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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning everyone.
08/Jul/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Jul/11 12:00 AM
Chocolate Day
Macraroni Day
08/Jul/11 12:01 AM
2:33 today, but done on my iPad which is much slower than doing the puzzle on the computer. Good night all.
08/Jul/11 12:04 AM
Good Maen, all from sunny and mild North Carolina. Am leaving soon for my hospice volunteer work today, so won't be peeking back in until late this evening. Wishing y'all a great fun-filled day/evening. ... and Karen, I'll be sure to have some Chocolate macaroni for lunch.
08/Jul/11 12:09 AM
Top O the mornin', all Y'all

Coffee's on...

08/Jul/11 12:10 AM
Beautiful butterfly-like flowers.
08/Jul/11 12:12 AM
- all
08/Jul/11 12:12 AM
Earthquake report; 8th August (Sudokuland Time)

On 6th July (UTC) there was a high magnitude (m7.6) earthquake in the Kermadoc Islands, which are located in the South Pacific between New Zealand and Tonga and about 736 miles to the north-east of Auckland (New Zealand).
This earthquake More...
08/Jul/11 12:13 AM
Oh pshaw, Chris, that's my time with the computer! Good heavens, man you could best my time with one hand tied behind you!
08/Jul/11 12:19 AM
HI all! It's gone from coolish to chilly here...no red spiders will survive this!
To yesterday's poozle - yes, it was far too easy but when the folks are down and grumpy about the hard puzzle, there's nothing like an easy one to perk everyone back up again, is there?! So I wanted a centipede, More...
08/Jul/11 12:20 AM
Here's today's one - answers and correct spelling please to 'remember the rabbits?" inbox!

I can help you have some fun,
Sometimes I get stronger from the sun.

If you never give me a break,
You will find I may never again wake.

I am optimistic on one side,
I More...
08/Jul/11 12:23 AM
making trips to pick up tile for the upcoming Kitchen project - just found out - the counter gets measured once cabinets are put in - then up to 3 weeks wait -- this too shall pass, this too shall pass --- it will look great in September !!
08/Jul/11 12:47 AM
was it wrong to wear my new T-shirt to the health club yesterday - I got it on my trip to St. Charles Mo - just outside of St. Louis --
A well balanced diet is a cookie in each hand -- form Grandma's cookie house.
08/Jul/11 12:48 AM
9 items to pick up from the Library -- DVD movie fest at my house !!
08/Jul/11 12:50 AM
The best part of my recent trip to St. Louis - in addition to seeing my Son - was visiting my brother in law and being served the best margarita I have ever had -- and I got the recipe !!! will come in handy during the kitchen remodeling job --
08/Jul/11 12:52 AM
and to make it 5 and push you on to 22 -- back to packing up the odds and ends of the kitchen - Amvets coming tomorrow -- glad I'm not a hoader
08/Jul/11 12:53 AM
Good morning, everyone. Chris, you beat me by 15 seconds.

We are recently back from spending some fun time with our grandchildren. We are lucky to see them so often.
08/Jul/11 1:02 AM
Mymare - recipe please. I am starting some renovations soon and I am sure that I will need it.
08/Jul/11 1:05 AM
Good Morning All
08/Jul/11 1:07 AM
Nice to be here...
08/Jul/11 1:08 AM
08/Jul/11 1:08 AM
Just wanted to see what the race was all about!!!
08/Jul/11 1:08 AM
Apologies Keith... but I was here....
as Shosho would say....WHEEEEEee
08/Jul/11 1:10 AM
Mymare, we have quit renovations, I just want the recipe, please. Recipe forum would be a great place to share.

Mamacita, love your new avatar.
08/Jul/11 1:13 AM

Another day of Le Tour de France over. It's great watching it, plus the beautiful scenery and lovely old buildings.
08/Jul/11 1:16 AM
I would like the recipe too please mymare.! OOPS..
08/Jul/11 1:18 AM
One of my kittens...the Siamese looking one, Smokey...doesn't feel well. We are headed off to the vet's this morning.
08/Jul/11 1:19 AM
Oh, Karen, chocolate day is my favorite day!
08/Jul/11 1:20 AM
TM is working on his tractor....again. I wish I could buy him a new one. Some people farm with antique equipment for fun. We try to do it for a living.
08/Jul/11 1:22 AM
One more to CP.
08/Jul/11 1:22 AM
Thanks Karen, that avatar was one of the first ,if not the first of several and I have not used for some time. I have some of the early contributors to thank for it...Everything I can now do on this computer came about with much help, and by listening and learning from some very helpful folks that peopled this site for a good while. I remain grateful to them all.
08/Jul/11 1:27 AM
And CP is here to answer.
08/Jul/11 1:28 AM
Hey, Mama!
08/Jul/11 1:28 AM
I don't need the recipe for that drink.......
08/Jul/11 1:29 AM

I was curious enough about Hopbush to do a little research...

Consists of 68 species, 59 of which are found only in Australia.
The name Hopbush, was given because early British colonists in Australia used its seedpods More...
08/Jul/11 1:29 AM
Happy Thursday day off!
It's already 71 deg F at 8:29am, expected high of 90 deg...I see lots of iced tea in my future today!
08/Jul/11 1:29 AM
.......I just need the drink - NOW!
08/Jul/11 1:29 AM
In contrast to Aileen's weather - it is -3º here and I had to scrape the ice off my car to come home.
08/Jul/11 1:32 AM
Serves me right for staying over time by 3 hours.
08/Jul/11 1:32 AM
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