured birds need to be more than average alert.
08/Feb/09 1:21 AM
Drats, I don't have my usual Saturday! I have to help out at a conference. I said I would help only if they couldn't get enough help. Darn I shouldn't have said that! Oh well see you later.
08/Feb/09 1:23 AM
Keith, could I sneak into your suitcase this April? Just punch out two little holes on the bottom and I'll walk your suitcase for you. I'll even jump up to the counter for suitcase check-in! I am soooo ready to escape!
08/Feb/09 1:26 AM
Oh dear Rayray, I guess the drab little brown bird for you! Wouldn't want you in the tummy of a cat so early in the morning!
08/Feb/09 1:28 AM
Shosho I want to go in April too but it would have to be a very large cabin trunk for me to stowaway in!
08/Feb/09 1:29 AM
I saw bluebirds in Western Australia they are beautiful
08/Feb/09 1:30 AM
Maybe just a try for 22 then off out
08/Feb/09 1:30 AM
My page went blank
08/Feb/09 1:31 AM
Naughty Ganniemo
2 days in a row
08/Feb/09 1:32 AM
Did you hear about the 83 year old
woman who talked herself out of a speeding ticket by telling the young officer that she had to get there before she forgot where she was going?
08/Feb/09 1:32 AM
lol I swear I heard about that lady onsite just a few days ago, because I emailed it to all my people.. makes me laugh every time...

08/Feb/09 1:39 AM
One hot summer day, a blonde came to town with her dog,
tied it under the shade of a tree, and headed into a
restaurant for something cold to drink.

Twenty minutes later, a policeman entered the restaurant and asked,
'Who owns the dog tied under that tree outside?

The More...
08/Feb/09 1:39 AM
My hubby and I adopted an Aussiepoo puppy the other day, we are raising a puppy for the first time. It's interesting, stressful and fun..

I got to name this one, and he now answers to "Crikey"... which brings a smile to our face every time we say.. aaaah crikey! lol.. haha
08/Feb/09 1:45 AM
hahahah dorthea.. lol that was funny! I'm still laughing out loud..

08/Feb/09 1:46 AM
Hello Everyone. Very cute little birds. We have actually gotten warm in Michigan, 45.
08/Feb/09 1:58 AM
Good Maen, Sudokuland! Just a quick hello. Too many weekend chores today! I posted yesterday's Chocolate No Bake Cookies on page 6 of the Recipe Forum. Good Day to All!
08/Feb/09 1:58 AM
everyone! I have updated my page, (thought it was time to take the Christmas music off). New song is Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" and photo is of hubby and Addy sharing the loveseat for a little nap (no, that dog isn't spoiled!) Have a great day everyone, I need to pick up the house a little, have some girls from work coming over this afternoon.
08/Feb/09 2:23 AM
Aw-w ... that is SUCH a sweet photo, Linda! At least only one of them is drooling ...
08/Feb/09 2:27 AM
Linda, that's an adorable picture.. I love catching people in photos - of their restful moments ...

mariane from barooga
08/Feb/09 2:30 AM
Good morning Worldly people--hope all is safe.
08/Feb/09 2:39 AM
Oh Dear! Things will never be the same again.
With her Ho-Ho-Hoing, Gannie-Mo has turned into Santa Claus.
08/Feb/09 2:55 AM
Good morning, and bestest of all wishes to those out there in this wonderful, or not so sometimes, world of ours!!! Not very often I make it onto the first page, (and still mightened as my typing is so slow!!) but try to keep up somewhat! Have had a really hot one here, well up in the 40's C, and our pool is like a bath! Dorthea ta!!
08/Feb/09 2:58 AM
I think I just invented 'mightened' and it should be 'might not'!!
08/Feb/09 3:01 AM
Bluebirds! We had a whole flock of bluebirds in our Gingko tree on New Year's Day a couple of years ago. Prettiest sight to see and a great way to start the new year! This year we had a herd of 13-14 deer go through our yard on New Year's Day! Both sightings were unusual for us. Wonder what we're going to get next New Year's??? Maybe kangaroos???
08/Feb/09 3:07 AM
What are a bunch of kangaroos called? Are they a herd?
08/Feb/09 3:09 AM
08/Feb/09 3:10 AM
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