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Easy Sudoku for 8/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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So enjoying the sun while we finally have it for a while.
08/Jun/15 12:10 AM
08/Jun/15 12:15 AM
Ten minutes into the day before Wolf wandered in to take #1. Hi Wolf & Hal.
08/Jun/15 12:24 AM
1:20. Good morning Wolf, HalT and Keith.
08/Jun/15 12:27 AM
Love watching pelicans glide along the shore, inches above the waves.
08/Jun/15 12:30 AM
08/Jun/15 12:31 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Jun/15 1:18 AM
Sue good luck on your recovering from bronchitis. From what I know of the stuff, it is a pain to get over.

Heidi, getting your head rotor-rooted, does not sound like a fun day. Hope all goes well and your recovery is painless, quick and successful.
08/Jun/15 1:21 AM
Dedicated to our busy lady.
08/Jun/15 1:22 AM
One more house guest to go and we might resume back to normal. K wants her bed back and M says K hogs all the covers. Though in the mornings I am picking the covers up off the floor on M's side.
08/Jun/15 1:24 AM
Yesterday's swimming, birthday party for the girls was a success. We estimated about 50 guest and 35 people showed up, which was a good thing, the place was packed and I could not keep up with all our little people. Since Man is the slide man, he was able to spend more time in the water than me, I More...
08/Jun/15 1:32 AM
Even though I am so ready to have my home back to the normal residence, having Uncle Charles here does has its benefits. I get to have great uninterrupted naps. Even though there is about a 25-ish age gap between nieces and uncle, one really cannot tell. The uncle is calling the girls, his new exercise program. I am calling the uncle a sleep aide for the not on schedule or routine girls.
08/Jun/15 1:39 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
08/Jun/15 2:00 AM
Thank you, Karen!!! Here's flying your way!!!
08/Jun/15 2:06 AM

I was glad to see a new Triple Crown Winner yesterday, but sorry to hear Heidi's news. I hope your procedure goes well in a couple weeks. Please keep us informed. Prayers and hopes for a full recovery.
08/Jun/15 3:42 AM
I an having a lazy Sunday. It's just one of those days I don't feel like doing anything. I am not fighting it.
08/Jun/15 3:57 AM
The Amputee Warrior Softball Classic game last night was great! Lots of Washington Redskins (football) players were there to play. (Sue might be interested to know that!) This year they had equal numbers of warriors and NFL players on each team. This saved the other team from being beaten More...
08/Jun/15 4:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is the picture the 'Pelican Brief' or a brief view of a pelican?
08/Jun/15 4:26 AM
Kathy, Great Pics. For you and others..........

You can easily adjust the picture size, while viewing, if you have a scroll wheel mouse. Just press the 'control key' and rotate the scroll wheel. - The text gets small also, but now you know how to adjust that too.
08/Jun/15 5:13 AM
The thumbs were supposed to be for the pictures..........
08/Jun/15 5:16 AM
Just because I haven't, for a while - Got to .
08/Jun/15 5:18 AM
Snag 22
08/Jun/15 5:18 AM
I know Keith was 'waiting in the wings', somewhere, but...........

Ya know the orange half made me do it.
08/Jun/15 5:19 AM
Doesn't look like Keith was waiting in the wings after all, DorA.
08/Jun/15 7:13 AM
No frost this morning.
08/Jun/15 7:13 AM
First time in a couple of weeks.
08/Jun/15 7:13 AM
The Tv show that's currently on is saying we're in for the worst flu season ever,
08/Jun/15 7:15 AM
08/Jun/15 7:15 AM
Morning all,this pelican lives 30 minutes drive from here.
08/Jun/15 7:38 AM
Nope. Was on the road when D-o-A snagged 22. We are up visiting my daughter atm. We'll stay a couple of days, so I won't be pestering you as much as usual.
08/Jun/15 8:59 AM
Hi all
Have a good day
08/Jun/15 9:14 AM
Was on easy kakuro and had a load of weird comments. What was that about?!?
08/Jun/15 9:32 AM
I can honestly say I wouldn't have known that was a pelican without the label.
08/Jun/15 10:11 AM
There is now an official teenager living in my house. That makes me feel old.
08/Jun/15 10:12 AM
Serena, your baby will keep you feeling young. Happy birthday to your teenager.
08/Jun/15 11:50 AM
Ah, a teenager. I wish you luck, Serena.
08/Jun/15 12:23 PM
Happy Sunday!
Lovely pelican photo
08/Jun/15 2:18 PM
I bet Hal left without saying
08/Jun/15 3:38 PM
We can't stay on page one, can we?
08/Jun/15 3:39 PM
08/Jun/15 3:39 PM
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