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Easy Sudoku for 8/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Won't need today. Rain, rain, rain, but that's okay. I happen to like rain.
08/May/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
08/May/10 12:00 AM
Good morning Jon and Sheila.
08/May/10 12:01 AM
Spiders or ... Is that eatable?
08/May/10 12:05 AM
Is it 'tooy'??? (How was that spelled, anyway?)
08/May/10 12:07 AM
1:58 Hi to all. Guess who ate the strawberry jam?

Thought for the Day:

I hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how I took them along on all my picnics.
08/May/10 12:26 AM
Maen, all.
08/May/10 12:27 AM
from beautiful So. Oregon

Don't forget Mom this weekend!

A little game. Add a gift for Mom starting your gift with the second letter of the preceeding gift:


08/May/10 12:29 AM
Must be a very easy easy. Not only did I get one of my better times, but it was a straigt through 1-9...
08/May/10 12:29 AM
Easy, Jerry. Got a PR.
08/May/10 12:31 AM
08/May/10 12:32 AM
Well that didn't come out quite right......
08/May/10 12:34 AM
Are you burning ants, Jerry?
Hope you soaked them with Kathy's paper-non-burning alcohol first.
08/May/10 12:34 AM
1:46 Good evening all. I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you plan on doing.
08/May/10 12:36 AM
Good Maen friends!
Lovely TFTD Andre!
I remember once reading in school someone's idea of hell - being in a small room with everything you ever killed. It really enticed my imagination.
Where did that come from? Thinking of insects taking over the world and how many I have killed. I now More...
08/May/10 12:37 AM
That's a very interesting flower? Are the seeds edible, even if they look a little slimy?
08/May/10 12:39 AM
Me??? Earwigs! I hate earwigs! Hate to think I could be in an earwig hell for all eternity!
(Does vacuuming up millions of box elder bugs count, too?)
08/May/10 12:42 AM
A Cool morning here. 38° F. (3.3° C.) Blue sky with a few clouds…
08/May/10 12:44 AM
They were supposed to take a detour around the fire, but "more" got in the way....
08/May/10 12:45 AM
Mornin' Thyra
08/May/10 12:46 AM
Wake Up, John
08/May/10 12:46 AM
08/May/10 12:47 AM
Slow, today, John...
08/May/10 12:47 AM
Time to feed............
08/May/10 12:47 AM

I'll play, Eve.

Escargot (what mom wouldn't want snails?)
08/May/10 12:55 AM
I'll play, Eve.

Escargot (what mom wouldn't want snails?)
Scampi (to follow the appetizer.)
08/May/10 1:00 AM
I already have snails ... and I love the way they crunch and whimper when I step on them!
08/May/10 1:01 AM
Kathy, to set the mood for the Escargot, you were planning a surprise trip to a restaurant in the shadow of the Eiffel tower, right?
08/May/10 1:04 AM
Do you COUNT them before sending them to snail heaven?

Speaking of counting...

The answer to yesterday's Math (shudder) Problem:
Einstein Jr. wasn't the only one to come up with the correct answer. Appy (first!), Greg, and Bluey pondered and produced!
08/May/10 1:15 AM
If I were at a restaurant in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, believe me, it would not be to order escargot, Jerry! There is not enough garlic in the world to make them palatable for me!
08/May/10 1:22 AM
Speaking of food...

A different fruit (a total of twelve) is buried in every one of the following lines.

Example: A word is considered 'buried' when it can be read like P A R I S in the sentence "Grand-pa(pa ris)es at seven every morning."
Can you detect More...
08/May/10 1:31 AM
That's where I had my first real escargot. (Not counting the "periwinkles" I picked off the rocks in a tide pool, while at a military "survival" school.)
08/May/10 1:34 AM
Escargot (what mom wouldn't want snails?)
Scampi (to follow the appetizer.)
Chrysler Town & Country (I'm missing my minivan, but I'll take any car at this moment)
08/May/10 1:57 AM
No doctors appointments today, what a joy to be able to {play or not to play} on the computer today. Just might have to do some house work. I don't know how a house can get so dirty when no one is home.
08/May/10 2:12 AM
Escargot (what mom wouldn't want snails?)
Scampi (to follow the appetizer.)
Chrysler Town & Country
House keeper {what I really need}
08/May/10 2:13 AM
good morning, oops, afternoon. successfully wasted my morning doing little things on the computer, checking my calendar and planning ..... I agree, this was a very easy easy! My mom said I'm off the hook this year for Mother's Day, since we'll have a huge phone bill to pay next month - all the More...
08/May/10 2:42 AM
08/May/10 2:50 AM
Good afternoon to all! Good lord Kate, how did you manage to get a close-up picture of Audrey II from the 'Little Shop of Horrors'?
08/May/10 3:10 AM
Now what the h*** am I going to do with TWO bags of Bat guano?
Better keep them apart or they might breed!
08/May/10 3:13 AM
Kathy, while I truly appreciate the Bat Guano prize, I feel that Judy deserves more than just one prize for her efforts. Please feel free to send my prize to her. Pretty please??
08/May/10 3:14 AM
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