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Easy Sudoku for 8/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone! It looks like another spring day in SE Michigan. Now to the puzzle!
08/Apr/08 12:00 AM
Good Mean everyone.
08/Apr/08 12:02 AM
Morning Sheila how are things in Michigan today?
08/Apr/08 12:03 AM
Who drew the butterfly?
08/Apr/08 12:08 AM
Good Maen everyone. The midwest is sunny and cool. Have a great day!!!!!
08/Apr/08 12:08 AM
Morning Shiela, Shelly and anyone else who has snuck in while I was typing
08/Apr/08 12:08 AM
Hello Everyone
08/Apr/08 12:09 AM
2:22 Good Evening everyone. I hope you all have a great day.
08/Apr/08 12:13 AM
So far, so good in Michigan, Shelley! Hopefully you'll have the same!
Morning/evening June, Sayra, Broni, Angie, & Rose! Nice to see you all!
08/Apr/08 12:19 AM
Good morning all! Lovely day today, sunny and warming up! (45F) Two more days til we're on our way to Disney!! Have a great day!
08/Apr/08 12:23 AM
Good Butterfly.

Now can you draw me a wiskey? I've run out.
08/Apr/08 12:24 AM
Supposed to have a nice sunny day here in upstate New York, 40 degrees now and should climb into the 50's before the day is done.

Have fun in Disney Stella! I haven't been there in ..... lets just say a long long time.
08/Apr/08 12:28 AM
2:49 good evening all!
08/Apr/08 12:30 AM
I have updated my
to Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Think its very appropriate for the photo I have also upload from this weekends, trip to Wang.
08/Apr/08 12:34 AM
mAen all! sunny cold day here, yesterday we thought spring had come at last, today a friend who lives in Normandie told me they were under 20cm of snow!
08/Apr/08 12:34 AM
It's supposed to get to 68F today in SW Michigan! I noticed that the temps will be dropping slowly towards the end of the week. Hopefully not too far! And...
Claude, please don't mention that nasty s*#w word!
08/Apr/08 12:52 AM
White Sox opening day here in Chicago on a fine spring morning, Of course, with the start of the "better" weather, we also have road construction starting today also If it's not pot holes, its road construction. Enjoy your day, taking alternate routes. mary
08/Apr/08 12:52 AM
Draw me a bath, I ache today!

My kids use colors when they draw butterflies!
08/Apr/08 12:55 AM
Good Morning From Colorado. A little wet today but it is needed
08/Apr/08 12:58 AM
Good day, all. It's a beautiful day here in northern Ohio, also.
08/Apr/08 1:00 AM
2:21 Sunny and cool here today as well, perfect for walking. And catching up on laundry ...
08/Apr/08 1:05 AM
hello everyone - come on André, or is that sore head bothering you?!!
08/Apr/08 1:09 AM
the butterflies are beautiful whether in color or black and white cool pic
08/Apr/08 1:15 AM

to all of you and have a wonderful time whatever you're doing.
A special THANK YOU to Angie for making me such a beautiful smily. You are a true Angel.
08/Apr/08 1:16 AM
LOL...are we all ready to see the new Orianne?
08/Apr/08 1:18 AM
Drum roll.......
08/Apr/08 1:18 AM
08/Apr/08 1:19 AM
who drew the butterfly?

My page & U-tube: MEMORIAL to CHARLTON HESTON who died this weekend. Check it out.

08/Apr/08 1:19 AM
And there she is!

You are all welcomed to copy this and save it as one of your own special smilies, and use it, when addressing our special
08/Apr/08 1:21 AM
08/Apr/08 1:23 AM
whatever happened to my French maid smilie Angie? Do you still have it?
08/Apr/08 1:24 AM
Morning all. Might the butterfly have been drawn by Rayray?
08/Apr/08 1:36 AM
Fiona, hmmm sorry but I don't have one for you, must be someone else that has your "french maid".

Having said that, I'd be more than happy to create one for you.
Would you like one milking a cow, or perhaps holding a feather duster?
08/Apr/08 1:39 AM
milking a cow?? no thank you! you had one ages and ages ago for me which was quite cute but you can't have kept it! never mind!
08/Apr/08 1:41 AM
now that I think of it, it could have been Rose who had it....
08/Apr/08 1:43 AM
Fiona, sorry petal, but I really didn't have one for you. Perhaps it was Rose? Will have to wait and ask her in the morning.

In the mean time, I'll see what I can come up for you.
08/Apr/08 1:44 AM
Do you need the French maid for a special occasion?
08/Apr/08 1:46 AM
no not really Shiela, I just remembered a rather cute one that Angie or Rose put on for me once!
08/Apr/08 1:47 AM
Ah, yes, Shiela. I think that Fiona feels the need to spice things up. It must have been another separate couches, stay-at-home weekend.
08/Apr/08 1:48 AM
Couldn't help myself! Reminds me of too many jokes I've heard!
08/Apr/08 1:49 AM
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