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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well, there's a first. First post at about 0842.
08/Jul/17 8:42 AM
Good Maen everyone. Enjoy your day.

08/Jul/17 8:43 AM
Site's been down.
08/Jul/17 8:53 AM
ECCO poozle participants, Wombat, Judy (Who couldn't wait to get back from Italy), Amelia, Kathy and Joyce all had a successful crack at the poozle.

Well done you lot.

Until next Wednesday.......
08/Jul/17 8:53 AM
I first tried at 0030.
08/Jul/17 8:54 AM
Hi Peter.
08/Jul/17 8:54 AM
Cold outside, but sunny.
08/Jul/17 8:55 AM
Need it to stay that way, my brother is getting married this afternoon.
08/Jul/17 8:56 AM
Catch y'all later.
08/Jul/17 8:57 AM
Afternoon, all.
08/Jul/17 8:58 AM
It was Aussies all the way there for a while, but it is good to see Keith joining in.
08/Jul/17 10:21 AM
1:56 Good morning all!
08/Jul/17 10:24 AM
I'd better grab number 13 while I'm here.
08/Jul/17 10:25 AM
No good news on the sporting front Peter, let's hope Daniel can come up with the goods again. He'll need something faster than that to get him across the line first.
08/Jul/17 10:25 AM
Morning Anne and anyone else who is lurking out there.
08/Jul/17 10:28 AM
08/Jul/17 10:31 AM
There isn't a lot of sun here in North Canberra. I don't know if the wedding is in the south or the north CP. But I hope it is sunny or at least dry, wherever it is. They might need the sunglasses.
08/Jul/17 10:33 AM
Sorry, but today's poozle is going to be a bit late. But hopefully I'll get there.
08/Jul/17 10:36 AM
I'll just amble along.

It's sunny but cold down here.
08/Jul/17 10:37 AM
Wombat frantically working on his poozle.
08/Jul/17 10:38 AM
Ambling ........
08/Jul/17 10:38 AM
08/Jul/17 10:39 AM
Good morning shosho. How is the California weather. Nobody else seems very happy with the weather, and we have missed out on Sheila's daily report.
08/Jul/17 10:39 AM
There's only the quick and the dead - Hope Danny Ric is quick tonight in qualifying for the Austrian GP.
08/Jul/17 10:41 AM
Hi Peter. The poozle is all ready to be typed in, but I'm not sure I have enough powers of concentration to input it at this point. We had a rather bad day yesterday and I don't want to send out a poozle full of errors.
08/Jul/17 10:45 AM
Wombat, can you not cut and paste it?
08/Jul/17 10:51 AM
Morning all, yahoo the site is back.
08/Jul/17 10:52 AM

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second letter of the word, in alphabetical order. More...
08/Jul/17 12:17 PM
G'day all.
08/Jul/17 12:18 PM
08/Jul/17 12:19 PM
Happy Friday!
Surprised to still able to post on page 1 with post #31 after going to work and coming home again (currently 7:26pm PDT)

Been hot over here (summer's definitely arrived!)
08/Jul/17 12:27 PM
1:43. Good afternoon everyone.
08/Jul/17 12:29 PM
Making a late stop again today - hope your day is fine, whatever part is left to your day!
08/Jul/17 2:15 PM
June, how many 'kinds' of Christmas puddings are there? Or did you just make many of the same in order to accommodate the expected crowd? I believe I made one many years ago - only one, but isn't there some special sauce which accompanies a Christmas Pudding? I'd say 60 is a mighty good turnout!
08/Jul/17 2:19 PM
Welcome back, Judy - your turn to tell vacation tales!
08/Jul/17 2:19 PM
It's time for Sarah & Lizzy to drop by for a comment or two - hello ladies, whenever you make an appearance/1
08/Jul/17 2:21 PM
Wombat produces his best, with synonyms!
08/Jul/17 2:23 PM
Off to do a few entries on Wombat's poozle - nite, nite!
08/Jul/17 2:23 PM
Well, they all have synonyms, of course, but this one actually has fewer, since it uses the same one twice. Twin synonyms. Twinonyms.
08/Jul/17 2:37 PM
Warning: Wombat's symptoms include spelling errors. Still a great effort, with spelling problems so minor compared to the wonderful pair of synonyms. Glad I am back, glad his puzzles are back.
08/Jul/17 2:40 PM
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